One Last Winter of School Runs

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Where does the time go? Seriously where does it go? The last 10 years of my life have involved factoring the school run into my daily routine. From driving Harry to his nursery class on his first day of school from our flat in Wallsend and later struggling on crutches whilst pregnant (with Jack) with a baby Heidi in tow to drop Harry at reception and then later moving to Cramlington and learning to survive the 1 hour round trip (walking) in all weathers, I feel like I've more than done my time.

One Last Winter of School Runs  - Treads Madrid School Shoe Giveaway and Review

Jack turns 9 soon and I think he's more than ready to walk home from school by himself now. He doesn't need to cross any roads, passes my mam's house en-route and plays out as far as school with his friends in the summer so walking home on a school day is no different to him playing out. He'll also have big sister Heidi with him too. I am very much a free-range parent and actively promote independence in my children whenever I can and Jack is more than ready for this so my time to say goodbye to the school run is almost here. We've started to chat about this a bit and I think he will either start after February Half Term or Easter.

Looking forward to my last school run in the snow
This means I have one last winter of school runs to get through and I am done! Wow!!

I will not miss getting drenched in all hours, being caught out by hail storms when I'm not wearing my coat, wearing a coat and then feeling like I might overheat, having to divide my attention between three children who all need it immediately as soon as I'm at the school gates, avoiding dog poo, cyclists and cries that the kids are thirsty/hungry/too tired to go on. No I won't miss that.

School runs when Jack was in nursery 

I will miss the one hour a day spent without my phone where I can just enjoy the walk and switching off. I will miss those trips to the park in the summer where life just seems to flow and the sun in shining. I will miss popping into my mams en-route for a quick catch up about our day. I will miss the kids telling me all about their day and meeting and chatting with their friends. I will miss the catch up with the other school mams which is often my only adult conversation in the day. I will miss looking for signs that the seasons are changing as we walk to school and noticing when the first leaves drop from the trees in autumn and the first blossom of spring. I will miss looking for conkers as we walk past the conker trees. I will miss meeting the dog walkers and commuters and saying a quick hello as we pass. But most of all, I will miss the opportunity for uninterrupted and dedicated conversations with the kids. The school run is a golden time to have a chat and I'm really going to miss it. When Harry started Secondary School, the absence of our long school run chats about everything and anything was really noticeable.

Jack's first day of reception 

At the start of the year, I decided to keep a quick diary across the week with some of the things Jack has talked about with me. I really wanted to write them down as a memory of my final school run chats :

"What's your favourite month?" - Jack's is December and Heidi's is July

"If I could eat anywhere, it would be at The Crusty Crab"

"When can we go clothes shopping?"

"What's your favourite part of a burger?"

"Heidi had to meditate between her two friends today" (I think they meant mediate)

"Why have I never been in the loft?"

"When are we getting our advent calendars?" (mentioned in September!!)

"Who here believes in God?"

"Last night, Santa told me that he was going to move the sun closer to the earth and we'd all burn alive so I have hatched a plan to commit suicide if this happens unless I die of old age first"

"I love our Scottish fridge magnet"

"The vicar came into school today to sing songs with his guitar"

"What are our superpowers?" (Jack's is eating lots of food, Heidi's is being cute and mine is falling over apparently)

"What's your favourite food?"

"Imagine giving birth whilst going through puberty and your baby being very hairy"

"What's your favourite tree?" (Jack's is Silver Birch for making fire)

"What's your favourite shape of leaf? I like the ones with three points"

"Which flavour soup should we make when we next go camping"

That was all just from one week! Very random and very entertaining. This is what I'm going to miss.

Treads School Shoe Giveaway 

In celebration of my one last term of school runs, Treads have sent Jack a pair of Treads school shoes (he chose the Madrid shoes) for his final year and have provided another pair for us to giveaway to one lucky reader. We are both really happy with them and are confident they'll get us through our final steps together (ok now I want to cry!)

One Last Winter of School Runs  - Treads Madrid School Shoe

One Last Winter of School Runs  - Treads Madrid School Shoe Soles

Here's why I like Treads:
  • They come with a 12-month indestructible guarantee 
  • Free UK returns and delivery 
  • 96% customer satisfaction 
  • Reinforced heels prevent splitting through stamping 
  • Permair® Leather which is both breathable & water-resistant 
  • Reinforced seams for additional strength 
  • Flexible fused sole which is hard-wearing, non-slip and won't leave a mark 
  • A range of styles for both boys and girls (I especially love that they offer supportive girls shoes)
  • Their website features a fantastic guide to measuring accurately 
  • Dual-fit system means that they last as your child grows (read about it here)
  • The shoes feel like they are really well made and I am confident they will last 

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  1. Really moving. I love the school chats diary idea. I love how you never know what you're going to hear from one day to the next...


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