Waterbom Bali - A fantastic alternative to Florida's Waterparks

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Waterbom is Asia’s Number One Waterpark featuring world-class rides and attractions that have been built and maintained to strict international standards. The slides here look incredible and some are like nothing I’ve seen before. After visiting the waterparks of Florida last year, we have definitely caught the waterpark bug and I know my three (along with Steve and I) would have an absolute ball here! You’ll find Waterbom in Bali, Indonesia and visiting with the family isn’t as tricky as you may think - there are several flights from the UK and lots of family-friendly Bali rentals and hotels to choose from. If waterparks are your thing, Waterbom looks like a fantastic alternative to Florida’s attractions and is a great option if you'd like to try somewhere new this year.  

Waterbom Bali - A fantastic alternative to Florida's Waterparks

Getting to Bali 

Flying to Bali can be surprisingly cheap, I did a quick search and found a flight from London with one stop in Hong Kong for £232 each way. Not bad! May and June are considered to be the best times to visit Bali - these months are generally dry and the temperatures will normally reach the early 30s. May and June also tend to be quieter than Easter, July and August. All things considered, I think May Half Term sounds like the perfect time to plan a trip here.

Where to Stay in Bali

Personally, as a family of 5, I much prefer staying in an apartment over a hotel. My children aren’t old enough to stay in a hotel room by themselves yet and hotel rooms for 5 are usually either very difficult to find or very cramped. Renting an apartment or villa gives you much more space and freedom and I love being able to sit out at night enjoying a glass of wine with Steve rather than being forced to watch hotel entertainment. Some villas come with their own pools too - this would be the dream for us!

Waterbom Waterpark, Bali | All you need to know 

Entry to Waterbom costs from £16 for a single day up to £40 for their VIP package which includes entry, towel hire, digital photographs, lunch plus a flowrider session, massage, bucket of water blaster balloons or manicure. When compared with other theme parks around the world I think this offers fantastic value. If you’d like to leave your purse in your locker, you can use a cashless payment wristband to purchase food, drinks and extras around the park which is super convenient. 

Credit | Waterbom Bali

Waterbom is open from 10am - 6pm daily and you’ll find it located in the heart of Kuta, directly across from the Discovery Mall. It’s within easy walking distance of the Kuta strip or just a taxi ride or car journey away from other cities in Bali. 

11 Reasons to Visit Waterbom Waterpark  in Bali

1 - Smashdown 2.0

We tried a similar ride to this in Florida and it is honestly the most terrifying yet thrilling thing you’ll ever do. Standing in and enclosed capsule that is 26m above the ground, without warning, the floor will give way and you’ll plummet in a near-vertical drop. I honestly think slides like this are the ultimate thrill! Check out Steve's attempt at this in Florida below (I dare you not to laugh). 

2 - Funtastic

Funtastic is an area of the park that has been specifically designed with children in mind. Created to the very best international safety standards, this area features water cannons, smaller slides, ropes, wheels and giant dump buckets which will provide hours of endless fun. 

3 - Lazy River 

It’s not all about the thrills and I love that waterparks these days usually have their own Lazy Rivers. Waterbom is no exception and you can relax in style floating amongst lush tropical gardens in an inflatable ring. For me, lazy rivers are always the best part of a waterpark and I could probably stay here for hours! 

Credit | Waterbom Bali

4 - Python 

Again, we tried a ride like this in Florida and it was SO much fun for the whole family. Up to four people can sit inside a life-raft style tube and brave the Python ride together! 

Credit | Waterbom Bali

5 - Twinracers 

This kind of ride is honestly so much fun and definitely brings out your competitive streak. Pairs can take it in turns to race down the slides on their front and see who will emerge victorious. 

Credit | Waterbom Bali

6 - Flowrider 

For a small additional fee, you can try your hand at surfing with the Flowrider machine. It’s the perfect combination of surfing, snowboarding and skating. 

Credit | Waterbom Bali

7 - Waterblaster 

Fancy joining in with a giant water fight? Well now you can. For a small additional fee you can buy waterbombs and head to the Waterblaster area to use the catapults and try and catch each other out. My kids would absolutely love ganging up on Steve and I and I think this would be a real highlight of their day. 

Credit | Waterbom Bali

8 - Food glorious food

Waterbom pride themselves on their fantastic high-quality food. From signature pizzas to freshly baked bread, pork belly bahn ni baguettes and hand-made churros with freshly-ground Italian coffee, food definitely isn’t after-thought here and you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

9 - Climax

If you thought Smashdown sounded bad, it’s nothing compared to Climax and this is Asia's steepest slide and the ride that gets the biggest screams in the park. Listen as the countdown begins before the floor escapes you and you freewill before being thrown into an inverted loop at 2.5G force. Not for the faint-hearted! 

10 - Private Gazebos 

We’ve hired a Gazebo or Cabana three times when visit waterparks and they are definitely worth paying a little extra for. At Waterbom they provide the opportunity to chill out and relax with your family and are available to hire for up to 12 people. You can order food and drinks to be delivered direct and there’s the chance to enjoy a relaxing massage after a dip in the lazy river too. 

Similar style Cabana in Florida 

11 - Enjoy the Pool Bar

Waterbom has it’s very own pool bar. The pleasure pool is where everyone gathers to kick back and relax. There are plenty of sunloungers, a swim-up bar and even a water volleyball area if the kids want to let off some steam whilst the grown-ups enjoy a drink or two. 

Waterbom Bali is a multi-award winning park with a strong focus on the environment and sustainability. You can find out more and book online here.  While you're in Bali, there is lots to do with the kids besides experiencing lots of thrills at a waterpark. From visiting ancient temples and beautiful gardens to whitewater rafting and trying new foods, you can find more ideas for fun adventures and activities in Bali here. 

Let me know if you fancy Waterbom Bali or if you have any other recommendations of waterparks for us to try. 

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Waterbom Bali - A fantastic alternative to Florida's Waterparks


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