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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

How to survive the school run

The absolute best part of the school holidays for me has to be the fact that I don't need to battle with the school run every morning. Yeah! Trying to organise 3 kids every morning and get them to school on time is no easy task.

Our school is a 1 mile/20 minute walk away so we need to be out of the house by 8:30am at the very latest. Here are my top tips to get you through......

1 - Don't fall into the trap of carrying your children's bags

If your children are able, teach them to take responsibility from an early age. Make sure they have a good quality school bag that fits them well and is spacious enough to carry their belongings. I like to let my children choose their own design as then they are more likely to want to carry it so it's Marvel for Harry, Frozen for Heidi and Jurassic Park for Jack.

Top Tips and handy advice for surviving the school run - Frozen school bag

2 - Buy wellies for everyone & ensure they are easily accessible

It is always very likely to rain during our walk to school. That's the British weather for you! Rather than the kids getting wet feet and trouser bottoms during their walk to school, I prefer for them to wear their wellies and then change into their school shoes when they're at school. This also means that I'm not constantly shouting at  asking the kids to dodge puddles en-route which is a lot less stressful. I like to buy wellies with handles attached as it means the kids can put them on/take them off unsupervised and with ease.

Top Tips and handy advice for surviving the school run - wellies

3 - Waterproof coats are essential for everyone

They may not be the most attractive but waterproof coats are essential for everyone and keep you dry (and happy) during the walk to school. My three will still be wearing their Trespass coats from last year as they still have plenty of room and I love how there is the option to add a fleece if needed. I swear by my Boden Mac as it's warm, has pockets and a hood (although Steve's not so keen but what does he know).

Top Tips and handy advice for surviving the school run - Trespass coats

4 - Coffee, coffee & more coffee

Don't even think about attempting the school run without a decent cup of coffee. We love Ouseburn Coffee which you can buy from Fenwick Foodhall and it certainly makes the morning rush a little bit more bearable.

Top Tips and handy advice for surviving the school run - ouseburn coffee

5 - Ban electronics in the morning

We've had this rule for 2 years now and it works really well. NO electronics are allowed in our house on a school day morning. This means no iPads, no computers and no Xbox. I did try saying they could play on electronics once they were ready and had their breakfast but it didn't really work as when it was time to leave they were glued to the screen rather than finding their shoes/putting their coats on. A clean ban is SO much easier. We do watch tv but it's the same every morning and not a real distraction for us (currently Phineas and Ferb).

Do you have any tips for surviving the school run?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. 


  1. Making notes for September! I do have a Boden hooded coat (why does no-one make hooded coats?!) so off to check our the mac too.

  2. I remember the school run from when i used to be a kid. It was hard work x

  3. Great advice. You are spot on with everything.
    My youngest loves her Trespass coat...It's over a year old and still fits and looks so good.
    We have an electronics ban on a morning too...It makes life so much easier x

    1. You cant beat Trespass coats can you - such good value.

      No electronics is the best rule ever!

  4. Great tips!! Love the last one. x

  5. Some great advice, even stuff I can learn from with the mister when trying to leave the house to go to work in a morning x

  6. This is a fab post full of great advice for those gearing up for Sept

  7. I remember the days when I used to babysit and I ended up doing a couple of school runs. I was dead tired and at that point happy I would be leaving to go home lol.
    Awesome survival tips

    1. Thanks - I do however love when I get back from the school run. Quick tidy, cuppa and catch up on emails = bliss!

  8. These are some good points. I definitely agree about the coffee! It's nice to have that to fall back on.

  9. Great tips, I see too many parents carrying their kids bags when I walk past school runs x

    1. I physically couldn't carry all my kids' stuff - they need so much!LOL

  10. Haha, I loved this posts! I've never been subjected to the school run (I don't have children) but reading these tips, my mum should have tried using some of them when I was a kid!

    Sarah, Things Sarah Loves

  11. Haha, I think that coffee is the key to surviving most things actually!

    1. OMG you are so right! I have a cup right now. It's getting me through my blog work :D

  12. Reading these tips and taking them onboard! Need all the help I can get!


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