Our First Trip to the Beach During the Pandemic

I will be the first to admit that I wasn't keen to rush out after lockdown restrictions were eased earlier this month.

To me, it felt weird that on Saturday we were being told to stay at home and only go out if absolutely essential to suddenly hearing our Prime Minister on Sunday encouraging us to enjoy as much leisure time as we wanted outdoors with no travel or time restrictions (so long as social distancing was adhered to).

I needed time to get my head around all of this and wanted to wait a little before heading out myself. I am still nervous about heading out for the day, my main issue is that with three kids visiting somewhere they are used to having freedom, it can be difficult to keep them away from others, especially if somewhere is busy.

So for our first trip out, I waited 10 days since the easing restrictions were announced and picked somewhere with a wide-open space rather than narrow paths where we would be constantly having to switch to single file to pass people. The beach seemed perfect! We are lucky that we only live a few miles from the coast.

I am still anxious about crowds - not so much for me, but for the kids and the fact that they might forget about social distancing so we decided to visit at sunset when I knew it would be a lot quieter. We left the house at around 8:15pm (sunset was 9:15pm) and arrived just in time for Golden Hour.

First of all, it was super weird being in the car as a family again. I did not miss the arguments over who will be sitting in the middle seat. When the kids jumped in they said the car smelled like a brand new car - probably because their grubby bodies haven't been in it for months.

They said it felt like they were in a hire car and we were on holiday.

As we were driving along they kept pointing random things out like horses in the fields and roundabouts.

The coast was busier than you would normally expect in the evening, mainly with walkers but it was SO easy to social distance, we had loads of room and at times did feel like we had the place to ourselves. The kids were in their element paddling in the water, building rock towers, collecting shells and playing in the rock pools.

It lifted all of our spirits 1000000% and I am so pleased we made the trip. We were only there for half an hour but it was the best half hour we have had in ages. It just felt so normal and we felt so free. It was nothing like a trip to the supermarket which is the only other place I have visited throughout all of this.

Your eyes do get opened at the coast a little, there are many more groups of teens hanging out around there. Some boys were throwing stones from the prom down onto the rock piles and someone's mam told them off -  they said sorry and moved on.

Then on the rocks, I spotted two teenage lovers getting a little amorous and  I won't get into what was clearly happening in some of the cars facing the beach at 9pm at night.  Being a teenager in love is all-consuming, I get it (but please if you can, social distance - think of your family).

The kids weren't aware of any of this and were happy in their own little worlds. There were lots of families at the beach at this hour - building sandcastles, paddling and walking their dog. The atmosphere was lovely and I keep saying this but just the polar opposite of the tense atmosphere in a supermarket.

We felt completely safe visiting the beach and are going to try and visit in the evening once a week from now on. Baby steps back to normality.

I have hand sanitiser now so before we got back in the car, we all sanitised our hands. I am guessing the risk from sand and pebbles is pretty low but better to be safe than sorry.

We decided to visit the dog-friendly part of the beach as we all love dogs and whenever we visit the beach, they are always too busy having fun to jump up at us (not that we would be bothered if they did this). Watching them all running around, wagging their tails and digging holes just added to our happiness

Ah look at how happy Heidi is. She asked if we could move to the beach. If only it were that easy!

We left just as the sun was setting on our best adventure in a very long time.



  1. It sounds like you had a fantastic time and the trip out was really needed. Gorgeous photos x

  2. I felt just like you about getting back in the car - first time in two months last weekend. Very strange!!

  3. Such beautiful photos! Isn't it lovely what great pleasure you can now get out of the simplest of trips - 30 minutes at the beach is worth so much at the moment!


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