Visiting Wallington Hall with Under 5s

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As National Trust Members, one of the most common places we frequent with the kids is Wallington Hall.

No matter what the season, if you dress for the weather – it’s a place that can be enjoyed all year round.

After parking the car up, rather than walking through the main entrance, the route that we usually take to get into Wallington grounds is the footpath that meanders straight into the woodland. This takes you passed the bike hire shed and opens out at the first of three parks: the Castle Fort play park. 

Visiting Wallington Hall with Under 5s

It’s here that we let the kids run riot for about ten minutes, running up and down the ramp and hiding in the lower sections of the Castle. We entice them off for a game of ‘looking for trolls’ below a small bridge to the rear of the park.

After crossing this bridge, you’re faced with a plethora of balancing beams carved out of wood that scatter across an open woodland area. Another opportunity for the kids to burn off their never-ending energy as they chase each other across these. To the left of the bridge, as you enter from the Castle Fort play park, there are some large colourful chimes that can be struck. The kids love making sounds on these.

The exit out of this section is a path further along from the chimes, which links on to the main path that takes you around the lake. If you turn right onto this path and follow it along, as you walk around you will eventually come across a hut - which you can go inside and view the birds that live on the other side.

Just before you come to the hut, you will see a path that leads towards some gates and a field. This is a good point to stop and look out over the fields, as well as a nice photo opportunity, before following the path left towards the bird hut.

From the bird hut, if you continue walking along the path, you will eventually get to a junction. If you turn right, it’ll take you to the Train play park. This is a bit more suitable for older children as the slide is quite high. There is a station area though that the younger children can play around.

This tends to get quite busy and noisy as it’s a compact play area, especially in the school holidays. Therefore, if you have smaller kids or children who don’t like crowded places, it may be best to just turn left and keep following the path along to a much calmer feature; a bench carved out of a tree trunk overlooking the lake. This is an opportunity for a snack stop and ideal if you have newly walking toddlers.

You can sit on a bench carved out of a tree trunk and gaze out over the lake. This is also another beautiful photo opportunity.

If you continue along the path from the tree trunk bench, it begins to incline – leading you to an open circled seating area in which the final park, the Adventure Play Park, is tucked behind it through the trees.

The Adventure Play Park is a spacious park full of slides, swings, climbing frames and it’s a great place for one final burst of energy. You can then either head back to the carpark passed the open circled seating area and Castle Fort from the Adventure Park, or sometimes we turn right, and take a walk passed the house of the Trevelyan family into the main grounds.

Before you reach the Trevelyan Family House, there are beautiful views out over the rolling hills. Although this path tends to be scattered with puddles when it rains, so our kids are more interested in splashing in them than the views.

Then we head to the Clockhouse café for a coffee and an ice cream. In the summer months, we tend to go back to the carpark and have a picnic on the grassed area.

There’s a section of the carpark that is all grass that doesn’t get too busy so, in the warmer months, it’s a great place to sit out and have a picnic. The grassed area in front of the Clockhouse café at the main entrance is also another ideal picnic spot. Some families bring ball games too.


At this stage of our lives, Wallington Hall not only provides the energy burning entertainment for our 2- and 5-year-old, but it also provides the seasonal beauty appreciated by the adults too. A fun and fresh air fuelled family day out.

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  1. Looks like a great place for kids to explore!

  2. The 5 year old might like to see the White-Tailed Crayfish now resident in the Visitor Information Lodge so do call in when you next come to Wallington.


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