30+ Recommended TV Shows to Binge Watch Alone

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30+ Recommended TV Shows to Binge Watch Alone

We are staying in now more than ever before and I am SO thankful for streaming services allowing us to get our teeth into a series and pass the time. Steve works shifts and often works evenings plus the boys all like to have regular film nights featuring films I am not really that interested in so I always like to have a series on the go which is just for me. I recently finished Love Life so thought I would ask my Facebook page for recommendations.

Lots of recommendations were made so I decided to pop them all into a post, for my own benefit more than anyone else really as this list will keep me going but it's nice to share too. I have watched some of these with Steve but only included shows I think are equally as good to watch alone. 

This is Us ( Prime Video) 

I started watching This is Us in the summer and it is probably my all-time favourite binge watch. The story shares the lives of three siblings and each episode shares a significant moment in their lives but rather than playing out in real time, will jump between the characters at different ages which brings so much more depth and understanding as to why things happen / people react in the way they do. 

There are SO many strong characters, the show is relatable on so many levels and loads of issues are dealt with from eating disorders to pregnancy complications, adoptions, Black Lives Matter, death, abusive relationships, teenage rebellion, a mother and father's role in the family......I could go on. They have even dealt with the pandemic in the most recent season. I cry at every single episode and half the time I don't know why. I am just so involved I guess. 

One thing I will say is that controversially, I am not a fan of one of the main characters Jack who most people seem to really hold on a pedestal. I mean he does some things that don't sit right with me and I know the reasons he does them but still, I can't get on the Jack Pearson love parade. Find out more and watch here. 

Love Life (iPlayer) 

Love Life stars Anna Kendrick and is another of my favourite recent binge watches. The series features just 10 episodes and follows Darby's life (and quest to find love) in New York. It is not a typical romantic comedy with each episode focussing on a significant relationship (not just romantic) in Darby's life. It really makes you think about the past and current relationships in your own life and how they have turned you into the person you are today. Highly recommended (plus I love Anna Kendrick). Find out more and watch here. 

Bridgerton (Netflix) 

I recently watched Bridgerton in a couple of days. It's not my usual kind of thing (I have never watched Downton Abbey for example). I was intrigued after watching Nicola Coughlan (of Derry Girls fame) talk about it on Graham Norton though. 

The first series focuses on eight siblings living a high-society life and follows the eldest sister Daphne as she makes her London debut and first appears on the marriage market. It is a very different type of show for me and did take three episodes for me to become hooked but wow once I was in, I couldn't get enough. 

Expect romance, who-done-it, LOTS of sex (not one to watch when the kids are around), beautiful costumes and pure escapism. I loved it and cannot wait for season two. Find out more and watch here. 

Virgin River (Netflix) 

So many people have recommended Virgin River to me and seem to love it but sadly it's not for me. It does have a good following though so I didn't want to exclude from the list. It was just a little too cheesy (in a channel 5 movie made-for-tv kind of way) for me. 

Nurse practitioner Mel moves to a remote town in California to start a new life with a few hiccups and relationships along the way. That's around as far as I got. Find out more and watch here. 

Jane the Virgin (Netflix)

After not getting on with Virgin River, I switched to Jane the Virgin (why's everything about virgins!!) which my friend Nyomi recommended to me. 

It follows the life of Jane, a hardworking virgin who accidentally ends up pregnant via artificial insemination and is forced to think about her life plans. It is a little cheesy and very much reminds me of Footballers Wives but it's fun and an easy watch. I watched 7 episodes with a hangover and it is perfect for that. Find out more and watch here. 

Sweet Magnolias (Netflix)

I haven't watched this one personally but a lot of readers recommended. The show follows three friends during life's ups and downs in a small Southern town. Find out more and watch here. 

Grace & Frankie (Netflix)

Another one I haven't watched personally but it's on my list for my next watch as loads of people recommended and it is an emmy-award nominated show. Grace and Frankie bond when their husbands leave for each other. Find out more and watch here. 

