20+ Children's Book Ideas for your Autumn Book Basket

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There is so much uncertainty around at the moment - will we return to home schooling this year? Will our children need to isolate at home soon? Can we still enjoy the autumnal days out we are used to? I find the unknown very stressful and I am someone who likes to be prepared. I also absolutely was not a fan of home learning and really hope I do not have to return to it any time soon (although if we do - so be it, things could be a lot worse for us and I am prepared to do my bit).  

I know that from 14+ years of parenting, one of the best things you can do for your children is encourage a love of reading. Our house was always filled with books when my three were younger (now we tend to use the library / school library for longer reading books) and I was that parent who would buy seasonal books and rotate them too. When the kids were little, we would always have a basket of seasonal books by the fire. They are brilliant to have when friends visit too - little ones are usually always inquisitive when it comes to new books. 

Reading is lovely time to bond with your children, is a brilliant way to start conversations and discussions, is a good way to encourage imagination and an excellent way to build your child's vocabulary and knowledge. These are just a few of the benefits!

If you end up with your children at home with you again, reading together is usually a lovely educational and stress-free activity with lots of benefits. Even if we do not end up learning at home, Autumn is the perfect time to snuggle up on the sofa with a book together. 

Today I am sharing a list of lovely books with an Autumnal theme for you to add to your Autumn book basket. I am definitely not saying go out and buy all of these straight away, it took us a good few years to build our collection and even having a couple to choose from for a bedtime story is lush.  

Seasonal books are also a brilliant idea if relatives ask for gift ideas.  You can also keep a list of these books on your phone and look out for them in charity shops and libraries (if you are able to access yours). 

I personally love giving seasonal books as a gift as they can be enjoyed year after year, form part of a tradition and can be passed on to other children to enjoy when (or if) children grow out of it. If you are looking for a little pick me up / gift that can be ordered online and posted, a book will do the job. 

The links in this post are affiliate and link to Amazon for ease, please support your local book shops and charity shops if you can. Click on the images for more info about each book / reading age and reviews. 


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