Podcast Reviews & Recommendations : May 2020

As mentioned in previous posts, I have started listening to podcasts during lockdown and I am loving the escapism they have provided. Popping my headphones on whilst doing the dishes / washing has never been so appealing.

As a fairly new podcast listener, I am always on the lookout for new podcasts to subscribe to so please recommend any you think I will like. I will update this post weekly with mini reviews and what I have been listening to throughout the week.

I use the Google Podcasts app for my phone and usually listen with Bluetooth headphones but there are loads of apps out there - just search for podcasts in your app store. I like this app as it lets me know when there are new episodes available from the podcasts I am subscribed to, I can easily pause / rewind / catch up later if I am interrupted and there are lots of recommendations for new podcasts in the app too.

You can catch up with the podcasts I listened to in April here. 

So....what have I been listening to this week?

Week beginning 4 May 

Revisiting (with Clemmie Telford) - listen online here

I listened to this podcast on Monday after homeschooling - the kids were watching Star Wars and I just sat next to them with my headphone in. I find listening to a podcast after home ed is the perfect way for me to reset myself.

Despite being a blogger myself, I don't really follow / know much about Clemmie Telford who was the guest on this week's show. From what I can gather, she is a 30-something blogger with kids so pretty relatable for me.

Revisiting is a cute 15-minute podcast which revisits what life was like when the guest was 15. This was a brilliant one for me and I found myself nodding along during the trip down memory lane as reverse phonecalls from phone boxes, impulse body spray, Kickers shoes and Satin shirts were all discussed. This episode was fun and full of nostalgia.

Revisiting Isolation Diaries (Puzzles, Virtual Britain and Normal People) - listen online here

A short weekly catch up with the girls chatting about hobbies we have taken up and will (or will not ) continue after lockdown plus chat about Normal People which I loved listening to as I have not been able to discuss with people in real life so this is the next best thing.

Happy Place by Fearne Cotton (with Vex King) - listen online here 

This episode is 45 minutes long and I listened in the kitchen on Monday evening whilst cooking the kids tea / re-organising the freezer / doing the washing.

I had no idea who Vex King was but he seems like a nice guy. He is a mind coach / influencer who chats about his book and how we can change our mindset, how we can turn negatives into a positive situation, shifting our focus on a better life and generally techniques which will help us to become a better person.

This one was a little on the spiritual side for me but it was still interesting all the same. Fearne questioned why she was trying to force her son to learn via Google Classroom when it was stressful for everyone involved. Do we have to have some challenges / feel like a failure in order for success to happen? The answer is no and her mindset has been changed - art, walking and a more holistic approach to learning can be just as successful but with much less stress.

There are lots of interesting points, short quotes and nuggets of techniques you can try at home in this podcast. I think it will be a good one to listen to if you are struggling with the monotony of life at the moment.

Open Mind with Frankie Bridge (with Scarlett Moffatt) - listen online here 

I listened to this podcast on Monday evening whilst doing the tea dishes / sitting on the sofa with my headphones as the boys continued to watch Star Wars.

This was the series two finale and the first time I have listened to this particular podcast. I will be honest and say that I wasn't too taken with Frankie's interview style - it seemed a little on the in-authentic side to me. I did really enjoy the subject matters covered and Scarlett though.

Scarlett was really open and honest and chatted about her rise to huge fame after I'm A Celebrity and the crash that happened afterwards too.  How Scarlett deals with trolls, why she moved back to Newcastle (obvs because it is the best city in the world), body image, relationships.... it's all covered.

If you are looking to hear a down-to-earth North East gal chat about lifes ups and downs, I recommend giving this episode a listen.

Adulting - How to Write in the Time of the Coronavirus (with Naoise Dolan) - listen online here

On Monday night the boys were STILL watching Star Wars (they managed to get through 5 of the films in one day) so I selected this podcast to listen to next. I am just not really into Star Wars. I did have to pause at one point as Jack asked me to look at a baby Ewok ;-)

Anyway, I just wasn't keen on this one and stopped after 10 minutes. It just felt like one big sales pitch for the author's new book and I just didn't connect with it at all. I was expecting some kind of motivational speech and tips on how to use this time productively (maybe that came later) and was just a little bored by it all so I turned it off.

Adulting seems to explore some really interesting issues and I will give it another go with a different episode later in the week I think.

UPDATE - Ok so I listened to another episode (the one with Sara Pascoe) and it just doesn't click with me so it is an unsubscribe from Adulting for me.

The Lighthouse by The Australian (Episode One) - listen online here. 

My first True Crime Podcast! A reader recommended this one and I am so pleased they did. Like lots of people these days, I am partial to True Crime documentaries on Netflix so this feels like the next natural step for me. Plus one thing I have realised about interview-style Podcasts is that they all seem to have the same guests on so this mixes it up a bit.

The Lighthouse is produced by a Journalist for a newspaper in Australia. It follows the search for Theo Hayez, an 18-year-old backpacker from Belgium who suddenly disappears from Byron Bay. It is a 6 part series and this first episode sets the scene, lays out what has happened and why it is so unusual and how Theo's family start to get involved with the search for him plus the actions they take.

It was a strangely relaxing listen and intriguing too. It was left on a bit of a cliffhanger so I will probably listen to episode two tomorrow.

UPDATE - I finished all 6 episodes of The Lighthouse this week. I was intrigued by the series as it is an unsolved true story and I learned a lot about how much data our phones actually track (and I would make sure I had my kids google passwords if they ever set off traveling). Each episode left on a bit of a cliffhanger and left you coming back from more as more theories about what had happened to Theo were revealed and more evidence discovered.

However, I did think it was a bit long to listen to and think it would have been better listening live on a weekly basis as episodes were released. They kept going over a lot of the same things and I reckon they could have cut the series in half. Still a good listen though.

BBC Woman's Hour : How do you feel about sending the kids back to school? - listen here

This was my first Woman's Hour Podcast and I actually really enjoyed it. They release podcasts daily and I think I will dip in and out of subjects which interest me.

This episode focussed on experts and teachers discussing the various challenges we face in sending our kids back to school. It sounds like such a nightmare and there are so many things I had not considered.

The show then goes on to chat to a lady who moved from London to the Outer Hebrides and how she has coped with such a change and the problems she faced - also super interesting. Then finally there is a section on the two child cap for Universal Credit and how unfair it is. I agree!

Criminology  (Mr Cruel) - listen here

This podcast popped up in a recommendation list. Each episode discusses a different real life crime. I like the concept as I hope that things won't be too drawn out or drag on which sometimes annoys me about podcasts. After listening to the Lighthouse, I thought I might like this one.

This episode focuses on an unsolved crime in Australia and the hunt for Mr Cruel. He sounds awful and it was kind of scary listening to his crimes and knowing that he is still out there but also compelling and fascinating at the same time. As each episode lasts for an hour, it was indeed short and snappy and I found this podcast to be very easy to list to and it really kept my attention. I am looking forward to next week!

Katherine Ryan (Cancel Culture) - listen here 

I think Katherine Ryan is my favourite podcaster. I just find her so easy to listen to, funny, insightful and episodes are only around 30 minutes long. They are perfect for listening to whilst completing chores. This week's episode chats about cancel culture and how dangerous it is plus Katherine shares her version of the whole SlowThai debacle at the NME awards back in February. Very interesting.

Let me know what you have been listening to this week - I will be back with more recommendations & reviews soon.

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