Things to look forward to in February

I am SO pleased to see the back of January. What a long and boring month! There are a few things to look forward to this February including Chinese New Year, Pancake Day and Valentine's Day. We've got to take these small pieces of pleasure where we can right not I think. 

2 February
- Groundhog day 

This seems super ironic to me but 2 February is the real groundhog day. Might as well celebrate by doing the same thing as the rest of the year. The fact that is is actual Groundhog day today has really made me smile. Might even watch the film to mark the occasion. 

2 February - A new series of The Blacklist starts on Sky One today 

Snowdrops and the first flowers of Spring should be appearing - keep an eye out for them if you are enjoying some local outdoor exercise. 

5 February - World Nutella Day 

One for Nutella fans out there. Why not make Nutella on Toast for breakfast or a Nutella-themed dipping board? 

 9 February - There is a FREE online lecture with Newcastle Uni today - President Biden: a clean slate, a correction to the norm, or more of the same? Find out more here. 

9 February - In America, they celebrate Pizza Day today and I am all for joining in across the pond. 

12 February - Chinese New Year is officially marked today as we welcome in the year of the Ox. We will be marking the occasion with Chinese crafts and food. 

12 February - Schools break up for half term.

No remote learning for most of us for the week. Hurray! You can check out my guide to what's on over Half Term here.  

14 February - Valentine's Day.

We don't usually celebrate Valentine's Day but we are making an exception this year as something to look forward to. Check out my guide to Valentine's Day here which features lots of businesses offering Dine in Meal boxes, Valentine's takeaways, treats delivered and gifts. 

16 February - Pancake Day

One of my kids' favourite days of the year. We will be setting up our own pancake station with lots of toppings. Lemon and Sugar is my favourite. 

18 February - There is another FREE online lecture with Newcastle University today. The Corona Crash : How the Pandemic will Change Capitalism. Find out more here. 

18 February - This is an American day but it seems like a good one to add. Today is National Drink Wine Day. You're welcome. 

23 February
- Marvel's Helstorm starts on Disney+ today 

27 February - International Polar Bear Day 

Take some time out to learn a little more about these animals today. There is lots of info available on the official website here. 



  1. These all sound great! Thanks for sharing Sam :D I'm particularly keen to celebrate Pizza Day ;) xx

  2. Ohh! I love these posts from you! You always remind me of things I've forgotten about like Chinese new year.
    I think I will have to celebrate World Nutella day and Pizza day. hehehe


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