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The Various Attitudes of my Children towards a Family Walk + Missuswolf Feral Collection Giveaway

*This is a collaboration with Missuswolf

As my children grow older and into their respective personalities, it's very obvious that they each have their own traits and characteristics and this can very much be demonstrated with a day out. Recently I suggested a nice walk in the countryside and it allowed H, H and J to play the very best version of themselves. 


Harry is 11 now and is very much a typical tweenager. As soon as mention any form of fresh air or exercise he seems to turn into Kevin the teenager and will grunt, groan and once he even rolled around the floor in disgust! Then he'll try his very best to get out of it so expect a full repertoire of headaches, joint pains or sickness. He would much rather be playing on his X Box at home (much to my annoyance). I try to reason with him how important walking and getting outside is and he always responds with 'well I walk to school'. Sigh! I still force him to come along though and what always makes me smile is he ends up really enjoying himself! Family walks always encourage lots of conversation and Harry and Steve will spend hours walking around a ruin or gardens discussing history or random facts. They love it!! Harry will never admit this though, he's far too cool for that. 


Heidi is *such* an easy child and is always so well behaved and will do anything she is told without a single complaint. I don't ever remember a time Heidi moaned that she didn't want to do something and she'll honestly try everything we throw at her. She has a real can-do attitude about her. Despite being our only girl, Heidi is always the first one of our children to climb a wall, investigate a cave or challenge herself to learn a new skill. Walks for Heidi are all about climbing, running around and discovering new things. I love that she has this love of life inside of her and I think this 'Mini Warrior in Training' T-Shirt by Missuswolf could have been designed just for Heidi as it describes her personality down to a T! 


Where to start with Jack? He is the child that cannot be tamed! Days out with Jack are always a real adventure as you just never know what he's going to come out with or whether he's going to spiral into one of his tantrums. One thing you can guarantee is that he's going to collect lots of sticks as the day progresses and use them to cast spells, try and catch fish, investigate holes or more than likely start chasing his siblings. Feral by name, Feral by nature. You can't help but love him though and despite being the biggest handful at times, I love that Jack has a real awareness of his surroundings and already seems to practice mindfulness. As we're walking along he'll point out different types of trees and flowers to me which always makes me feel as proud as punch. He may be feral at times but I wouldn't have him any other way, 

It's weird to think that H, H and J all share the same gene pool and have been raised in the same manner yet have completely different attitudes to days out. I wonder if they'll change with age or if things will always be this way? 

Feral Collection by Missuswolf

Heidi and Jack are wearing T-Shirts from the brand new Feral Collection by Missuswolf. Missuswolf Clothing is the brainchild of my school-friend Gemma who was inspired to create the collection during maternity leave. All products are made using fully sustainable material like Organic Cotton, are printed in the UK and £1 from the profit of every product sold will be donated to Children with Cancer UK. I LOVE the whole collection and really think there's a T-Shirt for every personality and child. You can view the full Feral Collection here. There's also a fun collection for grown-ups too and even a section of slogan T's dedicated to a love of sprouts! 

When you buy from Missuswolf, not only are you buying a pretty cool and unique top for your child but you are also supporting a local small business from Northumberland AND a children's cancer charity at the same time. What's not to love? 

Feral Collection Giveaway

Gemma has kindly provided us with a voucher which can be exchanged for any T-shirt from the Feral Collection (subject to size and availability). The Feral Collection is available in ages 3 - 12 years and in a variety of colours. You can enter using the rafflecopter widget below. Daily entry is available via Twitter. Good luck!

Terms and Conditions:
Prize is 1 x T-Shirt of your choice from the Missuswolf Feral Collection including delivery to any mainland UK address (subject to size and availability).
Prize is non-transferable, there are no alternatives and refunds are not possible. 
Giveaway is open to UK residents aged 18+ and excludes employees of Missuswolf and North East Family Fun
No purchase is neccessary
Giveaway ends midnight Sunday 25 February 2018. One winner will be selected at random from all valid entries and notified via email. You have 28 days to respond to this email in order to claim your prize. 



  1. Ahhh how canny! Jack's face and his catalogue pose! Really love the t-shirts and i reckon my mini hoopsters would love them!

  2. I love the woman's Warrior Pink And Grey Sweatshirt

  3. i like the warrior pink and grey sweatshirt

  4. I really like this one...so funny ....https://missuswolf.teemill.com/product/the-man-hoody/ but my favourite kids one is the Little Man one for my nephew

  5. I love the Warrior pink and grey sweatshirt...or the black and grey hoodie...decisions decisions!

  6. I'd prossibly choose 'Feral.' for my son, as I often think he looks a bit savage as he roams around in the mud... although I did giggle at 'The Man Who Lives with Us' because I've referred to my partner for years as 'That Bloke I Live With'! XD

  7. Love the Warrior Pink And Grey Sweatshirt.

  8. I like the Warrior pink and grey sweatshirt.

  9. love the warrior grey and pink hoodie

  10. Love these T shirts and your son Jack sounds like my boy with his ever growing stick collection.

  11. I like the Men's Warrior Grey And Black Hoody

  12. Warrior Pink And Grey Sweatshirt x

  13. I like The Little Lady pink T-Shirt

  14. OMG Harry sounds like my husband .. I'd best tell my 40 year old that he sounds like your 11 year old! He hates going outside but actually quite enjoys it when he gets there!

    Love how special Heidi is, I hope she never loses that zest for life that she has, if only everyone had such a wonderful attitude to things!

    LOVE JACKS TSHIRT! It's perfect for him! x

  15. I love the warrior t shirts - though feral accurately describes all the children in my family

  16. I like the Warrior pink and grey sweatshirt


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