12 Reasons I Love Sky Q

I know some people aren't fans of Sky TV and say it is expensive (which I agree with) but as a family, we watch loads of TV - especially Steve and they boys. We have been Sky customers for years and the last time we upgraded was 6+ years ago when we moved into our current house (that was to Sky+ HD). 

12 Reasons I Love Sky Q

We have spent more time than ever at home this year and I know autumn/winter is going to be the same. Upgrading to Sky Q has been on our radar for a couple of years - my mam has had it for a while and we were constantly clashing recordings and saying we needed to upgrade. 

So once our strict lockdown restrictions were lifted, I logged into our Sky account and checked out the deals. Many people say that phoning Sky will get you an even better deal so if you have the time or inclination ( I didn't), I would maybe try that route instead. Also, there are different offers for different customers at different times - I know how long you have been a Sky customer plays some part but who knows how they decide how much you are going to pay after that. This post is just based on my personal experience. 

The main reasons we wanted to upgrade to Sky Q were: 

  • Access to Ultra HD TV
  • Much more storage (1 TB)
  • The ability to record 3 TV shows whilst watching a 4th
  • The ease of adding Sky into our bedrooms with Sky Q minis (no wires / drilling required) 
  • Sky Go app 
  • Integrate Netflix into our Sky 
  • A seamless / more modern interface and viewing experience 

Our Sky Q was installed over a month ago now and we absolutely love it! Just wish we had made the jump earlier. 

12 Reasons I Love Sky Q

1 - Upgrading actually saved us money 

We used to pay £45 for our Sky package - this was not a great deal and it is our own fault for not shopping around for over 6 years. Anyway, when I ordered Sky Q, they had a deal running where if we ordered Sky Q mini boxes at the same time, installation was free. 

So I added a main Sky Q Box and 3 Mini boxes to our basket (one for each bedroom) and there was no additional cost or set up fee. I was more shocked when our monthly payment went down to £35 per month so we actually saved £10 a month and upgraded our equipment. 

Because of this saving, I did decide to upgrade our main Sky Q box to the top one which was an additional £25, not a big amount at all. 

It does get even better, when the engineer installed our Sky Q, he asked if we wanted to add Netflix to our Sky bill (which we did) and magically, our bill came down by another £1 plus we no longer had to pay Netflix separately. Crazy! So instead of a monthly fee of £45 Sky + £8 Netflix, our new monthly bill is £34. 

This would be great if Steve and the boys didn't pressure me into adding Sky movies for an additional £10 a month. I can't complain though as we are still saving money and we have made good use of the movies too so it has been worth the extra cash. 

Just to mention, when you upgrade, you are tied into contract and it is always worth checking t&cs. Our new contract has a minimum term of 18 months. 

2 - Speaking into the remote

I didn't think we would use this but the voice recognition remotes are fab and we use them all of the time. You get one remote with each Sky Q / Mini box. It is brilliant just saying 'Netflix' or 'Tom Hanks Movies' or 'Gogglebox' into the remote and the show magically popping up on your screen. 

It has worked really well for us so far, the only show it could not recognise us saying was 'Lodgers for Codgers' - 'Lodges or Cottages' kept coming up. I blame our Geordie accent! That has been the only show that we have had an issue with though and apart from that, the voice recognition has been brill. 

3 - Integrated Netflix 

You do not have to do this but there is the option to integrate Netflix - if you do, you should save at least £4 a month than paying separately and it includes the upgraded Netflix (the one with HD etc...). Like I said, we did this and ended up saving quite a bit. The engineer set it all up for us - when you first set it up you cancel your Netflix payment through Sky, it is super easy. 

The benefit of integrated Netflix is that we don't have to faff about going through the apps on our TV downstairs or via XBox upstairs - it is just there on our Sky home page (or we can just say 'Netflix' into our remote). 

I also like that Netflix shows pop up in the 'continue watching' section of our Sky Home Screen and we can watch straight from there. 

If you integrate Netflix, you can still use your logins to watch on other non-Sky devices too (up to your contract's maximum limit). 

4 - Sky in our bedrooms at no additional cost

For a long time, we didn't have TVs in our bedrooms but now I just can't imagine it. We love watching Netflix before sleep, Heidi and I will often snuggle in our room and watch a movie when the boys are doing the same downstairs, the boys constantly watch TV and I like that they have lots of options now - it keeps them entertained and Heidi likes to listen to Spotify and watch YouTube through Sky. 

You use your mini boxes just like a main Sky box but the programmes you record are automatically stored on the main box. It is weird when you spot new recordings / downloads pop up in real time downstairs and realise that someone upstairs is doing it. 

The mini sky boxes are really easy to set up - you just plug them into an HDMI port and the engineer will sync them all so they are all part of your home network. 