Normal People (iPlayer) 

Normal People was THE binge watch of lockdown one. I think it is a show you either get or just don't appreciate. For me, it really resonated in parts and I was so emotionally invested. I really felt as if I was going on the journey with the characters. The show focuses on the on-off relationship of Marianne and Connell and how this changes through High School, Uni and into adulthood. It's real, gripping and a must-watch. I am pleased I watched it alone as I am not sure I would have been able to watch with someone, it kind of feels too intimate. Find out more and watch here. 

Godless (Netflix) 

Another show I haven't personally watched but comes recommended and sounds intriguing. A ruthless outlaw is in search of a former gang member and finds them living in a quiet town which is only populated by women. Find out more and watch here. 

Sex Education (Netflix) 

I actually watched this with Steve but think it would be good as a solo watch too. Follow Otis and his life as a teen with a sex-therapist mum (played by the incredible Gillian Anderson). This show is funny, poignant and will take you right back to your teenage years. Find out more and watch here. 

Grey's Anatomy (Prime Video)

Can you believe I've never watched this! People are usually shocked when I mention this and mention that I must change this. I promise I will one day, there are 15 series to get through though which feels a little daunting. 

Follow Meredith Grey, a first year post-grad surgical trainee navigating life inside and outside of the hospital. To be honest, I love this kind of thing and reckon I will get started on this one pretty soon. Find out more and watch here. 

Life in Pieces (Prime Video) 

Another show that I haven't personally watched but it looks great. The all-star cast focuses on four short stories each episode featuring members of the same eccentric family. Find out more and watch here. 

Suits (Netflix) 

One of my all-time favourite shows, Suits gives you an insight into the world of high-flying American lawyers and get your teeth into some of their battles inside and out of the courtroom. It's intense, full of brilliant characters and relationships and gives you a little peek at Meghan Markle in action. Donna and Lewis are two of my favourite on-screen characters ever. I just love them. I was so sad when Suits ended. Find out more and watch here. 

The Crown (Netflix)

Another favourite of mine, The Crown is a dramatisation (which sometimes feels pretty close to home) of Queen Elizabeth II's reign. I know it's a bit like TOWIE and not 100% factually correct but I did actually learn a thing or two after watching The Crown and then googling what actually happened. My favourite characters are Princess Margaret and Princess Anne both of whom I hadn't really given a second thought before. Find out more and watch here. 

Designated Survivor (Netflix)

Another one I haven't watched but looks good - a bomb kills the President and top politicians in America so cabinet member Tom Kirkman finds himself in the position of having to lead the way. Find out more and watch here. 

Workin' Moms (Netflix) 

Workin' Moms is fantastic and one of my favourite TV shows. Maternity leave is over for 4 very different moms and this comedy drama shares the trials and tribulations of juggling life as a working mother. The four main characters all show life from a different perspective and if you have kids, you will find yourself laughing and nodding along. Find out more and watch here. 

Big Little Lies (Sky/Amazon) 

I was gripped by the Big Little Lies book on holiday a few years ago and the TV dramatisation was just as good. I love the all-star cast including Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon. The story shares life of three mothers whose children attend a fairly pretentious school in California and a murder that grips the town. Expect drama, gossip and lots of twists. Find out more and watch here. 

Chesapeake Shores (Netflix) 

Another I haven't watched personally but comes recommended. A single mother and career woman returns home to the small town her father founded and considers putting down roots. Is the busy life all it's cracked up to be? Find out more and watch here. 

Never Have I Ever (Netflix) 

I haven't watched this one personally but it sounds like a nice and easy coming-of-age drama. An Indian-American teen wants to spruce up her social life, but it's not so easy! Expect lots of laughs and a journey down memory lane. Find out more and watch here. 

Little Fires Everywhere (Prime) 

Another book I loved which has been adapted for TV (and stars Reece Witherspoon). Little Fires Everywhere shares the entwined lives of two families and explores the issues of friendship, identity and motherhood. Find out more and watch here. 

Harlots (iPlayer) 

Harlots is a period drama set in London where the madames of London battle with the passions and purses of London's finest gentleman. Find out more and watch here. 

