Thank You to the Forgotten Key Workers

Steve has worked for the same telecommunications company for 15 years now (who I will be keeping confidential in this post so please don't ask who they are).

His company provides lots of benefits such as a good pension, flexible working, an employee share scheme, almost 8 weeks holiday, employee loans, monthly shopping vouchers, wine club, the opportunity to spend one paid day per year volunteering in the community, access to private health care, annual travel insurance for the family, the opportunity to donate some of your salary to a charity of your choice (which is matched) & more.

He is part of a fab team who have good crack and socialise together outside of work too.

Steve is also really good at his job and is usually rewarded with a bonus each month too. However, his job is what would be classed as un-skilled and over the years I have listened to people continuously tell him that he needs to find a better job, ask him why he doesn't want to better himself and why he isn't as successful as others (yes really!). 

Jobs like Steves are roles that are rarely given thanks for or are likely to receive praise or status from others.

Well, I am proud of him and I am proud of every single ‘un-skilled‘ key worker out there too.

I am proud of hard-working people like Steve who know there is more to life than a job title and are still doing their bit.

I would LOVE for Steve to stay at home right now but his job is something that just cannot be done at home. Luckily for us, his employers have been fantastic and put lots of provisions in place to keep their staff safe. It does not change the fact that key workers are still putting their lives more at risk to keep the country running though.

Can you imagine the country surviving lockdown without video calls, mobile phones and broadband? The UK would pretty much grind to a halt and I can't imagine the implications of this. Thank you to everyone who is helping to keep these services going.

Thank you to the truck drivers who are working hard moving supplies around the country and keeping the shelves stocked, thank you to the admin staff who are supporting NHS. Police, Councils and other vital services, thank you to the refuse collectors and postal workers, thank you to the factory workers and cleaners, thank you to our milkmen and car breakdown services, thank you to our farmers and delivery drivers, thank you to council workers and shop/supermarket workers.

In my immediate family alone, my mam is still going out to work as a care manager, my step-dad is still working in transport, my aunty is still going out to work as a hospital secretary and another family member is still helping to move freight around the UK's railways. Thank you all for everything you do.

Thank you to everyone who has ever been told they need to find a better or more worthwhile job yet is now part of a key team keeping the country moving while everyone else stays home at during time of crisis. I really appreciate and value what you do, take care xxx


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  1. This country wouldn't be running without all the "un-skilled" workers who haven't until now got the recognition that they deserve! They all deserve a pay rise after this is all over. Thank you to them all!


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