Our May Half Term Plans (2020)

School is out for the week for us today and with the likelihood that Heidi is returning back to school on a reduced timetable soon, we want to make the most of it.

We usually go away for May Half Term and were due to spend the week at Center Parcs in the Netherlands this year. I am sure that trip will still happen at a later date. Steve still has the week off work so it is nice that we are all going to be together.

If you are looking for more ideas, check out my full guide to what's on over May Half Term here.

Staying at Home 

We will be continuing to do our bit and staying home for most of the week. Unheard of for us but needs must! 


With no travel on the cards, our main project for the next few months is to FINALLY get our gardens sorted. Steve and Harry are going to dismantle our old broken shed and our back garden is in desperate need of weeding.

We are awaiting somebody coming over to give us a quote for a new fence and to complete some tree surgery for us but I doubt that will be completed over Half Term. We can still prep for it though.

Bolam Lake 

I have heard good things about the social distancing measures at Bolam Lake - apparently, they have implemented a one-way system around the lake which is good. Bolam Lake is not too far from us so if there is an overcast day where we need to head out of the hour, I think we will head here.

Blyth Beach at Sunset 

We absolutely loved our first trip to the beach in ages this week and would love to start a new tradition of visiting once a week in the evening. Blyth Beach is a hop, skip and a jump from our house and a convenient meeting place. I am hoping to meet my mam here for an evening stroll one night and will take the kids to play on the beach another time.

Keel Row Make Your Own Pizza Kits 

Credit - The Keel Row 

If you follow my Instagram stories, you will know that Steve and I have enjoyed little date nights at home throughout the Pandemic. This week, we are cooking chicken supreme which I have been craving for ages. Anyway, on the evening we have that, we are treating the kids to a Make Your Own Pizza Kit from the Keel Row.

They look like a cute little treat. I am going to pick one up for my nephew too. Find out more here. 

Box Cafe Slushies

A Trampoline Park near us has started delivering slushies. If we are lucky enough to have a nice warm day, I am going to order some for the kids to enjoy outside. Find out more here.

Netherlands Day

We are going to try and bring the Netherlands to use and make our own Profetjes for breakfast one day. I hope they are as good as the real thing!

Horror Movie Night

This is a little controversial but my boys absolutely love horror movies. They didn't bat an eyelid at IT a few months ago and love watching Kill Count videos on YouTube.

They have been dying to watch SAW so as a half term treat, their wish is going to be granted. I appreciate it is not for everyone but I know the boys will love it. Heidi isn't keen on horror movies so will probably stay upstairs during the screening. 

Anyway, I have finally ordered some reusable popcorn buckets for our home movie nights so we will be popping our own popcorn and using those to make it a little more special.

Paul's Birthday Party

As my friend Chloe pointed out, how can you go from watching SAW to planning a soft toy birthday party. Only in our house! Paul the Sheep is our soft toy from Whitehouse Farm and throwing him a birthday party is just an excuse for a party tea really. Good fun and easy to do though so I am on board.

Make Gnocchi & Pretzels

Gnocchi and Pretzels are the two things we have made together as a family over lockdown which we really want to do again so hopefully May Half Term will provide that opportunity.

Whatever you are up to, have a good one. I will be sharing our days over on Instagram here.


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  1. Have a fab half term. It sounds like you have some great plans. x


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