Get Organised with The Home Edit (Netflix) 

I reckon I binged this show in a day. The Home Edit team head into celebrity (and regular) homes to declutter and organise one of their spaces. Expect lots of tips and advice on getting your home in order plus a little peek inside of some celebrities homes/lives. Afterwards, you will have the urge to organise your fridge and cupboards and if you are like me, will be desperate for your own pantry. Find out more and watch here. 

Queer Eye (Netflix)

Queer Eye is such feel-good TV. The 'fab five' provide life-changing makeovers to deserving nominees. I love that Queer Eye goes beyond a traditional makeover show and focuses on all areas of life rather than just physical appearance. Expect fashion/style/home and interiors/emotional wellbeing/lifestyle and more. The team are upbeat, compassionate, funny and really do make a difference. You will be left feeling all warm and fuzzy after watching. Find out more and watch here. Find out more and watch here. 

Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix) 

I haven't watched this one but it comes recommended. A husband and wife estate agent team spiral down a path of destruction, but in a good way, as Sheila undergoes a dramatic change. Find out more and watch here. 

Ackley Bridge (4 On Demand) 

Ackley Bridge is a school drama based in Yorkshire. Two very different schools combine and the lives of the White and Asian communities are forced to come together. I really want to watch this and it is high on my list. Find out more and watch here. 

Motherland ( Netflix and BBC 2) 

SO many people love this show but I just couldn't get away with it and didn't really find it that funny. I have tried to watch it twice! It does have a bit of a cult following though so I have included it in the list. The comedy drama shares the story of a group of mothers and a stay--at-home dad as they live through the ups and downs of parenthood. Find out more and watch here. 

Gilmore Girls (Netflix) 

Another one I haven't watched personally but I know lots of you love (including my friend Chloe). The story follows an independent mom raising her gifted teen and the various relationships in their lives. Find out more and watch here. 

Marvellous Mrs Maisel (Prime) 

Set in 1950s New York, Midge Maisel seems to have it all. But a change in direction is needed and Midge changes her life direction from a housewife to stand up comic. Sounds good! Find out more and watch here. 

How To Get Away With Murder (Netflix) 

We have just started watching this and I love it. A no-nonsense high-flying defense attorney and five of her best students somehow end up in the centre of a murder investigation. Expect love affairs, drama and lots of twists and turns. Find out more and watch here. 

You (Netflix) 

You is just incredible and if you haven't watched it, I highly recommend. I was gripped! It shares the gripping tale of Joe who becomes obsessed with a girl he bumps into in his bookstore. It is so creepy to think that there are people out there who may go to the same lengths as Joe and a show full of suspense. Season 3 is coming soon. Find out more and watch here. 

Power (Netflix) 

Power is another of my all-time favourite shows. Ghost opens a nightclub but struggles to leave his life as a drug kingpin behind him. The strong characters are brilliant in this show and the violent streets of NYC are pure escapism. Find out more and watch here. 

Too Hot To Handle (Netflix) 

A cheesy reality dating show where groups of singles meet and mingle on a paradise island. The aim is to win $100,000 but in order to do this, they must keep their hands off each other. I binge watched this and loved it. Expect all of the usual reality/dating show drama. Find out more and watch here. 

The Good Place (Netflix) 

We watched The Good Place straight after Schitts Creek as lots of people recommended it for the same feel-good vibes. It is very different and quirky but complete escapism and a nice and easy watch. Follow Eleanor (Princess Ana) as she starts her life in heaven (aka the Good Place) and tries to become a better person. Find out more and watch here.

The Staircase (Netflix) 

The Staircase is one of the first true crime series I watched on Netflix and it absolutely had me gripped. It shares the true story of Michael Peterson and whether he killed his wife or it was actually an accident. Once you have watched this, check out the conspiracy theories online, they're fab! Find out more and watch here. 

