5 Reasons to Watch An Inspector Calls with Teens

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An Inspector Calls is a play I remember studying in year 9. I loved it at school and it was probably my first introduction to a murder mystery type story. I was enthralled.

Fast forward 20+ years and I'd kind of forgotten the story so I couldn't wait to relive my youth. I took my theatre-loving teen Harry along for the show on opening night at Newcastle's Theatre Royal.

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10 Reasons to Watch An Inspector Calls with Teens

An Inspector Calls has won more awards than any other production in history. This version by Stephen Daldry has enthralled over 4 million people worldwide.

It's quite a wordy play, there is no interval (which is actually a good thing as I think this would kill the mood) and not one I would take young children to but it is absolutely perfect for teens.

Harry really enjoyed it and it really held his attention well. At one point he whispered something he suspected would happen next (and he was right).

The theatre was full of students - probably studying the play for their coursework and it was lovely to see so many young people enjoying the show.

10 Reasons to Watch An Inspector Calls with Teens

5 Reasons to Watch An Inspector Calls with Teens 

10 Reasons to Watch An Inspector Calls with Teens

1 - The Sense of Foreboding 

This one is Harry's - I had to google exactly what this meant! But he was spot on. The atmosphere really builds with this play and I've never felt the sense of such impending doom in the room. This is achieved through clever lighting, staging, pauses at the right moment and of course the music. It's really quite clever and moved the play along nicely.

10 Reasons to Watch An Inspector Calls with Teens

2 - Relevance 

I can't believe this play was written in 1945 as it couldn't be more relevant today. I loved how the play shared issues of community and what it means alongside how our actions have consequences. I can't think of anyone better to watch this with and discuss the play's issues than a teen.

There's one particular theme involving youth and how the younger generation are more open to change and can learn from their mistakes and move on as a better person whereas some of the older generations can be more stuck in their ways.

One particular scene really stood out - the parents in the family mocked their grown-up children for their beliefs and actions. For me, they could have been talking about Brexit rather than a girl's death and I really felt the division between generations come alive on stage.

In a roundabout way, it also reminded me of the whole climate change issue and how the younger generations are often treated by their seniors for standing up for something they believe in. Plenty of food for thought. 

10 Reasons to Watch An Inspector Calls with Teens

3 - Opening Scene Drama 

I've watched a fair few plays in my time and I've never witnessed such a dramatic opening scene. From the sirens above our heads to the way it rained on stage and the peeking under the curtain - it was pretty intense and had us hooked from the start.

Even the way some of the cast was partly hidden from view helped to really build the tension in the room.

10 Reasons to Watch An Inspector Calls with Teens

4 - The Use Of Practical Effects 

This is another one of Harry's - the practical effects are brilliant in this show. From the fight scene which was oh so real to the way the family home physically fell apart as their lives did, we loved this and this version of An Inspector Calls is very visual.

It's also one of the few plays I've watched where there are no major scene changes - its all played out in front of us on one set which really helps us to focus on the characters rather than their environment.

10 Reasons to Watch An Inspector Calls with Teens

5 - The Post-Play Discussions
I now understand why this play is still studied at school - we had so much to talk about afterwards. Was the Inspector real? How does the play reflect society today? Was there only one girl? We talked about our theories all the way home. 

Sometimes conversations with teens can be few and far between so having this chance to discuss life issues like this is priceless to me. 

10 Reasons to Watch An Inspector Calls with Teens

An Inspector Calls will help you question your life and actions. You will consider what kind of society you want to live in and probably come to the conclusion that it's better to learn from your actions, change and move on than repeat cycles of bad behavior.

The play was brilliantly acted - I have no idea how the cast remembers all of their lines with no breaks. I know thats their job but wow they are talented. There were no slip-ups at all (that I could see anyway) and it was a pleasure to watch. 

10 Reasons to Watch An Inspector Calls with Teens

There are limited tickets available for An Inspector Calls - Contact the Theatre Royal Box Office for the latest availability (08448 11 21 21). Tickets are available from £16. Find out more here. 

10 Reasons to Watch An Inspector Calls with Teens


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  1. I saw an Inspector Calls when I was a teen, my Grandma took me to the theatre to see it and WOW I remember being so obsessed. It was my first proper grownup play and it really is such a great one to introduce teens to adult theatre, it's a great story! After that I became her theatre buddy for many years, she'd go through the new booklet and book us tickets to see loads of plays. I'd say it's thanks to this play that I really started to love the theatre!


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