North East Boiler Cover with Gas Angel Heating : Our Honest Review

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We have spent more time at home in 2020 than ever before. Usually we are travelling all over but this year, our priorities have been forced to change. Spending more time at home has meant we have had the time and inclination to complete those niggling jobs and actually take better care of our home. I have never been a homebird but I do think this has changed this year and for the first time in my life, I am proud of our home and actually love spending time here. 

North East Boiler Cover with Gas Angel Heating : Our Honest Review

We have lived in this house for more than six years now and have only just got around to decorating this year. We have been busy bees and refreshed every room (minus the kitchen and bathroom), transformed our garden into a Moroccan sanctuary, created a new home office space for me, taken care of our garden and grown our own plants and flowers and decluttered our garage. 

It has been fun making over our home but I know we need to be sensible and take care of the basics too. I am rather ashamed to admit that our boiler had not been serviced in 3-4 years. It is one of those jobs that we just always put to the back of our mind and never got around to. Now that autumn is here and we have been using our heating more frequently, we had noticed a few minor issues and felt like now was the time to get it sorted before it turned into something more serious. Time to call in the experts. 

Gas Angel Heating - Introduction 

Gas Angel Heating is a family business based in North East England. They have been established for over 13 years and have thousands of 5* independent reviews on Which , Google & Facebook. Their MD Amy is a long-time follower of my blog and we have chatted a little online over the years. I actually follow Gas Angel on Twitter and love their approach to social media with regular informative blogs, how-to guides and tips. 

Anyway, Amy has always mentioned that if we ever have any problems, to let her know and they will help so we did just that. I will say that although I am working with Gas Angel Heating on this post, I have actually parted with my own money and signed up to their boiler breakdown cover too as I have been so impressed with their service. After chatting with their engineer, I am also planning on using Gas Angel Heating again next year to install a SMART Thermostat. Now there is a sentence I thought I'd never write. 

Gas Angel Heating - Quick Review 

I tend to write fairly in-depth reviews so thought it might be useful if I start with sharing a few bullet points about Gas Angel Heating for those who like to digest info quickly. 

  • They are a family business based in North East England
  • Gas Safe Registered & experienced engineers
  • Gas Angel Heating cover a large area across the North East (postcodes beginning with NE, DH and SR)
  • Established for 13 years+
  • Their boiler breakdown cover is cheaper than British Gas
  • They have high safety and customer standards
  • Transparent pricing is important to them. Prices are available and up front on their website and you can get an instant online quote for a new boiler online (or in person if you prefer)
  • Their quotes are fixed-priced so even if they end up having to do extra work or ordering additional parts to complete the job, the price quoted will be the same
  • They are clean and tidy, super professional and provide excellent customer service/satisfaction
  • A boiler service is available from £60 (various options available which I will go into later in this post) and you can spread the cost over the year
  • If you take out their boiler cover (from £5 per month), they will plant two trees on your behalf to offset your boiler CO2
  • 365 day telephone support available 
  • You can find out more, contact Gas Angel heating & get an instant online quote yourself here:

Gas Angel Heating : Boiler Service Plans 

You can pay for a one-off boiler service which is £70 but it works out to be much better value if you sign up to one of Gas Angel Heating's monthly plans. This is exactly what I have done. I like that you will always receive a reminder that your boiler service is due (so no more letting it lapse for 3/4 years) and you are spreading the cost over the year. 

There are various plans you can sign up to, I have opted for Plan B which is the most popular option. `The screenshot below features small text so if it is easier, you can read more about the cover options here. 

  • Plan A is good for those who are maybe only staying in a property for one or two years and just wish to spread the cost of their annual service and offset their CO2. If you are due a boiler service now, you can opt for this plan and pay £35 for your service then £5 per month which will cover the cost of your next service. 

  • Plan B is the most popular plan. It is currently £12 per month with a £60 call out fee if there are any problems or £17 per month with no call out fees. If you do need to call Gas Angel Heating out for the same issue more than once across the year, you will only be charged £60 once (they are canny like that). Our boiler is 12 years old and although it is in good working order, it is on the older side and I don't want to end up with huge bills if anything goes wrong. I chose this plan as it covers parts and labour which gives me peace of mind and is one less thing to worry about. It also includes an annual service (and reminder to book!). 

    If you are due a boiler service now and sign up to Plan B, your service will be completed free of charge. 

  • Plan C is most suitable for those who want the most comprehensive cover. 
There are various add-ons to the plans. You can see their prices as you go through the process before you sign up. Examples include gas fire servicing and landlord cover / gas safety check. There is also the option to pay for a plan annually if preferred. 