Love Is Blind (Netflix) 

I wish they would bring back this show for another season as it's my favourite dating show. A group of women live in one apartment and a group of blokes in another and they go on dates in little pods where they can't actually see each other and just base their relationships and how they feel on their conversations. Then they pick a match (and it is a little cringe when some don't pick each other) and then see if they are just as compatible in real life. One of the couples from this show is actually still together which is fairly unusual! Find out more and watch here. 

Schitts Creek (Netflix)

We were fairly late to the party with this one and binged in lockdown one. It takes a few episodes to get into it but then you can't help but fall in love with the characters and their little town. The story follows a wealthy family who lose their fortune and end up living in a Motel in a small town. You will laugh and cry a lot and there are genuine heart-felt moments too. I was so sad when we finished it! Don't forget the 'making of' special once you have watched it all. Find out more and watch here. 

GLOW (Netflix) 

GLOW (or Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) is a drama following a group of women in the 1980s who decide to change career and become wrestlers. It's a fab one to watch for the soundtrack, fashion and friendship. Find out more and watch here. 

The Sinner (Netflix) 

The Sinner is addictive viewing. The drama follows an emotionally-broken detective trying his best to solve perplexing crimes in a small New York town. Find out more and watch here. 

The Queen's Gambit (Netflix) 

A drama about chess might not sound that interesting but it will honestly have you gripped. The series tackles so much more than chess and explores the various relationships of the lead character as well as addiction and the challenges of trying to be the best. The ending is just spectacular! Find out more and watch here. 

Married at First Sight Australia (All 4) 

Another one of my favourites. This show matches two people based on their 'on paper' compatibility and they do not see each other until they meet at the altar on their wedding day. We then follow the couples as they go on honeymoon together, meet each other's families, enjoy dinner parties with the other couples and have various meetings with the show psychologists.

If you like in-depth relationship shows, this one's for you as it is fairly long and no stone is left unturned. Sometimes some of the couples end up wife swapping which obviously creates a bit of drama too. Find out more and watch here. 

Derry Girls (All 4) 

Derry Girls is such a sweet show, yet also hilarious whilst touching on the troubles in Ireland. This comedy follows a group of teens in the early 90s as they navigate the various challenges life throws at them. You cannot help but laugh along and they show has a lovely hit of nostalgia too. Find out more and watch here. 

Ratched (Netflix) 

Not one to watch alone if you are easily scared - Ratched is pretty grim in places and I had to hide behind my hands. However the cinematography and costume/set design is just perfect and worth watching just for that. The drama follows Nurse Ratched as she starts working on a Psychiatric Ward in 1947. Find out more and watch here. 

Dating Around (Netflix) 

This is another dating show I watched in the summer after it was mentioned on Netflix. One guy/gal has five dates with five different people (which of course we are privy to) and has to choose just one person to take out on a second date. I feel like dating around is the opposite of Married at First Sight - it is very short and sweet and just gives you a little snapshot into the dates and connections made. Sometimes this is enough though and I always find it so interesting when you can see two people immediately connect and then others just don't connect at all. Find out more and watch here. 

Stranger Things (Netflix) 

I love the serious 80s vibes in Stranger Things. The drama is set in a small town where a boy goes missing and supernatural forces take hold. It is a little scary but fine to watch alone I would say. The characters are fab and you'll be rooting for them throughout. It's a real adventure. Winona Ryder is my fave! Find out more and watch here. 

How to Get Away With Murder (Netflix)

We have only just started this and are gripped. The drama follows a brilliant defense attorney and her students as they fight cases in court, develop relationships outside of work and all somehow end up involved in a murder case of their own. There are LOADS of twists and turns and it definitely keeps you guessing. It is so unpredictable and you never know what's going to happen next. Find out more and watch here.  

It's a Sin (All 4) 

So many people are raving about this right now. It is available to binge watch but we are trying to prolong it and spread it out so are watching 'live' on a Friday night. Set in the 80s, this drama follows the lives of five young adults as they grow up and find themselves in London under the shadow of the AIDS. Find out more and watch here.  

Let me know if there are any of your favourites on this list and if you have any recommendations too.

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30+ Recommended TV Shows to Binge Watch Alone



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