Our boys share a room and have two TVs side by side in their bedroom, they use Bluetooth headphones if they are both watching different things or if one is gaming / the other is watching TV. We have one box between them and originally, I thought we would just keep switching it between TVs depending on who wants to watch it. But then I read that although you can move your minis around, it is best not to do it too often as HDMI ports are not designed for this. In the end, we bought them an HDMI splitter so they can watch the same thing on both TVs if they want to - this has worked really well and there have been no arguments over what to watch etc..... yet. 

With our package, you can only watch three devices simultaneously at one time - so far, this hasn't been a problem for us as it would usually be Steve and I watching the same thing, the boys watching the same thing and maybe Heidi watching something (although she prefers gaming to watching TV). 

5 - No clashes / storage problems 

This was our biggest frustration with Sky - we don't record a lot but when we did, there was often clashes and we ended up having to record a non-HD version etc.... 

Now that we can record three shows whilst watching a fourth, this just isn't an issue. 

Another problem we had was storage, we had a few movies saved on keep and Steve and Harry had a fair bit of Star Trek on there. I swear we used to end up with just 6% of space sometimes. Now, with our 1TB box, this isn't an issue at all. We have loads saved on there including 10+ films and have only used 15%. It is not something we will have to worry about again. Once a week I go through and delete old shows that we have watched. 

6 - Choice of apps  

Sky Q has integrated apps which you access from your home screen. Again, this is fab for ease of use. We use Disney +, games, Netflix and YouTube through Sky now rather than our TV apps. It is just easier. 

A few months ago, Steve switched us over to Spotify Premium Family from Apple Music Family, the main reason for this is we have a Google home in most rooms and it was a faff to play music through them where as it is compatible with Spotify (with Spotify, you just need to say - 'Google, play Beyonce' where as with Apple Music you have to cast it from your phone to the speaker. 

Anyway, I much prefer Spotify to Apple Music and I am so pleased we made the switch. Additionally, Sky Q has a Spotify app too. I just need to say 'Spotify' into our remote and my account pops up. Our TV is linked to our sound system and the quality of music is just so good! Way better than any other speaker we have in the house. I listen to Spotify daily through the TV now when I am doing housework / working and it just works so well and sounds brilliant. 

Sadly, Amazon Prime is not available through Sky but that seems to be the only app we would use that is missing so far. 

7 - Suggestions for programmes you may like

During lockdown, I really got into gardening and Gardener's World is my weekly place to escape from the world with a glass of wine on a Friday night (this is what happens when you approach 40). I love that Sky Q recommends similar programmes and now my planner is filled with gardening shows which are there ifI need a little escape. It is a little like the Netflix recommendations and fab for people like me who never know what to watch next. `

Top Picks also run across the top of your home screen so you are less likely to miss any 'much watch' show. 

8 - Continue watching 

A feature that Steve loves is being able to continue watching a show where you left off between devices. He is watching American Office at the moment and before work he might start an episode downstairs in the morning with breakfast, then continue watching in our bedroom when he gets ready and then finish watching downstairs again. It is seamless! 

Another way we use this feature is if the kids are watching something downstairs but I want to watch TV / someone visits etc.... It is easy for them to just go upstairs or finish watching on the iPad. 

9 - Sky Go 

Admittedly, we have not used this feature much as we haven't been anywhere but with our package, we can download Sky Go onto 6 devices - Steve and the kids have it on their phones and we have it on our iPad. You can watch live TV (when at home and part of the same network) or download recordings from your planner / use the app to remote record.

The best feature for us is being able to download movies / films / TV shows onto our device (they are valid for 48 hours after you first watch them). This will be brilliant for long journeys and holidays. 

10 -  Ultra HD

Steve and the boys are a stickler for quality - you would never catch them watching an illegally downloaded film and they love nothing more than seeing a film on the big screen. With Sky Q, we were upgraded to Ultra HD free of charge and we can now make use of our 4K TV when watching certain films. 

11 - Installation is easy

Back in the day, Sky installation would mean drilling holes, wires all over and engineers going in your loft. As we already had Sky, installation was super easy and the engineer was lovely. No additional drilling was needed - it was just a case of plug in, configure and go! 

12 - You can order online 

If I had to phone up and upgrade, I probably would have put it off. Sky have notices on their website that calls are taking a longer time than usual at the moment and priority is given to vulnerable customers. I always think when you order something over the phone, you may misunderstand something / not get the whole picture. That's why I love that you can just log into your Sky account, upgrade online and take time to read the t&cs / play around with different packages and prices yourselves. 

If you are already a Sky customer and have been thinking about upgrading, I recommend logging in and adding Sky Q and a couple of Sky Mini Boxes to your account - you might save some money like us. We are really enjoying Sky Q, it is a nifty bit of tech and a great addition to our home entertainment. 

The new system didn't take much getting used to - it is fairly intuitive and straight forward. 

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12 Reasons I Love Sky Q



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  1. When we moved house we did think about getting Sky Q but never did get around to it. I am tempted after reading this especially with the Netflix being included and being able to record more channels. I think I need that at the moment with there being so much on TV. x


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