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TomTom Touch Review | A Fitness Tracker that measures body fat composition, heart rate, steps, sleep & more

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Hot on the heels of our TomTom Cardio Spark watch review last year, we were asked if we'd like to review TomTom's new Fitness Tracker - the TomTom Touch. I love my TomTom Cardio Spark but I must admit it is bulky to wear and doesn't look the best when I'm wearing it with a nice dress so the fact that the TomTom Touch is slimmer and 'prettier' was the main reason I said yes to working on another review. 

TomTom Touch Review | A Fitness Tracker that measures body fat composition, heart rate, steps, sleep & more

Why Choose a TomTom Touch Fitness Tracker?

  • Tracks & measures body fat and muscle mass percentage
  • Monitors heart rate
  • Tracks daily steps
  • Tracks sleep
  • Links with a smartphone app
  • Very easy to set up and use
  • 5 day battery life
  • Slim design & interchangeable straps
  • You can set goals
  • Price - I think it's worth the £129.99 when you compare it's features to a FitBit. 

TomTom Touch Review | A Fitness Tracker that measures body fat composition, heart rate, steps, sleep & more

TomTom products are ridiculously easy to use. You simply plug the device into your computer to charge, download the free TomTom My Sports app and follow the instructions. It's super easy to sync your Fitness Tracker and phone (just the click of a button and add the code that pops up on the screen) and it takes minutes to set up.

The design of the Fitness Tracker is simple and I would say can be used by anyone - even those who usually avoid modern technology. You simply tap the silver button to 'wake up the device' and then swipe the screen to access the various functions.

Swiping above the clock with your finger will allow you to see daily total steps, distance walked, calories burned, sleep and active time and swiping below the clock will start an activity, take a body composition measurement or view your heart rate. There aren't any complicated menus to flick through, it really is very easy. 

TomTom Touch Review | A Fitness Tracker that measures body fat composition, heart rate, steps, sleep & more - sync with iPhone My Sports App

To charge the TomTom Touch, you simply pop the electronic part of the device out of the strap and plug into a USB port (I use my laptop). It takes 1 hour to fully charge and this should last around 5 days.

We don't have scales in our house & most people know that good health isn't just about weight - it's also about your body fat composition. I already know I am on the wrong side of healthy but wearing and using this Fitness Tracker has really brought this to the front of my mind again. It's encouraging to see your body fat % decreasing with time and it really motivates you to keep going. I love the pedometer/distance walked/calories burned function too and being able to easily track this daily pushes me to walk more and achieve my 10k steps. 

Here's a quick video to demonstrate just how easy the TomTom Touch is to use: 

The TomTom Touch is best used when linked with your smartphone and this function is handy if you wish to set goals & monitor progress. You need to input your gender, height and weight into the app too for a much more accurate reading. You also need the app to access your body fat measurement as this is not displayed on the tracker itself.

Once synced, your fitness tracker will 'buzz' once and flash with a little symbol when your phone receives a text message or phone call too which is very handy if you walk around with your phone on silent or in your pocket/bag like I do (although my husband would point out it's not a patch on his Apple watch).

Why the TomTom Fitness Tracker may not be for you

  • Not fully waterproof
  • No music
  • Body Fat Composition does not display on Fitness Band 

TomTom Touch Review | A Fitness Tracker that measures body fat composition, heart rate, steps, sleep & more - large tracker on wrist

My older TomTom Sports Cardio Watch is fully waterproof and you can wear it whilst swimming which was fantastic for holidays. I also don't need to worry about removing it when I wash the dishes or bath the kids. The TomTom Touch (featured in this review) is only showerproof. If swimming is something you do a lot of, I would choose the TomTom Sports Cardio watch over this product.

There is no ability to sync music from your phone which I know a lot of people love to be able to do whilst working out and I was quite shocked that when you check your body fat composition, it does not display on the fitness band itself - instead it automatically syncs with the smartphone app and you have to open up the app to view the results. I don't think is the most convenient way to view your reading - I'm an instant kind of girl and would prefer to see it straight away on my wrist!

Another slight issue I have with the TomTom Touch is that I don't feel comfortable wearing it whilst sleeping - it's just not for me so this function feels wasted. 

Overall thoughts on the TomTom Touch Fitness Tracker

Overall despite a couple of niggles, I LOVE the TomTom Touch Fitness Tracker. I much prefer it to the TomTom Spark Cardio watch I have been using. The main benefits for me are that it's so easy to use, has a slim design and provides the stats that motivate and encourage me to meet my fitness goals at the touch of a button. I would recommend this product to anyone who wishes to improve their fitness, measure their body composition and work towards fitness and health goals.

The TomTom Touch Fitness/Activity Tracker is available from John Lewis, Boots, Argos, Currys and PC World and has an RRP of £129.99 Customizable straps are available for £19.99 in a range of colours.

Disclosure: We were sent this item to review. 

Visit the TomTom website to find out more. 

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TomTom Touch Review | A Fitness Tracker that measures body fat composition, heart rate, steps, sleep & more



  1. Does it support notifications from phones other than calls and texts? Lots of devices don't seem to support WhatsApp etc which is disappointing

    1. I don't use WhatsApp (stuck in the dark ages) so I don't know the answer to that question - I'm sure TomTom will answer if you Tweet them though x

  2. Looks great. We have fitbit and the scales connected. That body fat thing is bloody awful! But hopefully so kind of incentive!


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