We're Finally Buying a Car!

At the beginning of summer we had a pretty devastating blow. Our car broke down in spectacular fashion. It was going to cost at least £1000 to fix which is probably more than it's worth and money we didn't have.

We're Finally Buying a Car!

Our car's MOT was also due in September so rather than foot two expensive bills, we decided to try and go car-free over summer and save up to buy a used car at the end of August/September. I am pleased to say that we have now saved up enough cash and this is the week we'll be browsing a wide selection of used cars and finding a car that is in budget and right for us and then finally getting back on the road again.

Being without a car hasn't been too difficult for us. I've made a few changes such as getting our food shopping delivered, walking most places and enjoying local days out by bus. Steve has managed to grab a lift to work and Steve's parents kindly loaned us their car during our trip to Loch Ness. This can't go on forever though and rather than renting a car to travel to the Just So Festival in a few weeks time, I am so pleased we will finally have our own set of wheels again.

Our Criteria

We don't have a long list of requirements for our next car but it does need to be spacious enough for the 5 of us and must fit all of our camping gear in the boot. 

*Must fit 5 people comfortably
*Must have a large boot
*Must have a long MOT
*Must be in budget

We don't want much do we! I'll be posting on Facebook when we do find something so keep an eye on my page.

We're Finally Buying a Car!

In the meantime, I have a little confession......... I haven't driven for around 6 weeks and I'm actually a little nervous! I'm hoping it's as easy as riding a bike and something you don't forget. I have tested my reaction speeds with Motors Time to Stop and they are still up there and have looked into local driving refresher courses. Hopefully it won't come to that though!

I'd love to hear if you've taken a break from driving and how you found getting back behind the wheel.



  1. Awesome that you managed to get a new car!! I don't drive but my husband does and we also needed a large enough car so opted for a zafira which is the perfect family car with ample space! However before we had the zafira we knew all too well about cars costing more than they are worth in repairs!!

  2. Ah good luck in your car search.


  3. I am currently taking my driving lessons and have my tested booked for 1st of November. My lovely dad has just bought me a cheap second hand car last weekend, so fingers crossed I pass first time

  4. Hope you find a new car soon. I took a break from driving about 10 years ago for 3 months when I went travelling. It was ok when I restarted, I think once you know how to drive, you don't lose it or your confidence once back in the drivers seat x

  5. Wow that'll be fun. Good luck. Hopefully you will find a great deal soon x

  6. Hope the search goes well. I remember doing that a year ago. I currently didn't drive my car for about a month but it's definitely like riding a bike lol I know the nervous feeling but you never forget xo

  7. Ooooooft; I can't imagine being without my car, let alone having kids and being without a car!

    Remember to have any car checked by an independent garage before handing money over; I've been royally messed around twice because I trusted the MOT certs (dodgy dealers know how to cheat their way through!)...


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