14 Things I Hate About Facebook

A bit of light entertainment to enjoy during lockdown. This post is a little tongue in cheek and to be honest, I am probably guilty of most of these myself at some point. Let me know your biggest Facebook bugbear.

14 Things I Hate About Facebook 

1 - People who ask to make a post in a private group shareable 

OMG the whole point of a private Facebook is that it is private - you cannot share info outside of the group or make a post which has been published directly into the group shareable. Can people stop asking......

2 - When people do not use the FB search function

We are all in those FB groups where the same questions are asked time and time again. Where delivers Chinese is my personal fave. There is a search function in FB groups - save us all a lot of hassle/repetition and use it.

3 - Unsolicited advertising on my Facebook posts 

If I am in the wrong mood, this drives me mad. I am super strict about adverts and who I work with on Social Media and when businesses try to take advantage of my audience and start advertising and posting their own links as comments on my posts without asking,  I find it to be the height of rudeness.

4 - Friend requests & MLM scheme invites 

When somebody friend requests you then 2 minutes later you receive a DM from them with an unbelievable way to make cash. No thanks.

5 - People who share fake news 

This is SO dangerous and really annoying. Check your sources people and only share news from verified sources.

6 - People who share fake giveaways 

I cannot believe people fall for this to be honest. Fake Facebook pages to run fake giveaways and harvest your data has been a scam for years yet people still fall for it. Before entering a giveaway, check out the page and check they are legit.

7 - Naked photos of kids

I just do not understand why people would put naked photos of their kids on the internet for all to see.

8 - Asking unnecessary questions 

A business can take time to post an informative post yet are inundated with ridiculous questions which they have usually already answered in their post.

A prime example is - Tonight, we are delivering to Blyth, Cramlington and Morpeth, here is our menu, call 01670 000 000 to order. I can guarantee this type of post will receive countless people asking in the comments if they deliver to Blyth. READ THE POST BEFORE YOU COMMENT PEOPLE.

9 - Checking into hospital with no further info 

Vague-booking at it's worst!

10 - Not sharing from original source (or at least referencing them)

This always happens with popular posts or memes. Rather than sharing from original source and crediting the creator, people will upload their own version and try and make it look like it was their idea.

This happens with popular quotes and memes all of the time. It would be lovely if we could all start giving credit where credit is due.

11 - Not disclosing freebies properly

More of a blogger thing but as a consumer, it frustrates me too. I want to know if you are working with someone and are not sharing a plate of food / outfit / make up off your own back up front. Have some respect for your audience and always let us know rather than trying to hide it.

12 - Facebook lurkers

We all know someone like this - never, ever posts on Facebook but when you see them in real life, they seem to have studied your Facebook posts and know exactly what you have been up to.

13 - Forgetting to be social 

Facebook is supposed to be fun and social. Remember when people uploaded blurry photos from nights out or a silly little status. I feel like this kind of fun and frivolity has been lost a bit over the years now and many people seem to use Facebook for their own personal agenda only.

14 - Following...... 

When people type FOLLOWING on a post. OMG this does nothing really. Why not hit the three buttons at the corner of a post and save it to come back to instead? Much more useful.

Ah I feel better now that I have that off my chest. I am guessing we are all guilty of at least one of these at some point (I know I am). Let me know which is your biggest bugbear too. 


  1. Tbh I don't really understand facebook and my phone was so old it wouldn't load to facebook anyway, that's why I never post, except replies to things. I think I did manage a profile photo and once some flowers with my new phone that I'm still learning about, but that's it.
    I don't like those posts that have in the middle 'I know lots of you will not read to the end of this post and I want to see who did so I know who I can rely on/is truly my friend....etc' It puts me off reading past that sentence at all!

  2. Ahh! I love and hate Facebook in equal measures mostly for these reasons you mentioned.
    It annoys me so much when people ask stupid questions. I am so tempted to tell people to just Google it. lol

  3. I hate all of the "share this" type posts that tend to be plastered on the walls of older family members - arggghhhhh!!! Facebook used to be such a great place to chat to your friends and keep up with people's lives - now it feels like mostly adverts, older relatives posting rubbish and fake news reports!

  4. This made me lol, Sam as you are right on the money with your list always xo


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