Happy 10th Birthday Harry

OMG how do I have a 10 year old? People tell you that time flies and your children grow up in the blink of an eye and I'm sorry to say that they really do. It doesn't seem like 2 minutes ago that Steve and I were driving home from the RVI in our little Ford Ka in the pouring rain with a little baby on board. We were petrified!

It makes me laugh when I look back and think of how I used to parent Harry - everything was very much by the book. I was rigid with my schedules and nap times, wouldn't let anyone near him with a mobile phone and bought a whole load of crap I didn't need (bottle warmer and baby bath I'm looking at you). This definitely does change with future children and I honestly couldn't be more laid back now.

I couldn't be prouder of the boy Harry has grown into though. He is super smart, inquisitive and the kind of child that asks questions. I love that. He is definitely growing up though as sometimes he'll share an 'in' joke with Steve and I but it goes over the other the heads of the two.

If there's one thing I'm really keen on doing now, it's encouraging Harry's independence even more. He now mostly walks to and from school by himself, he will pop to the shop for us when needed and does a few basic chores. He helped Steve cook dinner on Saturday night for us all too.

It's hard to know what to buy a 10 year old boy and it was a bit of a struggle. He seems too old for toys but we don't want to buy him expensive electronics he won't use either. In the end we went for a 'green screen' and stands. He has been after one of these for ages as they use them to make movies at school. We've also bought him a few Batman bits and bobs, some clothes, an illusion set and travel chess (as he was just saying the other day we don't actually own a chess board).

We are celebrating with a Battle Zone laser party in a couple of weeks and on he has requested a Domino's Pizza for dinner tonight (I won't complain about that!).

I'll leave you with a few pics of Harry growing up through the years:

Harry's first hold of Heidi

Digging into his favourite food - Calamari

At Longleat

Saying Hello to his new baby brother Jack

Happy Birthday Harry - it is so crazy to think that in 3 year's time you'll be a teenager! 


  1. Happy Birthday Harry! Every time I see him I think he looks more grownup!

  2. A green screen - what a cool gift! Can't wait to see what he does with that! Happy birthday Harry!

  3. Happy 10th birthday Harry! That is such an awesome gift too!

  4. Ah Sam he's just lovely and what lush photos

  5. Happy Birthday Harry! Have fun with your green screen! xxx

  6. Happy birthday Harry! Hope you have had the best day x

  7. Aww! Lovely photos!
    Happy Birthday Harry! I hope he has had a great day x

  8. I love your Birthday posts. Harry always looks so loving and caring, in fact all 3 do! Hope Harry had a great day and yous took advantage of Dominoes Two for Tuesday!? x

  9. Hope Harry had a brilliant birthday. He has grown into such a handsome little guy!

  10. Oh wow what amazing pictures! I love the first one of you and him as a baby. Hope he had a good birthday x

  11. Happy birthday Harry! (Belatedly) such great photos - love the ones of him being an older brother. And the expression on his face with the calamari!


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