Mortal Fools FREE Youth Theatre Group - Sign Up Now

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Mortal Fools FREE Youth Theatre - Sign Up Now

We are huge fans of Mortal Fools and have had the pleasure of watching a few of their performances over the years and have used several of their resources around mental health and wellbeing too.

They're super passionate about the work they do and this really shines through in the quality of their work.

Mortal Fools FREE Youth Theatre Group

  • Mortal Fools Youth Theatre Group is now open for new registrations & members 
  • Suitable for 7-19 year olds 
  • No previous experience or audition required (just a willingness to try) 
  • A fab opportunity to meet and make new friends 
  • Develop and learn new skills, increase confidence, improve mental health and get creative 
  • Four weekly Youth Theatre Groups to choose from 
  • FREE to attend with no term fees (donations are always welcome) 
  • Accessible locations (Ashington, Riding Mill and Online)
  • Mortal Fools is multi-award winning
  • Join before Feb Half Term to participate in a new project which ends with an interactive performance in July 
  • Find out more and sign up here

Honestly, the Mortal Fools events I have attended where young people are at the heart of the production have been inspiring and really stayed with me (and stayed with my own teens too - we still bring up some of the themes Mortal Fools explore and watching a performance with your young people is an excellent way to engage with them/find common ground). 

They really do produce inspiring, creative and dynamic pieces of work. 

I digress though. Mortal Fools Youth Theatre Group is open to young people ages 7-19 years and they're currently looking for new members. This article will share an insight into what to expect and how to sign up. 

Why Youth Theatre? 

There are lots of benefits to joining a Youth Theatre group. Mortal Fools aim to deliver the following: 

  • Support children & young people's creativity 
  • Improve wellbeing & self-belief using drama 
  • Help to build confidence and gain a deeper understanding of the world around them 
  • A fun place with no judgement where you can meet people 
  • Develop great friendships
  • Somewhere to express yourself and be heard 
  • Co-create with professional artists and gain experience in devising, writing and performing 
  • A chance to let go 
  • A fun after-school activity for young people and teens

My youngest son Jack doesn't attend a Youth Theatre Group but he does attend a similar kind of youth group once a week and I cannot begin to say how good it has been for him to do something outside of the family and school. I wish he had joined something like this sooner and it's something I would encourage all young people to consider. 

Weekly Group Locations 

For Spring/Summer 2023, the timings and locations are as follows (pick one group): 

  • MFYT Tyne Valley, School Years 3-6.
    Meet every Thursday, 4:30pm-6pm at Riding Mill Parish Hall 

  • MFYT Tyne Valley, School Years 6-10+.
    Meet every Tuesday, 6pm-8pm at Riding Mill Parish Hall 

  • MFYT Ashington, School Years 3-10+.
    Meet every Wednesday, 5pm-6:30pm at YMCA Northumberland (Ashington) 
There is also an online group which is ideal for young people who aren't able to attend (or don't want to attend) in person groups. Members are from across the North East: 

  • MFYT Online, School Years 3-10+.
    Meet via Zoom every Tuesday, 6pm-8pm

What to Expect as a New Member 

I know myself that trying something new can be a little daunting or outside of your comfort zone so I love that Mortal Fools has put together a comprehensive guide detailing exactly what to expect as a new member. You can download the free ' What to Expect as a New Member ' guide here. 

A few key points: 
  • The process starts with you completing an online registration form (completed by a parent/guardian for under 16s)

  • A member of the Mortal Fools team will get in touch and chat through upcoming projects, location info and different ways you can get involved as well as answer any questions. This is also a chance to discuss and additional requirements or needs. 

  • You will then receive an email summarising the conversation alongside details of your first session (including tips about what to bring / wear) plus photos of your Mortal Fools' practitioners 

  • There is a comprehensive and friendly induction programme which aims to support and welcome all new members (you can read exactly what to expect from an induction in the guide above) 

What do you actually do in a session? 

This completely varies depending on the group dynamic / current projects etc.... but you can expect a mix of games, creative play, reflective tasks, performance, listening, discussion & free writing. There is a break time and a chance to anonymously feedback at the end of a session/influence the kind of activities which will form future meets. 

Spring/Summer 2023

If you join before February Half Term, there will a chance to get involved with Mortal Fools' Spring/Summer project which will end with an interactive performance in July 2023 in Ashington. These performances are a real highlight and a chance to share what you've been up to with friends, family and the wider community.

If you miss the February Half Term cut-off, it is still worth signing up. There just may be a little delay in your start as Mortal Fools wait for an appropriate time for you to join the group. 

There are several 'fresh' intakes at key points across the year.

The Spring Term will allow groups the chance to develop their performance skills, explore creative ideas, research and develop the project and there will be lots of freedom to explore your own areas of interests.

The final performance will be co-created with Team Mortal Fools and reflect young people's voices, experiences and ideas which have been developed across the term. 

Costs Involved 

Mortal Fools is a multi-award winning theatre, drama and creative learning charity who strive to be inclusive to all. Their Youth Theatre Groups are FREE to attend and there are no fees or hidden costs. However as a charity, any donation is always gratefully received. 


Mortal Fools pride themselves on being clear with expectations, providing a safe environment for all and providing their communication in a number of different formats. 

The initial chat with a MF team member is a good place to discuss access if required. Youth Theatre locations are accessibles and sessions are flexible / can be adapted to meet different attendee needs. 

You can read more about access, including online sessions in the downloadable guide linked further up this post. 

Sign Up Now 

Interested? You'll be pleased to hear that Mortal Fools is currently taking on new members.
  • No auditions 
  • No drama experience required 
  • No fees 
  • All welcome 
They ask that you have a willingness to give things a go, a passion for performing and want to get more creative. 

You can find out more and sign up here. 

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Mortal Fools FREE Youth Theatre Group - Sign Up Now


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