How I'm Saving for a trip to Alton Towers with OhMyDosh

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After our trip to Florida last year, my children have been nagging me constantly to visit a 'proper' theme park with white-knuckle rides this year. I think we've narrowed it down to either Alton Towers or Blackpool Pleasure Beach. There's no denying that these sorts of attractions and I'll definitely be looking for various offers nearer the time but I think it pays to start saving for this kind of day out early. With this in mind, I have signed up to OhMyDosh which is an easy to use site, designed to help make you money online. I really believe that having a specific goal in mind works well when using these sorts of sites so I've set myself a goal of earning £50 to put in our Alton Towers fund by the end of July. 

How I'm Saving for a trip to Alton Towers with OhMyDosh

How to Earn Money Online with OhMyDosh

It really could not be easier to open an account. Simply head over to the OhMyDosh website here and sign up. It's FREE to do so and your account will immediately be credited with your first 50p for doing so. You then earn money by completing a variety of online tasks. Cash will generally take 1-2 months to be credited to your account and once you've reached £10, it will be paid out to you via PayPal. I've found the website to be super easy to navigate and very easy to use. There are a number of ways you can earn money, all from the comfort of your sofa. Here are a few of my favourites:

1 - No Spend

These offers allow you to earn money online with no spend from yourself. Current offers range from claiming a free O2 sim card and earning £2.50 to earning £5.00 for signing up for a FREE trial to Amazon Prime. Instructions for how to earn your commission really are super clear. 

2 - Competitions 

I love entering competitions online anyway, so being rewarded for doing so with an extra cash incentive is very appealing to me. At the moment, you can earn anything from 34p - £6 simply for entering a competition and prizes range from a year's shopping at Asda to an Audi Car and £10,000 cash. 

3 - Surveys

In my early twenties, I used to spend a lot of time completing surveys and would earn around £50 every few months. If you have some spare time, completing surveys in return for cash really is a quick and easy way to earn some extra cash online. Current surveys are paying out anything from 31p - £3.32 online when completed via OhMyDosh and if you're opinionated like me, it's nice to know your voice is being listened to.

4 - Save Money

Being paid to save money sounds like a no-brainer to me! This section of the OhMyDosh website allows you to earn up to £20 simply for finding the best utility deal through a company such as USwitch or the National Energy Helpline. 

5 - Shopping & Trials 

If you're interested in trying something new, there are a variety of trials available to sign up to via OhMyDosh with the added incentive of earning extra cash. There are lots of big-name brands to choose from including Sky Cinema, Amazon, Gousto and Audiobooks. I've signed up for a 30 day trial of Which! magazine and earned £7.50 in the process - it's always something I've fancied doing and it's something I've found useful for researching a new cooker purchase. 

There are also opportunities to shop online and earn commission through OhMyDosh. Again, there are a fair few options and current deals that have caught my eye include earning £4.45 when you sign up to Cineworld Unlimited and the chance to earn £2.25 when buying a personalised children's gift. 

6 - Refer Friends 

If you've signed up to OhMyDosh and are enjoying earning cash online, it's quick and easy to refer your friends via your account with a special link they can use to sign up. They'll earn a £1 welcome bonus (50p for signing up and 50p for confirming their email address) if they use your link (here is my referral link if you fancy signing up yourself). You'll earn £5 for every friend you refer that earns over £10.

Top Tips for using OhMyDosh 

1 - I recommend signing up using a dedicated email address. Sometimes when you complete surveys or enter competitions online, your inbox can suffer because of it! I like to keep a dedicated email address for entering giveaways and completing surveys and check it daily for new offers ect.... it just keeps everything in one place and keeps my inbox in order. 

2 - Make sure you read the terms and conditions clearly. I love that the T&Cs are super clear to read via OhMyDosh and there's no hidden or tiny small print to read - it is all perfectly clear what you are signing up to and what you need to do to earn your ££. Sometimes you need to complete a free trial, other times, you may need to sign up to something for a year. Just make sure you always know what you're signing up for before you agree. Sometimes you may need to cancel a free trial before it ends to prevent being charged. Make sure you make a note in your diary to do this. 

3 - Don't buy anything you don't need. Sites like OhMyDosh are perfect if you're purchasing something you need or are treating yourself by something new but don't be tempted to buy something just for the sake of it to earn some extra cash. Common sense applies! 

4 - There are a few sign-up offers for online betting accounts. Something to be aware of if this is something you don't wish to join. There is a dedicated section to these types of links and it's pretty easy to avoid. 

5- Check out 'hot' and 'new offers regularly or sign up to the OhMyDosh mailing list to receive alerts. Once you're acquainted with the site, the OhMyDosh 'new' and 'hot' offers are the first place to head and check out brand new or popular deals that you won't want to miss out on. 

I've already managed to earn £10 using OhMyDosh and that was just through signing up, completing one survey and signing up to a Which! trial. I am confident I'll reach my £50 target in no time. Alton Towers, here we come! 

Earn your first £1 by signing up to try OhMyDosh here. Let me know what you'd like to earn and save money towards in the comments. 

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How I'm Saving for a trip to Alton Towers with OhMyDosh


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  1. I keep thinking about taking the boys to Alton Towers, they're the perfect age now ans proved what dare devils they were at Universal Studios :) I might have to have a look into it x


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