Ocean Beach pleasure park - South Shields

The Easter holidays just aren't the same without a visit to a fair. This Easter, we visited Ocean Beach Pleasure Park* in South Shields. There are always lots of good deals and offers available so make sure you check out their website where you will also find opening times. (The £1 per ride On Fri nights are always popular). You can buy tickets or unlimited wristbands. In my opinion wristbands work out better value for older children/teens whereas tickets are better value for little ones. Both are available to purchase at various points around the park.

South Shields Pleasure Park has so much to offer and we could easily spend a full day here. Our children had fun on lots of rides and were able to go on unaccompanied which was a relief for us!

There are a good mix of rides and they are spread out throughout the grounds. Harry's (7) favourite ride was the Caterpillar rollercoaster:-

Heidi's (4) was the Helter Skelter:-

Jack's (3) favourite ride were the planes which he could move up and down himself using the gearstick:-

What stood out for me on these rides were how long they lasted. The rides weren't over in the blink of an eye as can often be the case and the children enjoyed a very good length of time on each ride.

Our children had such a lovely day, in fact looking at them cuddling like this I think it is the happiest I have seen them all holidays!

We only tried out the younger rides but there were plenty of older children enjoying the thrill-seeker rides on offer too. Most teens were wearing wristbands and could go on rides as often as they would like making it very easy to budget for (and fund) if you are a parent.

The pleasure park has a lovely safe feel as you are walking around. I just love the smell of the fair and it evokes such happy memories for me. You simply can't beat it.

There are plenty of food options if you need to re-fuel. As we were next to the sea we decided on fish n chips. The prices were extremely reasonable and I liked that you could buy half portions (don't think I could face a full portion if I was going on rides!) of fish. We shared 3 half portions of fish and chips, an extra portion of chips and 5 drinks for £13 between the 5 of us which worked out very good value. They were lovely too!

I simply couldn't resist a bag of fresh donuts for pudding! I think this may be the first time the kids have tried freshly made donuts. They didn't last long!

After our break we were ready to enjoy even more rides.......

The kids honestly could not get enough! As we walked around the park we noticed they offered a whole lot more than just rides. There was 10 pin bowling, amusement arcades and even a laser quest! As we passed the laser quest we watched a party just getting started. The group of very excited kids looked like they were having a great time. Prices start at just £3 and it is suitable for all ages. We will definitely give it a go next time we visit.

After a quick turn on the amusements it was time to go home. We spent a good 5 hours at Ocean beach but could easily have spent all day here. The kids were very sad to leave and I had to resort to bribing them with a quick walk on the beach (which is right outside the park) before heading home. 

Next time you fancy a day at the fair I could not recommend Ocean beach highly enough. Stay local and give it a go!


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