Family meal at Fujiyama Newcastle - January 2013

We are always looking for family friendly restaurants that actually serve decent food! I am not a fan of eating processed microwaved food and paying through the nose for it just because the place has a play area!

Anyway, we took the kids to Fujiyama a few years ago and they loved it so we decided to revisit as a New Year Treat.

Fujiyama is a Teppan-Yaki Japanese restaurant - everybody is seated around a hot plate and your personal chef prepares and cooks your food in front of you. The lunch menu is a bargain at £8 per head when you compare it to the evening menu and although there is no children's menu- we only paid for 4 people and our chef divided the food up between the 5 of us.

Highlights of the experience the children love - using chopsticks, wearing an apron, trying to catch an egg in their hat, watching the chef juggle eggs and condiments and seeing the table set on fire in front of their eyes.

The menu is simple and delicious - salad, miso soup, prawns, salmon, teriyaki chicken, fried rice and stir fried vegetable followed by ice cream. That's a lot of food for £8! Our kids eat it all as well and enjoy seeing it cooked in front of them.

Next time you're looking for a place for a family meal out, definitely give Fujiyama a go.


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