How to host a fantastic kids Christmas party for less than £5 per child

I usually host some sort of Christmas party for two of my closest friends and our children every year. We sometimes making Christmas crafts and sometimes play party games. We always make a real effort to get together and always have special memories of our Christmas get togethers. Our 3 youngest boys are all the same age and they play so nicely together - I just wish they could all see each other more often and stupid life wouldn't get in the way!

How to host a fantastic kids Christmas party for under £4 per head - popcorn stand

I have been utterly inspired by Sugar Rushed this year and decided to throw a Christmas movie night party after reading her Minion Movie party and hot chocolate station posts. If you don't follow Ashlie's blog, what are you doing??? She is always full of simple but effective ideas that make you think - why didn't I think of that?

I don't have much spare cash (who does in the run up to Christmas) so set myself a budget of £30 to throw the best party we could.


A party isn't a party without an invitation. I ordered these personalised ones from ebay for only £2.60 and they really set the mood. My friend said her son loved receiving an invite like this through the post :-) I asked everyone to come in their PJ's to make the evening feel more like a slumber party.

How to host a fantastic kids Christmas party for under £4 per head - movie ticket

Setting the Scene

We bought these movie themed wall props for £2 from Ebay to put above our popcorn stand, dimmed the lights, lit the Christmas candles and turned the Christmas tree lights on. We were going to watch Elf but there was a last minute decision to change this to Arthur Christmas (not that we watched much of the film mind).

How to host a fantastic kids Christmas party for under £4 per head

I borrowed Ashlie's idea of bringing Heidi's mattress downstairs and covered it with our Christmas blanket. This was so much more comfy for the kids than sitting on the floor and an easy way to create additional seating (all 5 of the older kids could comfortably fit on).

How to host a fantastic kids Christmas party for under £4 per head

How to host a fantastic kids Christmas party for under £4 per head


This was probably the most expensive part (but worth making the effort for) - I bought 4x Jam Jar glasses (with lids and straws so no spillages from the range for £2.99 each. They had chalk board labels on them so I could personalise them too. Heidi and the grown ups used some Christmas mugs I already had.

We cheated a little and bought two cartons of chocolate milk from sainsburys (£1 each) and popped in the slow cooker. After 1.5 hours it was at perfect drinking temperature for us.


You cant's watch a movie without popcorn! I bought two large bags of popcorn from sainsburys (again £1 each) and divided it into individual popcorn bags which were £1.69 inc p&p for 10 from ebay. 

We also decided to cook hotdogs which worked out very inexpensive at £1.50 for 8 including buns! I couldn't resist these hotdog trays which were only £1.69 for 8 including delivery (also from ebay).

As a final treat I bought 5 bags of chocolate coins (worked out at £3.33) and ordered some personalised labels for them (£2). They went down very well with the kids :D

Our party lasted for 2 hours and it was super easy - all I needed to do was heat up some hotdogs and ladle hot chocolate into cups. We started the night with good intentions of watching the film....

.....but to be honest when the kids get together with their friends it always ends up a little crazy. We had the green goblin flying santa's sleigh, renditions of Jingle Bells, chocolate overdose, santa dressing was all lots of fun and our evening was filled with lots of . The kids had a fantastic time and didn't want to leave and for me it was just SOOOO nice to catch up with my friends who I really don't see as much as I should.

Shopping list

Party invitations - £2.60
Movie wall props - £2
Jam Jar glasses - £12
Chocolate milk - £2
Popcorn - £2
Popcorn bags - £1.69
Hot dogs and buns - £1.50
Hot dog trays - £1.69
Chocolate coins and labels - £5.33

Total = £30.81

There were 3 adults, 5 children and 1 baby at our party. £30.81/8 = £3.85 per head! Wow what a bargain!

Christmas Party 2012

Christmas Party 2015

How will you be making time for your friends this Christmas? 

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How to host a fantastic kids Christmas party for less than £5 per child



  1. Looks brilliant I love having theme party's I really should share some pictures of some of the ones we've had!

    It's lovely to get together with your besties

    1. Thanks Karen - I'd love to see your pics, you should definitely blog about it xx

  2. Amazing! I can't believe you achieved so much for so little! Thank you for featuring on the Britmums Party Inspiration Round Up for January!


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