Newcastle Gusto Children's Menu Review

After working every Sunday for god knows how long I still pinch my self that since embracing full self employment last year our Sunday's are now devoted to family time. I have slowly been working through my list of things I have missed doing and visiting the Quayside on a Sunday is something I managed last weekend. We last visited the Quayside on a Sunday back in 2013 (serious cringe at the state of the blog post featuring our visit) and love how vibrant it is. There is a bustling market, buskers entertaining the crowds and lots of yummy food and drinks for sale. We parked in the Quayside Car Park (£3 all day on a Sunday) and headed down to the Quayside just in time to watch the Millennium Bridge 'blink' to let a tall ship pass through. 

Newcastle Quayside

A tilting Millennium Bridge

A blinking Millennium Bridge and the Baltic Museum

We had booked a table with our friends Chloe and Simon at Gusto and were delighted to be seated upstairs by the window where we could enjoy a spot of people watching. 

Although I have dined at Gusto on numerous occasions, I've never actually taken my children. This is very cringey but as we sat around the table with friends catching up over lovely food, I couldn't help but think this is the life. 

The children's menu at Gusto will set you back a very reasonable £5.95 and for this children can choose a half portion of pasta from the main menu or 'create their own pizza'. The price also includes a free ice lolly or ice cream too. 

Make your own pizza from the children menu at Newcaslte

The boys opted to make their pizzas and could choose up to three toppings each. They loved doing this and set about creating their very own masterpiece. A nice little touch is that they were asked to accompany our server to meet the chef and were able to hand him their pizzas through the pass. The chef pointed out his pizza oven, congratulated the boys on their creation and informed them it would take the pizzas 5-6 minutes to cook. If you watch the short video at the end of this post you will see the delight on Harry's face :-) 

Make your own pizza from the children menu at Newcaslte Gusto

Make your own pizza from the children menu at Newcaslte Gusto
Jack is very pleased with his creation

Make your own pizza from the children menu at Newcaslte Gusto

True to their word, our food arrived within 6 minutes and the boys cleared their plates. I asked Jack if he'd like to be a Pizza chef when he's older to which he replied 'Yes as well as a Wrestler and a Train Driver' Hmmmmmmm

Pasta from the children menu at Newcaslte Gusto

Heidi doesn't really like pizza (I sometimes question if she is my child!) so decided upon a portion of spaghetti bolognese. I love that this is exactly the same as the main menu. Gluten and Wheat Free Pasta are also available. Heidi thoroughly enjoyed her lunch and ended up with one of those faces children end up with when they eat spaghetti bolognese.

Onto the grown ups......

On the advice of Chloe I ordered the Peking Duck Pizza which was perfect for lunch and Steve went for the Pan Fried Chicken Breast with Pan Fried Leeks and Gnocchi. I thought his portion looked on the small side and think he could have done with a side dish but he assured me it was the perfect portion. 

Time was getting on and we had to head home in time for a very important Tyne-Wear derby match so there was no time for desserts. The children were chuffed with their mini milk ice lollies though and finished them on the walk back to the car. 

Lunch with the kids and friends was such a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon and I'm pleased we decided on Gusto as the place to meet. The restaurant feels grown up and makes you feel as though you are going out for a special treat yet the atmosphere is lovely and laid back and the staff are so friendly and welcoming to children that you feel very comfortable. Our video review will give you more of an idea:- 

Rumour has it that Gusto are soon to launch their own Sunday roast, as soon as they do I'm sure I'll be first in line to try it out with the family :-) 

The children's menu at Newcastle Gusto - a review



  1. Looks good, I've not taken my kids there since my son was a crawler. Good to know its kid friendly.

  2. I've never been to Gusto before. I really like the idea that they can make their own pizzas

    Cat x

  3. I last went to Gusto when I was pregnant and absolutely loved it! I never really thought it the type of place to take kids, but the make your own pizza sounds awesome!

  4. Making their own pizzas is such a cute idea! I've never been to gusto, I'm not even sure I can picture where it is!


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