A Few Podcast Recommendations

I have never been someone who listens to podcasts. I just feel like I ever had the time for that kind of self-indulgence which is a ridiculous thing to say as of course I had the time, I just chose not to prioritise listening to podcasts.

A Few Podcast Recommendations

There is one exception to the rule of course - Steve and I have listened to Shagged, Married, Annoyed religiously together every Friday night. I LOVE Rosie and Chris who just live a few miles from us and their banter about married life with kids in the North East is super relatable.

Anyway....... during lockdown I have learned that I am someone who definitely needs my own space. I am in the fortunate position that for the past 5+ years I have worked for myself from home and when the kids are at school and Steve is at work, this means that I usually have around 6 hours per day with my own company. This has drastically changed during lockdown so I have been looking at some creative ways to enjoy some alone time.

I did consider going for a walk and pre-lock down I would have been fine with leaving the kids for a bit but I don't know, during a pandemic it feels wrong and I don't feel comfortable leaving them alone. I have also tried a bath which kind of works but I can only last around 20 mins before I get restless. Oh and I also banished the kids upstairs and binge-watched Too Hot to Handle on Netflix which I LOVED and was pure escapism. I finished that in a couple of days though and there was nothing as equally trashy to fill the void.

 And that's where podcasts come in. My new thing is that once home schooling / the days jobs are finished, I take my lounger out into the garden, pop my headphones on, close my eyes and listen to a podcast for 30 mins - 1 hour. It is PURE escapism and really gives me that alone time I have been craving. The kids stay in the house and usually play on their computer games and they know to come and get me if they need me.

I am just a podcast newbie but thought I would share what I have been listening to recently. I may update this post as time goes on and I listen to new stuff. Please also let me know if you have any recommendations.

Week commencing 27 April (updated section)

So listening to podcasts hasn't been a phase for me - I am still at it and still love it. Here are a few of my recommendations and mini-reviews this week. I hope you like them. I managed a whole 11 episodes this week.

Katherine Ryan Telling Everybody Everything 

Tiger King and Queen Violet, Being Burgled at Home and How to Potty Train a 10-Month-Old 

I have binge listened to all of Katherine Ryan's podcasts this week. They are only around 30 minutes in length and highly entertaining. They are perfect for popping on when doing the dishes / tidying up. I think I enjoyed the story about how to train a 10 month old the best. Who knew?

The Week Unwrapped - with Olly Mann

#173 Dreams, Zooms and Executions 

This Week Unwrapped is a good one to listen to in the morning - a nice bit of news to start the day. This podcast focuses on three important news stories that may have gone under your radar.

I found this one particularly interesting as they discussed why more of us are having vivid dreams at the moment. I have mentioned this is happening to me so it was great to hear some insight into some of the theories.

They also discussed how you can now actually get legally married via Zoom in New York now and the implications of this and how Saudi Arabia has now stopped executing minors.


Celebrities, Jacket Potatoes and Passport to Paris 

This is such a cute podcast - a quick 15 minute chat between friends during lockdown. It is super light hearted and a very easy listen. Perfect for when you are getting ready in the morning. This week the girls discussed how annoying celebrities are during lockdown, the correct way to serve a jacket potato and gave a scathing review of Passport to Paris.

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness 

Do We Understand How the Holocaust Happened? 

I absolutely love this podcast. It is around an hour in length with a different expert each week and the chance to really dig deep into an issue. I always feel like I am learning something when I listen to this podcast and this episode is no different. I particularly found the comparison between how Governments acted then and are acting now interesting.

Happy Place by Fearne Cotton 

Ricky Gervais, Kelly Jones and Russel Brand in Isolation 

Another podcast I have binged on. I will probably go back and listen to every episode. Fearne has some brilliant guests on and provides a brilliant insight into their lives.

Ricky Gervais and Russel Brand were both fab - chatting about their various thoughts on lockdown and life. I love both of them and it listening to them really cheered my lockdown up.

Kelly was a little different - he chatted about his life and how his songs have reflected what has been going on at various stages. He also talked about his experience with his daughter transitioning into a man and reflected on that.

I like listening to Happy Place in the evening as a wind down once the kids have had their tea and before Steve gets home from work.

Table Manners with Jessie Ware 

John Legend 

This was a new podcast for me this week. Jessie Ware (who is a singer/songwriter I am not familiar with) and her mum interview various guest stars with a bit of a focus on food. The latest episode features John Legend (who I don't really know too much about).

John Legend lives in America and I loved hearing about the food he cooks at home, his favourite restaurants, his experience of food growing up and his last supper. If you love food like I do, this is a fab podcast to add to your list.


Sophia Rokhlin X GABA 

Fearne Cottom mentioned GABA in her podcast when she was chatting with Russel Brand. It is a little different to the other podcasts with a focus on meditation. This episode in super short (6 mins) and features a new voice. I absolutely loved it! Such a chilled, relaxing poem to music but with an important message too. If you need to take 5 minutes from your day to relax, lie on the sofa and try this.

