Easter egg hunt at Seaton Deleval hall

We are NT members and our local venue - Seaton Deleval hall, has been closed this year for refurbishment. It re-opened this weekend and today played host to an Easter egg hunt challenge (sponsored by cadburys). The sky was blue and it wasn't snowing (hooray!) so we thought we'd give it a go.

On entry, we were told to register at the cadburys marquee and for £1 per child were given a map and a list of numbers from 1-18. The challenge was to find 18 eggs around the estate which would each have a letter written on them. You write down all the letter's on your sheet and then re-arrange them into an Easter phrase. Easy peasy!

Our group ranged from age 2-82 and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. The children enjoyed running through the maze, woods and gardens hunting for clues, my grandad enjoyed looking at the architecture, my stepdad re-lived some childhood memories and me and my mum enjoyed a stroll and a chat in nice surroundings. All in all the trail took about an hour and when we were finished we handed our completed entry back into the cadburys tent and much to our delight we were all handed a chocolate Easter egg as a prize.

There was much more going on at Seaton Deleval hall today, including pony rides, haystack climbing and traditional games. However I didn't want my grandad out in the cold for too long and after an hour of walking he seemed to be ready to come home for a cuppa!

We vowed to return soon though for a picnic, walk and to let the kids play in the adventure park.


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