Halloween nights at The Heads of Ayr Farm Park

The Heads of Ayr Farm Park is somewhere I definitely wanted to visit during our holiday at Sundrum Castle in Ayr. It is somewhere I had visited as a child and I knew my children would love it too. As we were staying in Ayr in the last week of October, the farm park was holding special halloween evenings which had to be booked in advance. Tickets were priced at £7.75 per child and £4.50 per adult so just over £30 for the 5 of us which I didn't think was too bad.

We stupidly hadn't packed our halloween costumes so picked up some inexpensive masks from Asda en-route. We were rewarded with some free glow sticks from The heads of Ayr for our efforts!

The park opened at 4pm but we decided to head over at 5pm just as the sun was setting so we could arrive when it was more or less dark to add to the scare factor!

The reception staff were lovely and handed our children their own special trick or treat bags which were filled with halloween activities and to be used to collect tricks and treats from the park throughout the evening. 

Our first stop was this fab shooting game - our children were given protective eye goggles and entered the arena where they shot foam balls at each other. This was so much fun and everyone really enjoyed it. Some grown ups were getting in on the action too! Most people were dressed up and the whole farm had been decorated for halloween.

Next, we fancied trying the trick or treat trail through the haunted forest. You walk through in family groups but there were plenty of halloween word searches and colouring sheets to keep us all entertained as we waited our turn.

Our children were actually really brave as we walked through the haunted forest.........

.......where we stumbled upon a werewolf who told us the tale of her curse and rewarded our children with some sweets for their trick or treat bags.

Next up, we were summoned into the witch's cave which was very spooky complete with scary props and green smoke. I am sure the witch was real too! She certainly looked and acted the part. Harry, Heidi and Jack perched on the stools as they gathered around the wicked witch and listened to her tale. It wasn't too scary and our three loved the experience. The witch let them pick a special trick each for listening carefully and was happy to pose for photographs.

We headed outside of the witch's cave to try our hand at a few of the scary halloween games that were dotted around.....some of us were braver than others!

Our children set their eyes upon the King Kong soft play which was home to some pretty epic slides so we let them burn off some energy whilst we enjoyed a coffee in rather spooky surroundings.

Of course our children were hungry and thirsty after soft play so we headed to the main restaurant for juice, halloween cupcakes and found the corner of the barn had been turned into a halloween themed disco. No photographs unfortunately as it was too busy for me to not capture anyone else in the shots! We loved it though.

There are set time slots where you are allowed into the creepy crawly barn. We opted for 7:15pm and it was definitely worth the wait. We held snakes, peered at tarantulas and even walked through a rat den!

We spent about 2.5 hours at The Heads of Ayr halloween event and definitely think it was good value for money. Our children managed to collect glow sticks, slime balls with brains inside, zombie brain pens, spooky hair extensions, sweets, masks, spooky glasses and skeletons. Their trick or treat bags were probably filled with around £5 worth of the halloween tat grown ups hate and begrudge buying but they love playing with so much. In fact as I type this they are still playing with the skeleton 4 hours later.......

I think there are still some tickets left for Thursday and Friday night (Saturday is sold out at time of writing). If you are looking for some spooky half term fun for halloween at The Heads of Ayr Farm Park, call 01292 441210 to buy tickets.


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