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*This is a paid collaboration with Summit International

I am not the most house-proud of people. I mean, my home is nice but I would say it's definitely more functional over stylish. I much prefer to spend our hard-earned cash on days out, making memories and holidays. There is one exception to this rule though and that is my addiction to buying picnicware. I swear I have a problem!

Collapsible picnicware by Summit - Review & Demo #NationalPicnicWeek

Is it strange that I have approximately 5 x more picnic plates than actual dinner plates? It's actually not unusual for us to eat our dinner from a melamine picnic plate rather than a proper dinner plate - they are just so pretty and I have so many to choose from that its a shame not to use them! Over the years, my collection has grown and grown. From wicker picnic baskets to Joule's cool bags, Laura Ashley plates and mini salt and pepper pots - if you need something for a picnic, you can bet I've already got it. We probably only take 10 picnics a year but when we do, it's definitely in style.

My addiction to buying picnicware is getting slightly out of hand though and I'm running out of places to store it all. We keep our cool bags, boxes and blankets in our conservatory, we have a cupboard under the stairs where we keep our basket and a few other bits and bobs and a whole cupboard in our kitchen dedicated to picnic plates. I definitely think I'm going to have to curb my habit sometime soon.

Who am I kidding? My habit won't be stopping anytime soon. When the opportunity to collaborate with Summit International and put some of their pop-up picnicware and products through their paces popped into my inbox just in time for National Picnic Week, I could barely hide my excitement. You know you're getting old when you get excited about testing out a new cool box! haha! 

Summit International Pop! Cool Box Review

We were sent a couple of products from Summit International to review as part of National Picnic Week. I've decided to start with the Pop! Cool Box as it is definitely my favourite product from everything we received.

Collapsible picnicware by Summit - Review & Demo #NationalPicnicWeek

This innovative cool box will hold 17 litres which is more than enough space for a family picnic or day out. There is a removable insulated cool bag to place inside the box which will keep food cool for up to 8 hours - perfect if you need to keep your picnic in the car or are travelling somewhere that's a few hours away. The box is lightweight and easy to carry with a sturdy clip-on lid and handle.

What I love about this product (and the rest of the range) is that when they're not in use, you can simply fold them down and they take up 2/3 of the space they normally would. This feature means that I don't need to worry too much about where I'm going to store this extra picnicware.

I've created a short video below, demonstrating how the Pop! Cool Box works.......

Other Collapsible Products (also ideal for camping) 

As well as the cool box, Summit International has designed a full range of pop up products which are space-saving and ideal for picnics, camping or those times when space is at t a premium. I don't know about you but our car is always jam-packed when we take a camping trip so anything that can save space like these products do are a winner for us. 

I really like the idea of the collapsible wine glasses - they come with a handy carry handle and attach together and it is very easy to clip them only a picnic bag. They are well designed and feel nice and robust. The pop-up bowls are also fantastic - they fold down to take up hardly any space but when they're popped into action they are large and strong and I can see us using these bowls to store our strawberries, grapes and salads this summer. Sadly I wasn't so keen on the pop cups - they do fold down into hardly anything but they feel very flimsy compared with the other products and I'm not sure they're the best receptacle to hold my coffee. They were also pretty tricky to try and fold back down into their flattened form. Out of all the products, the cups are the only ones I would not recommend.

We were also sent a pop-up colander and I love it - it's very sturdy and works really well but I just don't know when I'd use this product. I've never had the need to take a colander camping or on a picnic? Let me know if you ever have?

The final item I'm going to share is my second favourite product - a storage crate which feels huge but again, folds down into hardly nothing. This is going to be perfect for our summer camping trips for carrying dishes to the campsite sinks, holding our crockery or maybe even being used to store our shoes - it certainly is big and sturdy enough and it's really well made. It's great that it can simply fold down and hardly take up any room when not in use. What a fantastic product! We might even keep this in our car boot to store our summer essentials throughout the holidays. It's a very versatile product.

Where to buy these products (affiliate links)

You can buy Summit products online via Amazon, Camping World and The Range (both online and instore). Let me know if you have a picnicware habit like I do and if you fancy any of the products mentioned for your next picnic or camping trip.
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Collapsible picnicware by Summit - Review & Demo #NationalPicnicWeek



  1. Literally the best invention ever! How amazing is that? Love your picnic confession .. how can one lady have so many picnic things! We STILL haven't used our amazing picnic basket yet!

    1. I honestly love the coolbox - it's going to get lots of use this summer I'm sure x

  2. Oh I love this!! How cool is that, we are getting our first tent soon so this would make a great addition to our camping kit too!

    1. Oh it really would - this stuff is all coming camping with us xx

  3. Wow! It's the perfect picnicware really! So convenient to use!


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