30 Things to Look Forward to in November

I thought I would share a few simple things we can look forward to this month. Let me know if you have any plans. 

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3 November - National Sandwich Day

Yes the 3 November is National Sandwich Day. Why not celebrate by pimping up your usual or treat yourself to your favourite? Grated cheddar and pickle for me. 

5 November - Guy Fawkes Night

This year for bonfire night we are planning a winter BBQ, we have bought some 'Catherine Wheel' (Cumberland) sausages and I am going to try and get some sparklers for the garden too. We hope to snuggle up and spot fireworks our neighbours may be setting off. 

6 November - National Nacho Day (USA)

Ok, this one is American but as we love nachos, we are planning a movie night with nachos-a-plenty tonight. 

8 November - Remembrance Sunday 

It feels weird saying this is something to look forward to as that isn't really the right set of words. I didn't want to miss Remembrance Sunday out from this post though as it is a significant event. Many families are choosing to show their respect with poppy pictures in their window this year. There is a free Poppy template on Twinkl. 

8 November - Fenwick's Window Unveil 

The big Fenwick's Window reveal will be available online this year (please do not visit in person - Northumberland Street will be closed). Tune into their Facebook page from 6:45pm. 

Fenwick are also running a fab competition to tie in with the launch. They are asking families to design and submit their own window ideas (closes 7 November). See here for details. 

9 November - National Spa Week 

During the first lockdown, we decided to treat ourselves to a DIY spa day at home and it was so lush! I made a fruit platter, bought us all sheet masks, Steve gave us all a manicure, we had smoothies and listened to spa music on YouTube. We are going to recreate at some point this week and highly recommend as something fun to look forward to. 

9 November - Children's Book Week 

Children's book week is the perfect time to share your favourite story with your children or send a favourite book to your friend's children. 

11 November - Leonardo DiCaprio's Birthday 

I plan on re-watching Romeo and Juliet in celebration. Why not do the same with your favourite Leo movie? 

13 November - World Kindness Day 

Here are a few ways you can incorporate some extra kindness into today.

13 November - BBC Children in Need 

Another one which isn't really something to look forward to in one respect, I mean why do we even still need this in 2020? However I always have fond memories of watching the BBC appeal with my family when I was little. It does bring people together and show what community can do. 

15 November - The Crown Season 4 

I am SO excited to this! The new season of the Crown starts today. Gillian Anderson is going to be amazing. 

17 November - Barack Obama's Memoirs Released 

I loved Michelle Obama's book and cannot wait to read Barack's version of events. 

17 November - LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special 

The boys are excited for this brand new LEGO Star Wars special dropping on Disney + today. 

19 November - International Men's Day

For all those who ask when International Men's Day is, it is today! A day to celebrate the men in your life. 

20 November - International Children's Day 

My kids have made the fatal error of asking on Mother's Day, when was it Children's Day. Well it is on 20 November. I will be treating the kids to something on this day and making sure it's extra special for them. 

21 November - World Television Day 

As if we need an excuse to curl up and spend the day watching TV. 

22 - Stir Up Sunday 

Stir Up Sunday is the last Sunday before advent and when you traditionally make your Christmas Pudding. Grab your apron and get baking. You can read more about the tradition here. 

22 November - It's the Hulk's Birthday 

Well Mark Ruffalo's. A good excuse to re-watch your favourite Avengers film I say. 

24 November - Rumoured Bake Off Final 

It has not been confirmed yet but this is the rumoured date for the Bake Off finale. 

25 November - Christmas Chronicles 2 

I cannot wait for this! We are hosting a Christmas Chronicles 2 Premiere at Home. The sequel is released on Netflix today. 

27 November - National Tree Week 

There are lots of ideas over on the Tree Council Website for celebrating this week. I like the idea of simply taking the time to look at the trees near your house and maybe trying to identify a couple as you take your daily walk. 

29 November - Sunrise in Newcastle is 8:05am 

Sunrise in Newcastle is a very reasonable 8:05am. Why not make yourself a hot drink and take some time to enjoy it? 

30 November - St Andrew's Day 

Today is St Andrew's Day. We will be incorporating some Scottish love into today. I am not sure how yet but I imagine it will definitely involve raising a dram of whisky. 

Plant Tulips 

November is the best time to plant tulip bulbs which you can pop up from garden centres or supermarkets. You can plant in a pot in layers (it doesn't matter if the bulbs are above each other) or in the soil. Expect a lovely floral display in Spring. I will be planting a couple of planters this month. Find out more and read tips for planting over on Gardeners World here. 

Fantastic TV

There is quite a lot to look forward to this month with Strictly, This is Us and the Mandalorian all sharing new episodes. I'm a Celeb may start this month too but this hasn't been confirmed yet. 

New Cookbooks

November is also a fab month for new cookbooks. I have my eye on Cook, Eat, Repeat by Nigella or The Hairy Bikers Veggie Feasts. 

Feed the Birds 

A lovely, simple activity which I have found lots of joy in this year and will continue throughout winter. I am hoping to spot plenty of robins in our garden this month. Here is a guide to feeding birds from your garden by the RSPB. 

Stargazing and Marshmallow Night

The sun sets between 4pm - 5pm this month. If you are lucky to get a clear night and have a garden, why not grab a blanket, toast some marshmallows and try your hand at stargazing. There are lots of free apps out there to help you decipher what you are seeing. 

I hope you can join me in trying to make the most of November. Take care and stay safe.

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  1. Fab ideas Sam, something to keep us going! We'll deffo be doing some of these!

  2. And there was me thinking there was only my birthday and Greggs festive bakes to look forward to in November. I'd totally forgotten about Fenwick's Window reveal, Children in Need, The Crown and the Christmas Chronicles 2.
    What a great list of things to look forward to and do! x

  3. ooo, more memoirs from Barak Obama! Love this list by the way. With a second lockdown on the cards I wasn't aware there was quite so much to look forward to this month.


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