Worrying About the Impact of Coronavirus on Work

Now obviously, there are more serious consequences to the recent Coronavirus outbreak than my financial security and I really feel for those vulnerable members of society who have it a billion times worse than I do but with the recent Coronavirus outbreak, I can't help but worry about the impact it is going to have on my job.

Worrying About the Impact of Coronavirus on Blogging Work

I am sure that most of you will be aware that North East Family Fun has been my full-time job for the past 5 years. I earn my living through adverts on my website and being paid to write about days out and family life and sharing it with you all. I absolutely LOVE my job but I have talked about the ups and downs of self-employment quite a bit and it certainly is a rollercoaster at times.

I am not one to generally worry about things too much, but the Coronavirus outbreak has led to me feeling a little anxious about the next few months work-wise.

1 - Decreased Page Views = Less Income 

In a nutshell, the more people who read my blog, the more money I earn through adverts. Most travel bloggers have been reporting a significant down-turn in page views this month. Readers just aren't searching for holiday reviews or travel inspiration right now.

So far, I have actually been ok and touch-wood, my page views are still holding steady at around 2000-3000 per day which is normal for this time of year. Fingers crossed it stays that way. My advert income is automatically paid on a set date each month and is the one payment I never have to worry about being late etc... so I really hope I can keep it at a healthy figure.

2 - Upcoming Campaigns & Jobs Cancelled  

I usually book work in for the next three months ahead and at the moment, I have a few paid campaigns booked in shortly which involve days out.

I worry as the Coronavirus spreads and Government advice changes, these campaigns may be cancelled which will mean a huge loss of earnings for me. I have already had one campaign cancelled (but luckily they had paid in advance and we agreed to postpone the work until Summer) and it is a strong possibility that others may follow suit. 

3 - Lack of Future Campaigns 

Will the uncertainty of the Coronavirus affect future campaigns? My guess is, a lot of PRs and Marketing Departments are going to be keeping hold of their budgets and postponing any big events etc.... until later in the year.

I have plenty of work booked in at the moment (fingers crossed it isn't cancelled) but I have no idea how the Coronavirus is going to affect my work over Summer or how long this crisis is going to last.

4 - Upcoming Travel Plans 

We are heading to the Netherlands over May Half Term. At the moment, there are no travel restrictions but this could easily change. I am worried I will have to cancel this trip and potentially lose money.

We are also heading to France in the summer and a part of that involves staying at a French Theme Park. The French Government are talking about restrictions for large gatherings - will this affect the theme park and their marketing plans? Who knows?

Both of these trips involve travelling by ferry too which although I am not concerned about, I would hate for there to be an outbreak on board and for us to be in quarantine for 14 days with the kids. They would miss school etc..... if it happened during May Half Term.

5 - Self Isolation / Lockdown 

If the UK does end up in lockdown, I am not going to be able to share my usual posts about where to visit at the weekend etc.... and having to self-isolate would mean cancelling meetings / events / some work....... Although I work from home and could work on admin etc...., actual paid work would definitely suffer.

6 - Increased Late Payments

I have already had one brand blame a late payment on the Coronavirus and I can just see it getting worse as more team members are put into self-isolation etc.... etc.....

Basically, the next few months are looking bleak! And that is before I even begin to worry about the actual health consequences of the virus. It is the uncertainty and not knowing that I am struggling with more than anything.

What about you? Is your job going to face extra pressures over the next few months?  

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Worrying About the Impact of Coronavirus on Blogging Work



  1. I can imagine how worrying this is, I hadn’t even thought of it in this way! I would hope that your blog would do really well still as people are reportedly more likely to stay in the U.K. this Easter rather than going abroad, so your recommendations for UK days out will hopefully boom. We’ve got Mexico booked for Easter so hoping that goes ahead. I am not hugely concerned about getting the virus but know that if I do it could be pretty bad as I am entitled to the flu jab due to my kidney failure affecting my body’s ability to fight illness... so will just have to see what happens! I really hope your work and holidays all go ahead, will keep my fingers crossed. It’s got such a widespread impact beyond health concerns! Melis Xx

  2. I think I’d just echo what Melis said about the UK content probably working in your favour as many families won’t be travelling abroad this year. So they’ll be looking for more activities closer to home. It is worrying though, but there’s only so much we can do individually. Fingers crossed this is a distant memory in a few months time x

  3. I think you’ll be ok because you have a lot of U.K. travel on your site and local. I think lots of people will turn to U.K. breaks as they are put off getting quarantined abroad so for views at least I think you should be ok hopefully!

  4. I can definitely see why you're worried (I am too), but the fact that your page views haven't dipped is a good sign. I think this is going to impact on all of us - but fingers crossed it doesn't last too long.


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