Why you need to take your kids to see 'Number 2 - The Poo Show' at Life Science Centre, Newcastle

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We LOVE Life Science Centre in Newcastle and have probably visited over 30 times across the years. It's easy to get to, there always seems to be something new to explore and it's perfect for inquisitive kids of all ages. Their latest offering is 'Number 2-The Poo Show' which is a brand new show taking centre stage in 'Poo Week' this February Half Term. You don't need to wait until poo week though, you can catch this show daily from now until 31 March. We sent The Hoopers to visit and find out what all the fuss was about. Here's how they got on: 

When I told the girls we were off to see a show called ‘Number 2-The Poo Show’ at the Life Centre their faces were a picture.  ‘Ewwww’ said Imogen and Abigail pulled a ‘Bleugh’ face. I’m guessing most people would feel the same way?  Poo isn’t really something talked about or discussed in polite company.   However, the latest Science Show at the Life Centre, is doing just that…talking about poo in a fun and educational way. 

The show takes place in the ‘Science Theatre’ located on the Ground Floor, lasts for 20 minutes and is recommended for children over 5 years old.  On the Sunday we visited, there were 5 shows throughout the day, running from 12 noon to 4.15pm.  Plenty of chances to see the show on a day visit to the Centre. The weather outside was awful which meant the Life Centre was packed.  Just one thing to note is that the auditorium seating in the Science theatre is pretty compact.  I’d definitely recommend getting there 10 minutes or so before it starts to get a good seat.  So onto the show….

The show began by reminding us that at this moment we are all producing waste.  Something you don’t even think about.  The shape of your waste comes in many different forms and the Bristol Stool Scale classifies the form of human faeces into seven categories.  Ideally you want to be in the middle of this scale! Animals all produce poo in different shapes and sizes with one of the most interesting shape being a cube produced by a wombat.  Good for marking his territory. Being cubed it is unlikely to roll off a rock or log where it is laid.  Every day is a school day! 

A volunteer from the audience was asked to help a rhino get his poo out by wafting the tail was met by lots of delighted kids. Thankfully the poo in this demo was just pieces of polystyrene.  So far…so gross, but very very interesting.

Next Danny the Demonstrator, invited us to his ‘cookery demonstration’ mixing Bread, Banana and chocolate porridge. Add in a little water to make a poo style mixture.  As he squished the mixture and passed it through a net the science behind our waste was explained. How the mushed up food is passed on through the intestines to extract water. Concluding in a very graphic passing of the cookery poo.

The rest of the show, explained what happens when you flush the toilet and what happens to astronauts poo in space! Just put it this way… you may think you are wishing on a star, but it could be a discarded poo burning up in Earth’s atmosphere.  Mind blown.

Number 2-The Poo Show is on a the Life Centre until 31st March, which is perfect for a half term visit.  You will certainly learn something new… and the kids will be suitably grossed out scoring extra Brownie points for parents. 

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Sounds great! This is a great addition to Life Science Centre. Your admission to Life includes The Poo Show and so much more. You can still enjoy Dino Jaws until 15 April (which we have reviewed here), ice skating (additional charge) and the polar express 4D ride until 18 February (which we have reviewed here) plus the explorer zone, planetarium, brain zone, curiosity zone, experiment zone and more! 

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Why you need to take your kids to see 'Number 2 - The Poo Show' at Life Science Centre, Newcastle - a review



  1. Sounds like a brilliant idea for an exhibition. Children and poo, what a great combo!

  2. Hehehe my boys would love this! Top tip for half term week - thanks!

  3. Haha! My two are a bit young for this one but we love the Centre for Life!


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