Cirque Berserk Review 2018

*We received complimentary press night tickets

Cirque Berserk is residing in Newcastle's Tyne Theatre & Opera House this week. A show like no other - it's a feast for the senses that will have you laughing, gasping, cheering and hiding between your hands. The fast-moving show is brought to you by the world famous Zippos circus and very much feels like you're watching all the very best bits from Britains Got Talent live in front of your eyes.

Recommended for families with children aged 6+ (which I think is spot on), Cirque Berserk celebrates 250 years of the circus with a stunning showcase featuring a variety of acts. Expect drummers, acrobats, jugglers, dancers, daredevils, fire and more....... not forgetting the motorcycle globe of death which I can never quite bring myself to fully watch! 

Steve and I took Harry (11), Heidi (9) and Jack (7) to see the show tonight and we all absolutely loved it. Here are our thoughts:

Sam - I loved it! The first half was a teeny bit slow in parts but I loved the second half - the music, dancing and carnival atmosphere were all fantastic! The lady who juggled fire with her feet was my favourite.

Steve - The show was very thrilling - especially when there was fire on stage. The finale globe of death was incredible. I'd definitely recommend to other families.

Harry - My favourite part was the moustache men - they were very funny and should get their own show.

Heidi - I liked the circus show - everything was good. It was funny yet dangerous which I like. My favourite part was the bow and arrow lady.

Jack - I give the show 10/10. The moustache men were very funny and I was jumping up and down with laughter. I also liked the robot. 

This is one of the only shows I've ever been to where photography and video is encouraged in the audience and there are a few moments where you won't be able to resist reaching for your phones!

Cirque Berserk is a show that will impress and wow kids, teens and adults alike and if you're looking for an end of exam treat and night out with the kids in town, I'd definitely recommend Cirque Berserk as an option. It's the perfect night out for families who enjoyed watching Britain's Got Talent every Saturday night recently and need to fill a void! It's a good mix of comedy, dance, skill and danger! There are still tickets available for performances this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.



  1. This looks amazing! My two are huge fans of the circus now, after we saw the Chinese State Circus last year. We'll look out for it coming down our way.

    1. I'd definitely recommend - such a varied show with something new every few minutes x

  2. My five year old fell asleep! Bit overwhelmed but my 7 year old loved every minute and was still excited this morning!

    1. Ah bless your 5 yo. Kids can sleep through anything can't they! Glad your 7yo enjoyed it though x

  3. This looks fantastic. Circuses are really fun to watch. You can just imagine the hard work these showmen put in their craft.


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