Family Meal Plans & Recipes for January

I love reading meal plans and taking inspiration from what others are cooking so thought I would share what we are eating this month. Please let me know what's on your menu too as we are stuck in a winter-food rut at the moment so always looking for new ideas. 

January Week One

I am starting with the end of December rather than jumping straight into January because why not! 

  • Monday 28th December - Cheeseboard toasties and salad
  • Tuesday 29th December - Lemon chicken & broccoli stir fry with veggie rice
  • Wednesday 30th December - Sausage, chips and beans
  • Thursday 31st December - Mexican feast
  • Friday 1 January - Steak platter 
  • Saturday 2nd January - Seafood platter 
  • Sunday 3rd January - Roast pork + veggies

Steve is working lates this week and I wanted something quick and easy for tea that I could make for the kids and I and then Steve later on. I also wanted to use up some more of the Christmas leftovers without resorting to another buffet and include some much-needed salad on our plate too.

I am craving 'normal' meals now so on Tuesday and Wednesday we are having two of our go-to meals which are simple to make and crowd pleasers. 

For NYE this year we are having a Mexican feast with a slow cooked chilli, build your own taco station, nachos and I am going to have a go at making my own cornbread if I can get the ingredients in time. 

We are continuing the celebrations on 1&2 December with various platters which we like to make as a treat. On Saturday we will cook some RibEye, slice it up on a board and serve with corn, salad, skin on fries, onion rings, mushrooms and tomatoes and then everyone can dig in. A few weeks ago we tried the boys with a seafood platter and they really enjoyed it - nothing too extravagant, it will be squid, king prawns with garlic, cod goujons that kind of thing. Served with crusty bread, it goes down a treat and is an easy way to encourage the kids to try something new. 

Then on Sunday we are rounding the week off with some kind of roast pork dish and lots of veggies. I am not sure of the specifics yet but it might be a pork belly joint. 

Heidi is veggie and this week the only veggie meal we are enjoying as a family is our cheeseboard toasties. Ooops! We usually eat veggie meals more often than this but everything seems to have gone out of the window over Christmas. Heidi either eats a Vegetarian adaptation on our meal (for example she will have stir fried broccoli and veggie egg fried rice when we have chicken stir fry) or she has her own separate meal. Heidi eats a lot of rice/noodle/pasta/egg/soup dishes which are quick and easy to make. 

I am going to *try* and update this post every week with our meal plans and links to any recipes we use. Like I say, these are the kind of posts I enjoy reading. Let me know what's on your menu too. 

January Week Two 

  • Monday 4th January - Mozzarella and Tomato Paninis with Salad
  • Tuesday 5th January - Salmon with Roasted Veg 
  • Wednesday 6th January - Lamb / Halloumi Burgers with Chilli Jam, Fries & Corn on the Cob
  • Thursday 7th January - Mince & Dumplings + Leftover Veg
  • Friday 8th January - Date Night Dinner TBC (McDs for Kids)
  • Saturday 9th January - Goats Cheese and Sweet Potato Ravioli & Pesto 
  • Sunday 10th January - Nandos 

I am a fairly regular customer of Hector Hall and this week we ordered their Mega Mix box for £20 which was honestly fantastic! It is a bumper mix of salad, veg and fruit. This week our box included potatoes, mushrooms, onions, greens, broccoli, carrots, sprouts cauliflower, turnip, lettuce, peppers, spring onion, tomatoes, bananas, grapes, strawberries, pears, oranges. It is such good value! You can order through Grainger Delivery but I recommend ordering direct as if you live in postcodes NE1-NE30, delivery is free and often next day depending on your location. Browse and order here: 

I have based our meals for next week on what is in the box so it will be all used up. I think I will order another megamix box next Friday as it does encourage us to eat different things. 

We were supposed to be staying in Kielder next weekend so Steve has holidays booked in and will be enjoying a long weekend. I feel with school holidays/home schooling etc..... we've hardly had any time together so I am planning a nice date night meal on Friday which we will get dressed up for. We hardly consumed any alcohol over Christmas and I still have loads left so we will crack open a nice bottle of wine or two. I don't know what we'll make yet, maybe something with scallops or we might get a meal kit from somewhere. The kids can have McDs on that night (before being banished upstairs) which will also be a treat for them. 

Steve was just saying last week that despite making our own pasta a few times, we've never made ravioli so we are going to give that a try at the weekend too. We're going to follow this recipe on BBC Good Food. 

We are planning a nice chill day next Sunday so I'm going to place a click and collect order at Nandos (we are lucky to have one in Cramlington). We usually get a sharing platter and a few sides between us and it's a nice treat so will round up Steve's long weekend nicely. 

January Week Three 

  • Monday 11th January - Goan Curry
  • Tuesday 12th January - Chicken & Veg Tagine with Cous Cous 
  • Wednesday 13th January - Loaded Hot Dogs 
  • Thursday 14th January - Seabass, Potatoes and Asparagus 
  • Friday 15th January - Tacos 
  • Saturday 16th January - Homemade Chicken, Sweetcorn & Noodle Soup 
  • Sunday 17th January - Sunday Dinner Delivered 

Goan Curry is our favourite curry. We use these kits from The Spice Taylor which I usually stock up on when I spot them on offer in the supermarket. We add coconut milk to bulk it out and usually add chicken and green beans or prawns. It is spicy so Heidi and Jack tend to have something different but Harry loves it. 

Steve loves making tagines and is off on Tuesday so it feels like the perfect time to make another. Here is a little look at the tagine we made in the last lockdown

On Wednesday, Wonder Woman 1984 is FINALLY available to stream in the UK. We will be watching straight away and are making a night of it by making our own loaded hot dogs. Steve has some leftover chilli in the freezer which we will defrost and use as a topping. 

The kids always ask if we can eat more fish but it is fairly expensive so we only tend to have it once or twice a week. This week, it is Seabass with Asparagus which is a crowd pleaser. 

On Friday, I am going to make Tacos - the kind in the crispy shells. I usually make them with spicy pork mince and we have a variety of toppings including salad, guacamole, roasted peppers and salsa. Then at the weekend I have ordered treats from The Running Fox to be delivered for lunch on Saturday and wanted something nice and comforting for Saturday night so thought I would make some chicken soup. 

Finally, Steve is working on Sunday and I just want a day to relax so I am going to order Sunday lunch delivered. Let me know if you have any recommendations for places that deliver to Cramlington. Thanks! 

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Family Meal Plans & Recipes for January



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  1. After all the leftovers from Christmas dinner and party food we're at the point now where we want proper food too so we're having a few family favourites next week. Spaghetti bolognese, fish & chips and a fry up. There's also going to be a takeaway, party food for NYE and another roast.
    Your Mexican feast sounds like a lot of fun and tasty too. x


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