Eat Out to Help Out Northumberland List - Half Price Dining near Top Attractions

The Government has launched a new scheme which runs every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday throughout August 2020. Restaurants / Pubs / Cafes can register to take part and offer 50% off food and non-alcoholic drinks up to a maximum of £10 per person per visit at no cost to themselves. 

Eat Out to Help Out Northumberland List  - Half Price Dining near Top  Attractions

The scheme has been subsidised by the Government to give a boost to some of the hospitality trade. 

Here are some key points: 

  • The scheme runs on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout August 2020

  • You can use the scheme as often as you like

  • No minimum spend (it could just be used on a cup of coffee for example)

  • Children (who are dining) are included

  • The maximum discount is £10 per person 

  • If you are dining as a group, your maximum discount is per group rather than per person so if 5 people spend £100 as one group, they will receive a straight £50 discount rather than working out individual meal discounts 

  • No voucher is required and you do not need to pre-book (although I would recommend for popular spots)

  • The discount is applied on top of existing offers so if a restaurant offers 2 courses for £10, you can use the discount on this deal too

  • Valid at all times of the day

  • Alcohol is excluded from the discount 

  • Valid for dine-in only (although if you sit down and then decide to leave or would like to take a doggy bag home, you can still take your food / drinks and the discount will be valid)

  • Service charges are excluded

  • You can sit outside but restrictions on the type of business who can offer this apply (see link below)

  • Read all of the scheme t&cs here

  • Search for a restaurant taking part near you / a specific location here  
I chose to focus on Northumberland as I live here. This list is not comprehensive - for ease (and my sanity), I focused on restaurants near our top tourist attractions. 

I checked which restaurants/pubs/cafes have registered for the scheme close to some of Northumberland's top attractions.

This list was checked on 27 July and it is important to note that some businesses may withdraw from the scheme, may have initially registered, and since closed and others may still be added. Please check with individual restaurants for up-to-date info and use this post as a guide only. 

Always double check before booking / ordering. You can search the updated list of restaurants taking part here. 

Also, the Government love changing the goalposts so the points made in this post are correct as of 27 July but are subject to change. 

Some chain restaurants do not show up on the list as they have their own list. 

Click here to read a list of chain restaurants / pubs taking part in the scheme. 

Here are a few tips:

🍝 Valid for dine-in only. Many places are becoming busy so pre-booking is recommended (although not essential). The deal is valid for places with permanent outdoor seating too if you are not keen on sitting indoors yet.

🍝 Some restaurants have registered for the scheme and appear on the Gov website but are no longer honouring the deal - always ask when booking and ordering so there are no surprises when you get the bill.

🍝 No minimum spend - you could just buy one McDs Happy Meal and a coffee for under £2

🍝 Are you getting a bargain? Some restaurants have doubled their prices for the month of August - something to look out for.

🍝 You can use the 50% off deal with other offers and set menus - someone messaged me yesterday to say they used Meerkat Movies for 2for1 at Pizza Hut and were then able to use the Gov scheme on top of this too - their £90 meal was under £20.

🍝 However some restaurants have suspended deals and set menus or stated they will not be part of the offer so always double check with venues direct for any specific t&C's.

🍝 You do not need a voucher, but it is worth mentioning the scheme when you order just to double check you will receive it.

🍝 You can use the deal as often as you like

🍝 The saving comes of the whole bill so 5 people dining and spending over £100 on food and non-alcoholic drinks would receive a straight £50 discount rather than 50% off each individual meal

🍝 If you are dining out Thurs-Sun and if you can, don't forget about restaurants/food vendors who have been excluded from the scheme. This tends to be places like street food vans/places with limited indoor seating.

🍝 Check out this post which shares some of the restaurants taking place near Northumberland's top attractions :…/eat-out-to-help-out-…

🍝 Enter a postcode here and it will bring up all of the restaurants in the scheme within a 5 mile radius:…/find-a-restaurant

🍝 Read the scheme t&C's here :…/get-more-information-about-the-eat-out…

Finally, if you are not ready to dine out, please don't feel pressured to do so because of this deal. There are ALWAYS deals out there and in some cases, a saving of £10 just isn't worth the stress or worry. Do things in your own time x


Perfect after a trip to Alnwick Castle, Gardens or Barter Books. See my Guide to the Summer Holidays for booking info. 


Bamburgh Castle & Beach

Farne Islands & Seahouses 



Whitehouse Farm 

Northumberland Country Zoo 

Northumberland College Zoo (formerly Kirkley Hall)

Ford & Etal 

Holy Island





Plessey Woods 

Druridge Bay Country Park 



Wallington Hall








As a little bonus, here is a list of Whitley Bay restaurants taking part too (it is just up the road after all).


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Please follow social distancing rules & Government guidelines , respect the local area, leave no trace, take litter home, park responsibly and if somewhere is busy on arrival, please consider leaving and returning at a later date. 

Always check updated opening hours / protocols with venues direct before setting off as things may have changed after this post was published. 



  1. Just to let you know…Just tried to book sambuccas at cramlington and they said they aren’t doing it! 🤷‍♀️

    1. Thanks Lisa - there is a note in my post mentioning this. Some of the other sambucas are doing it so I hope you manage to get booked somewhere x

  2. Sambucas Cramlington are not partaking in the eat out to help out scheme

    1. Yes there is already a note in the post mentioning that they have withdrawn.


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