I found the sign up process to be really quick and easy online - it took two minutes and I received a welcome email with all of the information and contact details I need plus numbers to call if anything goes wrong. I received a courtesy call within 2 days to book in my annual service but there was also the option for me to call or email them and book in straight away if that was more convenient. 

I am very much an online kind of gal and prefer email/online forms so signing up online was ideal for me. If you prefer speaking to a real person or are not sure which plan is right for you, you can call the Gas Angel Heating office on 0191 289 3464. The staff really are lovely and I promise they won't give you the hard sell. In fact, one staff member talked me down from spending more money than I needed as it wasn't necessary. 

Gas Angel Heating : Boiler Service Review 

I will begin with saying that I was really happy with the service I received. I always try and provide both positives and negatives when writing a review but in this case, I can safely say there were no negatives at all, not even anything minor. 

Everything was really thorough. On the day before our appointment, I received a confirmation email and text. Then on the morning of our appointment, I received a phone call to check we were not self-isolating or experiencing any Coronavirus symptoms and were still ok to go ahead. We were given a 2 hour window for our appointment and our engineer Dave called / sent a text when he was on his way. I always felt fully in the loop about when Dave was going to turn up and there was no sitting around and waiting which can often be the case with tradesmen. 

Everything was super professional from the branded uniform and van (they even have branded face coverings) to the fact that Dave instantly removed his boots on arrival and brought his own dust sheets (not that they were really needed). 

In terms of COVID measurements, Dave wore his face covering the whole time and kept his distance as per Government guidelines. 

A shot of Dave in action - I am also really questioning why I did not paint the internal side of this cupboard when I decorated this year. 

I am no expert, but our boiler service seemed to be very thorough with various parts being removed, inspected and cleaned. No problems were detected and everything was in good working order. We didn't fit our boiler and so I took this opportunity to ask a few questions which Dave answered with ease. I also checked we would be able to fit a Nest / Hive to our type of boiler which Dave explained would be no problem and talked us through the various pros/cons of various models as he worked. 

In terms of the issues we were having, they really were a minor job which took a few minutes to fix with no need for any parts. There is the added reassurance that if we still had problems, to just give them a ring and they would come out and take another look free of charge (if it was the same issue). So far so good though and the problem seems to have been sorted. 

I would say the service took around 30-40 minutes but I wasn't really keeping track. Once it has been completed, you are sent your Annual Boiler Service Certificate / any paperwork via email. 

Our service and repair was covered by our plan but if there was anything to pay (for example if you simply opt for a one-off service), you will always know the cost up front and you will receive an invoice via email with a link to pay. 

I will admit, I had been feeling a little stressed that our boiler service would show up problems or our minor repair was going to be something major. It was all good though and our boiler is actually in good condition. It is definitely a weight off my mind knowing that we are hopefully set for winter now. 

Gas Angel Heating : Other Services 

Gas Angel Heating offer the following services: 

  • Fixed Price New Boiler Installation (click here for an instant quote)
  • Boiler Service
  • Boiler Repair
  • Boiler Cover
  • Gas Fires Servicing, Installation & Repairs 
  • Radiators & Power Flushing 
  • Landlord Gas Safety Checks & Cover 
  • Thermostat & Smart Thermostat Installation & Advice 
  • Gas Cooker & Hob Installation / Removal 
  • Interest Free Boiler Finance 
As mentioned earlier, we are going to invest in some SMART tech for the house in the new year and are keen to add start using Google Nest to control our heating from our phones. I am kind of shocked but also pleased that we can actually add this to our older boiler and will definitely be in touch with Gas Angel Heating to help with the installation when the time comes. I think once you find a company you trust, they do become your go-to and that is definitely the case here. 

One thing that really stands out for me with Gas Angel Heating is their up front and transparent pricing. I absolutely hate it when a website does not have any prices available and you have to call / contact for info. Honestly, I just move onto another website until I can find out how much something is going to cost me. 

With Gas Angel Heating, I can see the various costs of plans and what is included up front. I can also obtain an instant fixed-price boiler quote online. I had no idea how much a new boiler would cost us but now know for our particular house, a mid-range model will be just over £2000 fully installed and guaranteed. Why can't more businesses be this up front? Even if it is just an approximate figure it gives people something to work with. If a quote is needed in person (eg for emergency repairs), this is always up front and a fixed price too. 

I love nothing more than working with local family businesses who really put their customers first and take pride in their job. Gas Angel Heating is definitely one of those businesses and if you are looking to support more local businesses this year and are in need of a boiler service / repair or any of the services mentioned above, I can highly recommend Gas Angel Heating. 

If you do not need this information right now, bookmark/save this post to come back to or you can always email/message me at any time if you are in need of a trusted gas engineer and have forgotten who I recommended.


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