5 money saving tips for your family holiday

1. Flexibility is Key
For families with children in school, being flexible about holiday dates can be tricky, as they can't control term times. However, it is still possible to be flexible about destinations. By checking out package holiday deals, sites that list cheap flights, and hotel sales, as well as when it's cheapest to fly, it's totally possible to piece together a cheap family trip somewhere sunny. If travellers are willing to consider multiple destinations -especially at the last minute when package tours are cheapest- they could be on to a budget-friendly trip to boast about. Flying out midweek is often cheaper.

2. Use A Travel Agent
Strange to admit in a world where we do so much online, but a travel agent can really help travellers to find a good deal. Talk to them about budget, family situation, and what's required from the holiday, and they can often help to find something more quickly and cheaply than by looking at the overwhelming amount of info online. Being travel experts, they might also be able to suggest a destination or a way of travelling (such as a cruise) that might not have occurred to holiday makers, and at a great rate, too. Booking online can still turn up great deals though lastminute travel voucher codes such as those offered by couporando can make travellers a healthy saving when booking their next getaway.

3. Alternative Accommodation
When travelling with a large group, it will almost definitely be cheaper per head to rent a cottage or villa than staying in a hotel (and as a bonus, groups might even have exclusive use of a pool or other amenities). Camping and caravanning can also be budget-friendly, and don't forget the rise of sites such as Airbnb, where holidaymakers can stay in a local's house -either with them there or while they're away- for a fraction of the price of even a midrange hotel. Equally, money can be made by families by renting out their property while they're away. Youth hostels can also offer great deals- the YHA in the UK is normally quite family-friendly, while family rooms in hostels are quite commonplace in countries such as Germany and Austria.

4. Free Walking Tours
Just about every major city will have companies offering these- just google to check out your options ahead of time. It can be a nice way to meet like-minded others, too. Walking tours are free for different reasons: sometimes companies ask new employees to do their free tours as a way of them gaining experience. Although the tour's free, most guides will appreciate a small tip, and perhaps that's the only way they'll make money. So be generous- and it's still much cheaper than an expensive commercial tour.

5. Cost of Flights Vs. Cost of Living
If a short-haul holiday is a necessity, there are some surprisingly cheap places to travel within Europe. While western Europe is pretty expensive, head east for some surprisingly good deals. Bulgaria, for instance, has amazing weather in the summer and travellers can soak up the sun on the Black Sea while staying somewhere comfortable and indulging in cocktails without breaking the bank. Even a 5* hotel in Prague will cost less than even a very modest hotel in London or Paris, plus the capital of the Czech Republic has lots to offer in terms of culture and history. If it's possible to travel further afield, while the flights are pricier, countries such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Laos are all very cheap to spend time in. 


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