Are Travelodge SuperRooms worth it?

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During our recent trip to Legoland, I really wanted to stay in Windsor. As somebody who is obsessed with the Royals, it's a town I've wanted to visit in forever. As a family of 5, trying to find a hotel room for one night in a central location that doesn't cost the earth is a pretty difficult task. Recently, I've been mostly booking two Travelodge or Premier Inn rooms for city breaks as I always know what to expect and they're generally the cheapest option for us. It's not ideal as it means that we're not all together but sometimes, needs must. Our trip to Windsor was booked fairly last-minute and I imagine you could get a much better deal if booked in advance.

Are Travelodge SuperRooms worth it?  (Travelodge Windsor Central Review) - superroom bedroom

Travelodge Windsor Central had the best availability on the night of our visit and it's actually joined onto the train station and in the middle of the town so seemed ideal for us. There's on-site parking if you are travelling by car. For those who are interested, we travelled to LEGOLAND by train - Newcastle to Kings Cross, tube to Paddington, Paddington to Slough then Slough to Windsor. The journey takes around 4-4.5 hours and is very straightforward and a lot less stressful than it sounds. We could just use our train ticket for the tube so there was no faffing about between stations. LEGOLAND is around 3 miles from Windsor - there's a bus to the resort from the train station (right outside of the hotel) which is £4 per adult or £2 per child. It actually worked out cheaper (and more convenient) for us to grab an Uber XL which was £12 - a regular Uber would have been around £8-£10 I think. I'd definitely recommend Travelodge Windsor Central for visiting LEGOLAND. You're right in the heart of town and Windsor Castle, the Diamond Jubilee Fountains, the River Thames and lots of restaurants and shops are all on your doorstep.

Are Travelodge SuperRooms worth it?  (Travelodge Windsor Central Review) - diamond jubilee fountains

I spotted that there were two types of rooms to book - a SuperRoom (£124) or a standard room (£109). Both rooms could sleep up to four. I decided to do a little experiment and book one of each type and see whether the SuperRooms are worth the extra £15. Obviously, Heidi and I opted to stay in the SuperRoom and I put the boys in the standard room.

Travelodge SuperRooms Benefits

1 - Lavazza Coffee Machine 

I love Lavazza Coffee and was excited at the prospect of a Lavazza coffee machine in our room. In reality though, there is a very limited choice of capsule and you're only given two which seems a bit stingy. The capsules we were given were Lungo Dolce (which Steve and I wouldn't drink) and an espresso which I know isn't to everyone's taste. I really think there should be a much larger selection or you should be able to pick up a couple of capsules of your preference at check-in. There are loads of coffee shops on the hotel's doorstep and I'd rather spend the extra cash buying freshly ground coffee to my liking from one of those if I'm honest.

Are Travelodge SuperRooms worth it?  (Travelodge Windsor Central Review) - lavazza coffee machine

 2 - Hansgrohe Adjustable Shower & Bathroom Upgrade

This showerhead is supposed to provide a range of experiences (eg rainwater) and while it was nice, it wasn't the best power shower I've ever been in. I noticed that the boys' standard room was just a bath - a shower is a deal breaker for me and another reason I'd book a SuperRoom in future. There's also a new bathroom design and they're a little more stylish than the standard rooms.

Are Travelodge SuperRooms worth it?  (Travelodge Windsor Central Review) - superroom bathroom
SuperRoom bathroom
Are Travelodge SuperRooms worth it?  (Travelodge Windsor Central Review) - standard bathroom
Standard bathroom 

3 - Choice of pillows & USB charging

In a SuperRoom you have the choice of firm or soft pillows which I really appreciated. There's also bedside sockets with USB charging. Steve and the boys didn't have sockets by their bed in their room and were fighting over the plugs in their room. I would probably pay £15 just for sockets by the bedside - it makes such a difference!

4 - Higher Quality Furnishings 

In a SuperRoom you are provided with a comfortable armchair, decent hairdryer, full-length mirror and the furnishings just seemed of a higher standard overall. You can see the difference in the design when you compare the photo of our SuperRoom and the boys' standard room below.

Travelodge SuperRoom

Are Travelodge SuperRooms worth it?  (Travelodge Windsor Central Review) - standard bedroom
Travelodge Standard Room 

5 - 32" Wall-mounted LED Samsung TV

Our SuperRoom had a wall-mounted TV and the desktops were a lot fresher overall.  This frees up much more space on the desktop too.