A few people have mentioned that they don't have time to listen to podcasts and I used to be one of those people. However, I just didn't prioritise them as I didn't find them useful.

I have loved them during lockdown though and usually listen first thing in the morning when the kids are still asleep, with wireless headphones when tidying up / doing chores / cooking, in the bath or instead of watching TV in the evening. They are way more relaxing and I find that I can completely absorb them where as when I watch TV I am often distracted.

Before I started listening to podcasts, I had no idea how to but it is easy. Simply download the podcast app to your phone, search and subscribe to podcasts and then new episodes will pop up as they are published or you can go back and listen to older episodes too. Or you can often listen online straight from a computer too.

Week commencing 20 April.........

Shagged, Married, Annoyed 

I have listened to every episode but will focus on the most recent episode (episode 61). Chris and Rosie share their motivation for exercising during lockdown and what they have been up to, how it is annoying that Chris is looking great during lockdown but Rosie is feeling crap, they share a few cringey stories from the public and of course there is a guest appearance by Barry Beef.

Shagged, Married, Annoyed is comfortable, an easy listen for us, relatable and funny too.

It's In The Genes 

This podcast is a debut by my friends Sharon and Declan who run a digital business here in the North East. The mother and son duo chat about life in lockdown (including lockdown haircuts), what they have been binge-watching, the business model of Primark, whether we should be concerned about our privacy during coronavirus tracking and more. I loved the range of topics covered and really hope they return for episode two.

The Week Unwrapped 

I listened to 24 April's episode which focussed on Food, Free Speech and Gold. Basically, Olly Mann and guests delve into three news stories from the week which have not made the headlines but are still of note. If you are bored of round the clock coronavirus news but still want to keep up with the issues of the world, this podcast is definitely for you.

I did feel like this podcast could have been a little snappier but loved the thought-provoking content. The first issue discussed is press freedom and how the UK has dropped in the global ranks and why freedom of press is so important. There were some brilliant points made.

The podcast then went on to discuss The Restaurant that Burns Calories and whether this was an ethical show for the BBC to be showing right now / if the issues addressed were done so in the correct way and also the wider relationship between obesity, food, health and society. It was really interesting and I found myself nodding along in agreement. Finally there is the story of how Gold prices are soaring, why this is happening and what is even the point of Gold?


Revisiting is a podcast by 20 something Laura Kirk and Laura Gallop. Normally they would delve into the world of nostalgia from the early 00s but at the moment, they are chatting about life and popular culture during lockdown. I loved this concept as it was just like being on the phone with my girlfriends and was the kind of things we would chat about.

I listened to 24 April episode which covered everything from attitudes to drinking during lockdown to DIY haircuts and beauty treatments and the girls watched Goodfellas and shared their thoughts on that too.

Revisiting is short and snappy and a very easy and entertaining listen.

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness 

I absolutely love Jonathan Van Ness. His energy, sass and attitude are all right up my street. His popular podcast features a different expert each week and is an in-depth chat into their chosen subject / field of expertise.

I decided to start with episode 157 - How to stay healthy during coronavirus. The expert is Dr Mark who was a senior medical policy advisor to the White House during the Obama years (amongst lots of other fantastic accolades). She is fab.

I loved Jonathan's questions as they are all they kinds of things I would have asked myself. Eg How to best use a lift (should we be touching the buttons with a wipe for instance), how best to deal with deliveries, can ketchup give us COVID?, should we be showering every night before bed.....

The podcast was a brilliant mix of technical answers and relatable everyday life. Really interesting and informative. It was a little alarming to hear how much the expert advocated for the use of facial covering though. Her reasoning made total sense and they even talked through how best to wear and remove a mask or facial covering in order for it to be most effective.

If you would like to learn/open your mind to a range of issues, this is the podcast for you.

Katherine Ryan : Telling Everybody Everything 

Katherine Ryan is one of my favourite comedians. She is the same age as me, married with kids and feels on the same wavelength as me.

I decided to start with episode 2 (9 April) - Romance in Lockdown. Katherine's podcast is different to others as there is only one person speaking. It feels much more like a friend sharing a good story than a conversation so is a little different to the others on the list. This particular episode shares how Katherine hooked up with her now husband. It is funny, lighthearted and a fantastic listen. I will be binging on the other episodes tomorrow I think.

I hope I have inspired you to give a few of these a try. Again, let me know if you have any recommendations for next week. 


  1. Wow! I love that you have included Its In The Genes in your round up, Sam. We feel honoured to be included in your discoveries -- thankyou ;-)

    We've had our first review on apple, too so all in all made me feel extremely happy since Dex published on Thursday night.

    I love Katherine Ryan, too. I watched her on Netflix last year and re-discovered her.

    Sharon xx

  2. I'm really enjoying podcasts at the minute and love Rosie and Chris Ramsey. Others I like are
    The Boring Talks
    The Life Scientific
    You're dead to me and The infinite Monkey Cage.
    I find I can concentrate on podcasts better than a TV programme. Thanks for the post, i'm going to check out your recommendations.


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