Meet your favourite Hotel Transylvania characters at McDonald's this summer

*This is a paid collaboration with McDonald's and Britmums

McDonald's restaurants are hosting free, family events, featuring characters from everyone's favourite Happy Meals up and down the country across weekends and school holidays this year. Each event will last for 90 minutes and includes lots of activities, dancing, photo opportunities, games and fun for all, plus they're a great opportunity to bring the family together. The events are free with no booking required - simply drop in! You can find your nearest event by clicking the link below:

McDonald's are putting on over 2,600 events throughout the rest of the year (ranging from Family Fun Days to Character Visits), so there are loads of chances to get involved.

We invited our family and friends along to join us at an event featuring the characters from Hotel Transylvania - Hotel Transylvania characters will be attending events across the country from 19 July - 28 August (to align with the Happy Meal promotion at that time). We had lots of fun and would certainly recommend organising a meet-up like this with your own friends and family during the holidays. Take a peek at our video below which gives you an idea of what to expect. 


At the start of the session, as we waited for everyone to arrive, the tables were filled with colouring sheets to keep the children entertained as the grown-ups ordered some food. Character visits take place over weekends and during school holidays and are a hassle-free way to entertain the kids. 

We ordered the kids a selection of Happy Meals including Chicken McNuggets, Grilled Chicken Wraps, Carrot Bags, Fruit Bags, Milk and Water which they all thoroughly enjoyed with their friends as they waited for the characters to arrive.

Time with family & friends

I am always looking for new playdate venues, especially in the school holidays and a Character Visit at McDonald's turned out to be the perfect location. I arranged to meet a few of the mams from school and Heidi and Jack loved being able to spend some time with their buddies outside of the classroom. It was nice for me to have the chance to enjoy a coffee with the other grown-ups too and knowing that the kids weren't going to moan that they were either hungry or bored meant the whole event was completely stress-free. 


Activities will vary across each event and venue and there are different Happy Meal characters lined up throughout the year - activities will generally relate to the character who is visiting. We were lucky enough to meet Dracula and Mavis from Hotel Transylvania and all of the children loved creating these sticker scenes which are linked to their new upcoming movie - Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monster Cruise.

Character Meet & Greet / Photo opportunities

There was much excitement in the room as the cast from Hotel Transylvania made an appearance. Everyone was dying to get their photograph taken and receive an autograph from the stars. I love that even the older children in the room were excited to do this and the interaction between the characters and the children (and grown-ups) was fantastic.

Games with your favourite characters 

After the all-important photographs had been taken, it was time to get active and with the help of the characters and Happy Crew, the children loved playing 'Act it Out'. Kids are always surprising and there were some pretty random choices such as Emily demonstrating her best shot putt below.

I love that the games are inclusive to all - nobody was forced to take part yet staff ensured everyone who wanted to was able to have a turn.

Crafts and Happy Crew Interaction 

It's hard work being a movie star and after 20 minutes of playing games, the Hotel Transylvania popped out to rehydrate and put their feet up for 5 minutes. The Happy Crew handed out more stickers at this point and spent time chatting with the kids about their favourite Hotel Transylvania moments. There was a lovely and relaxed vibe and everyone was happy.

Grown-ups aren't excluded from the fun.....

It wasn't too long before the characters were back and this time, us grown-ups were invited to join in with the fun. As Aunty Kelly took part in a dance-off with the monsters and Steve pulled his best monster face with the children, the restaurant was filled with laughter.

Despite putting myself out there on my blog, I can sometimes still feel a little shy (especially in front of the other school mams). I was not keen on taking part in any games in front of everyone which the staff were fine with - there's no dragging anybody up who doesn't want to take part or trying to embarrass anyone which I appreciated. Check out the epic parent-monster floss-off in the video below:

The smiles on the kids' faces say it all. The room was filled with noise, laughter and lots of energy. New friendships were formed and this event was the talk of the playground the following day.

After 90 minutes, it was time for the characters to leave. The characters hi-fived the room, gave lots of monster hugs and said their goodbyes. The kids were left with their sticker sheets, certificates, autographs and smiles on their faces.

Other Character Visits will be taking place at different points in the year, in keeping with the Happy Meal running at the time.

Let me know if you'd like to visit a free McDonald's event this summer. You can find your nearest event by clicking this link:

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  1. Looks like you had loads of fun. Thanks for the link, I just checked and there is a character meet at my local one over the summer holidays x


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