Are Travelodge SuperRooms worth it?  (Travelodge Windsor Central Review) - superroom tv
SuperRoom TV
Are Travelodge SuperRooms worth it?  (Travelodge Windsor Central Review) - standard tv
Standard Room TV

In future, I would definitely book a SuperRoom over a standard room. For just £15 more, the shower, hairdryer, higher level of comfort and sockets next to the beds really were worth it. I also can't help but think that this is a sneaky way for Travelodge to get extra £ out of their customers for upgrades that they should be carrying out normally though? Hmmmm. What do you think? Would you pay an additional £15 to stay in a SuperRoom?

Disclosure - we booked and paid for our room ourselves. 

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Are Travelodge SuperRooms worth it?  (Travelodge Windsor Central Review)



  1. A basic travel lodge room without a shower, ive never know it. seems to me that travelodge are upgrading some hotels and trying to recoup some cash. A shower is a deal breaker for me too, did it mention it when booking? Im not sure id pay the extra when bot spending much time in the room, generally we book travelodge on city breaks and are out and about all day and surrounded by amenities.

    1. No I didn't mentioned it as knew there was one in my room (the super room). I've stayed in Travelodge in the past where there haven't been showers too so this one isn't unique. I think I'd always check in future.

  2. I’ve never stayed in a Travelodge that didn’t have a shower so that would be a reason to upgrade for me, although it would feel like I was ‘forced’ into it. It’s also really annoyed me the last few times I’ve stayed in them not having a socket at the side of the bed, especially as they always used to have them before the re-design a few years ago. Again the £15 extra would be worth it but again I’d feel I was being ripped off as this was something you used to get as in all standard rooms but now it’s only available in their “super” rooms.

  3. it really annoys me that hotels dont accommodate for families of 5, i often feel that it would be fairly easy to fit an extra body in but its obviously more lucrative for the hotels if us larger families are forced to book to rooms, rant over haha x

  4. I think I'd prefer them to have a few rooms in each hotel that accommodate families with more children. Like you, we have three and now the littlest 'counts' on booking hotel rooms it really is prohibitively expensive for us to stay even in Premier Inn and Travelodges.

  5. I have to say I love the Super Rooms I was not a fan of TL before but the rooms are now so stylish and comfortable x

  6. I have to say I was never a fan of TL but I love the new Super Rooms they are so stylish and totally worth the extra x

  7. For 15 pounds I'd definitely upgrade - if it was half the price, there's nothing I couldn't live without for a cheap and cheerful break, especially if you're not in the room much, but things like sockets by the bed are so useful. And I would hate not to have a shower.

  8. We went to legoland the week before you and stayed in the Premier Inn on Uxbridge Road in Slough for two nights. It was 75 pounds the first night and 55 the second though the family room we had was very much like your Super Room for quality. Definitely the nicest Premier inn we've been to. There is a big Sainsbury's next door and a bus stop just a little further up Wellington street on the opposite side and we just got a return to legoland for about 6pounds each. My 3 year old loves the bus and enjoyed looking at Windsor and the castle on the way. I think it took about 30 mins on the way there though the way back was longer due to rush hour.

  9. we always choose to stsy in Premier Imns, i find them much better, especially as we also need two rooms always. mich x

  10. I think these Super Rooms are no better than a basic Premier Inn room, How they can call it a Super Room with a 32 Inch TV is beyond me, most Premier Inn rooms now have 42 Inch flat screen Samsung TV on the wall and all the extras you get, they have or you can ask for at Premier Inn, so Premier Inn works out cheaper

  11. All Travleodge hotels have showers in even the basic rooms. They also have hair dryers etc. The coffee machine isnt there its a kettle and packets, but thats the ONLY difference and to a non coffee drinker like me thats perfect. No need for plugs at bedside as forces you to get up if across the room, which is exactly what i do at home anyway. Also, difference for super room is near £40 not £15 so is totally not worth it. Shame on you being too stingy to let the lads have a super room too, your experiment, you should take the cheap room!

    1. 1 - you can clearly see in the photo, the basic room does not have a shower.

      2- the difference was definitely £15, would you like me to send you my bill to prove it? I have no need to lie.

      3 - yes, shame on me for booking a hotel room and taking the kids to LEGOLAND 🤣🤣🤣

  12. Booking the Travelodge Bristol Filton for two of us. Basic room is £63. Super Room is £116! Almost twice the price. From your comments its not worth it.
    (If you really want a larger room then specify the Accessible rooms. I don't do this as it might be wanted by a wheelchair user but they are larger and on the ground floor.) Lisa x


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