Our Family Travel Bucket List for 2016

After reading a post by my lovely friend Mandy, I have been inspired to write a list of 10 places I would like to visit this year. I am maybe cheating a little as some of the places have already been booked but it's still nice to see them all in a list! Here are 10 places I would love to experience this year

1 - Calella de Palafrugal : Booked for June 2016

It is well documented now that this is where we are travelling for our main summer holiday this year. I am so excited - it's a traditional Spanish resort with little coves, seafood restaurants on the harbour, tapas bars in the village and a lovely swimming pool for the kids - Cannot Wait.

2 - Walk to Sycamore Gap : Planned for Spring 2016

My husband has said this is the only thing he wants to do this year - I don't really want to take the kids at first as I've read a few reviews to say that parts of the climb are a little treacherous so I think I'd like to see what it's like for myself before taking them. We'll probably go on a school day in Spring and take a nice little picnic for two. It might even be romantic if I don't die on the journey! HAHA!

3 - Snowdonia : Booked for April 2016

I've been to Wales a couple of times but we've always stayed in Cardiff. We are booked to stay at Barmouth Bay with Away Resorts this Easter and I'm really looking forward to it. Plans include taking the mountain train up Mount Snowdon, an Easter Egg hunt around a Welsh Castle and King Arthur's Labyrinth as well as some nice R&R in the beautiful Welsh countryside.

4 - Legoland Discovery Centre in Manchester : Planned for Summer holidays

After reading lots of fantastic reviews for the Legoland Discovery Centre, I know our three would love it. We are saving Legoland in Windsor for when we buy our Merlin Annual Pass. You can book online for Legoland Manchester for less than £10 each which makes it a reasonable day out. Hopefully we will get there in the summer holidays.

5 - Loch Ness : Planned for October half term

This is something I've wanted to do for ages and 2016 will be the year! Really looking forward to taking a boat trip and hunting for Nessie with the kids. Cheesy by exciting!

6 - The Lake District : Planned for May half term

We definitely fell in love with the lakes last year and I would love to stay for a a little longer this May half term. Depending on funds we may have to postpone this to the summer holidays too.

7 - Edinburgh at Christmas : Planned for December

I used to visit Edinburgh in December a lot before kids but we haven't returned since Harry was born. Edinburgh really is gorgeous at Christmas time and this is where I'd like to spend my birthday this year I think.

8 - Visit Fountains Abbey : Planned for a Summer Weekend

I've lost count of the number of people who have recommended Fountains Abbey near Ripon to me yet we've still never been! It looks like a lovely place for a picnic and it will be free too as we National Trust members.

9 - Take the kids to their first festival : Planned for a Summer Weekend

I am still undecided which festival to take the kids to - it's between Corbridge Festival and Deer Shed Festival - watch this space!

10 - Hire a VW Campervan : Booked for February 2016

This has been a life long dream of mine and in I am so happy it is finally coming true! We are only hiring Olive for a weekend and will probably end up somewhere in Yorkshire - look out for our review at the beginning of March.

I'd love to hear what's on your travel bucket list this year. 

You Baby Me Mummy


  1. Hi,
    We are North East based too and many of those are on our plan for the year! We are booked for Snowdon in May (youth hosteling), Fountains Abbey is a must see this year and would love to finally walk to Sycamore Gap. We went to the Manchester Lego place last year and really enjoyed it, we bought combination tickets with the sealife place which was really good fun.

  2. Oh I love Edinburgh at Christmas I went for a weekend away to do my Christmas shopping every year for a few years before the little two were born. I stayed in an amazing hotel right in the city centre called the Rutland which I highly recommend. I also like hotel du vin in the old part too xx

  3. Wow you have some amazing things to look forward to in 2016! x

  4. That's a fab list of things to do this year.

    I've not heard of Sycamore Gap so will have a look at that as a day out.

    I'm from Edinburgh but now live in Newcastle, so I'm super chuffed you have it on your list. I love making trips back home and there's so much to see and do for a a family. Dynamic Earth was a hit on our last visit.


  5. We stayed in Fort Augustus when we visited Loch Ness , book and eat early at tea time.Very scenic though.The Edinburgh Xmas market is lovely and the children can visit Santa in Jenners.We stayed at Shandwuck place Travelodge and you can park free outside the breakfast is lovely too.Not too far to walk in a fab bucket list xxx

  6. Sycamore gap is fantastic - depending upon where you park it's a pretty short, easy climb. I did it last February half term and am going back this coming half term too. You'll love it,, have fun x

  7. Wow, what an amazing list, your kids are so lucky! I'm also visiting Edinburgh and the Lake District this year, also hope to do another campervan trip at some point. Enjoy your adventures, can't wait to read all about them x

  8. Fun plans ahead - and I saw you have your festival sorted too. Looking forward to following your adventures!

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  10. Nice place to visit everyone...thanks to share with us.
    Neha Roy


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