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Hello and thanks for stopping by. On this page, you'll find a snapshot of my key stats and a little bit about our family and this website.

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About Us 

Work with a top North East Blogger - Family Travel, Days Out and Family Life with Tweens.

I’m Sam - an excitable 30-something Geordie mam. I live with my husband Steve and our three children Harry (13), Heidi (10) and Jack (8). I love nothing more than sharing days out and holiday ideas from both here in North East England and across the UK/Europe/World. I’m a strong believer that kids learn through experience and that you can enjoy the great outdoors whatever the weather. I hope this blog inspires families to try something new. Now that my children are older, I'm facing new parenting challenges and trying to find days out and experiences that tweens enjoy and don’t moan about can be tough - but I promise, it is still possible! I am a bit of an over-sharer and will also share more personal posts about our life (and women's lifestyle posts) over on SamanthaRickelton.com and foodie reviews over on Steve’s blog BigStevieCool.co.uk . Oh and I also LOVE Christmas and publish a Christmas blog (MrsMulledWine.co.uk) from October-December. I am a full-time blogger and occasionally include paid-for adverts which are clearly disclosed with (ad). I only ever work with brands who fit in with my blog and that I think my readers would like to hear about. I’m in this for the long-term and reader trust is hugely important to me.

Work with a top North East Blogger - Family Travel, Days Out and Family Life with Tweens.

My Audience and USP

North East Family Fun receives 50k - 90k unique monthly views. My audience is 80% female, typically aged 25-44 years old with a family of their own. Interests include UK family days out, worldwide travel & holidays, camping, local (North East) content plus issues facing modern parents and family life with tweens. 99% of my audience is based in the UK with around 50% living in North East England.

I believe that my USP is that my audience is made up of real people rather than other bloggers and if you check out my Social Media pages, you will see that I regularly engage with normal parents just like me and that there is a real community feel around my blog/pages which has been developed through building trust over time. I'm always transparent about disclosure. I only work with brands which fit in with the values of my blog/will be of interest to my readers and I'm super strict about this.

North East Family Fun's total monthly Social Media reach = 978,000

A few of the lovely messages I've received from my readers who have booked somewhere on my recommendation.......

UK & Worldwide Travel Content

North East Family Fun is an established and award-winning family travel & lifestyle blog. We were ranked as the #1 UK Family Travel Blog (based on page views and reach) by Tots 100 in 2017 and have been listed in Vuelio's Top 10 Family Travel Blogs for the past three years.

Alongside my blog, I run a UK Days Out Facebook group which has an engaged membership of over 3000 people.  The group is a thriving community and focuses on peer-to-peer recommendations and days out reviews.

Our blog has taken us all over the world from shooting professional commercials in Florida and creating vlogs in Amsterdam to featuring glamping sites in Scotland and working with various tourist boards across a range of campaigns. Recent collaborations have included Visit Genoa, Eurocamp and Puy du Fou in France.

A reader's prime reason to visit my blog or Social Media is to discover new places to visit around the North East, UK, Europe and the world. Posts from a recent UK trip reached 87k people across Social Media, with 3k people reading the associated blog post and 4.2k people watching video content from the trip. 

Work with a top North East Blogger - Family Travel, Days Out and Family Life with Tweens.

Family Lifestyle Content 

Over the years, my readers have got to know our family and as we always provide honest reviews, we're a source they can trust. Our family lifestyle content fits around issues parenting tweens and school-aged children and is always published in a relatable and honest fashion. Recent campaigns have included discussing the transition to Secondary School with a stationery brand, promoting the importance of healthy eating for the whole family with a home-appliance brand and testing family gardening products with a monthly subscription box. 

Work with a top North East Blogger - Family Travel, Days Out and Family Life with Tweens.

Regional (North East England) Content 

North East Family Fun is often described as the 'go-to' place for North East families and visitors to discover events, days out and places to visit in our region. I spend a lot of time creating non-sponsored content featuring honest reviews of local days out and this forms the very core of my blog.

Work with a top North East Blogger - Family Travel, Days Out and Family Life with Tweens.

My reviews are always honest, informative and feature high-resolution photography. North East Family Fun is read by over 50k people every month and at least 50% of those views are from people living in North East England. My North East Family Fun Facebook page reaches over 60k local families every month.

Please email Sam@NorthEastFamilyFun.co.uk if you'd like to discuss working together or have any questions.


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