10 Christmas Present Ideas for Tweens (aged 10-12)

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Tweens are pretty tricky to buy for! Harry is 11 now and it feels like tech is all he's interested in these days. He loves nothing more than playing X Box online with his friends after school. I'm also conscious that Harry only has a few years of childhood left and this year I'll be treating him to a mix of tech gadgets and computer games and toys/activities I think he'll love that don't involve a computer or his phone. Here are my top 10 suggestions for tweens, I'd love to hear your ideas too. 

1 - LEGO Star Wars First Order Heavy Assault Walker

LEGO is one of the few toys that Harry still plays with and this set is going to be one of his main presents this year. I imagine it's going to take a good couple of days to build so will be a real project and family effort to build over Christmas and distract him from his X Box. I'll share the results when it's done! This set is listed as one of Tesco's must-have toys for 2017 and I'm sure most tweens will be super chuffed to receive this on Christmas day. Buy here.

2 - Wireless Headphones

One of Harry's biggest passions in life is gaming. We currently have an X Box but there is talk of us all combining our Christmas money this year to buy the new Playstation 4 between us. I love these EasySMX headphones which are compatible with multiple machines and laptops (including X Box and Playstation) and I like that they're rechargeable and have a detachable mic. Buy here

3 - Darth Vader Ilumi-mate colour changing light

For under a tenner this Darth Vader colour changing light is a fab stocking filler. Even better that batteries are included too. This particular light has mostly 5* reviews and I think Harry will definitely bring this along to future camping trips....... Buy here.

4 - Anki Cozmo Robot

Harry has asked for Anki this year but I'm just not sure if our budget will stretch! Anki plays games and his personality develops as he gets to know you and interact. Harry is obsessed with coding which is something you can develop with Anki and I know he'd enjoy it. The price is the only thing that's putting me off! Buy here. 

5 - Lightseekers

We've been sent this item for review (coming soon so keep your eyes peeled) but the reason I've included it in my gift guide is that I've never seen Harry so excited to take something out of it's packaging. He is honestly SO excited! Lightseekers it set to be one of this year's biggest toys - it's an action and role-playing game for mobiles and tablets with smart action figures and action cards to collect. Buy here.

6 - Letterbox Lab Subscription

Most tweens I know are super interested in science and love carrying out their own experiments. The Letterbox Lab Investigate Box is aimed at children aged 8+ and features 3-4 hours of fun in every box. It fits through most letterboxes so is a good gift to buy if you know you're going to need to post it and every box contains every single thing you need for lots of experiments. Harry's going to have a ball playing with this over Christmas and I like that it's educational too. Buy online here. 

7 - A new book

Harry loves to read and we always, always buy new books for Christmas. This year he's had the pleasure of meeting a few authors in school and has asked for Fish Boy by local author Chloe Daykin who visited his school a few weeks ago. Chloe is visiting Peru to gain inspiration for her next book before re-visiting the school to share her experience and I love how she's inspired Harry to both write and read something he may not have otherwise picked from the shelf. Check out Amazon's recommended books for 11 year olds here.

8 - Retro Top Trumps

I've lost count of the number of Top Trumps sets we've bought over the years. It's one of our go-to stocking fillers and a game we can all play together. This year sees the re-release of six Top Trumps classics. We're huge horror movie fans and the Horror Retro Set is the set we've went for this year. Featuring the Cyclops, Wolfman and more, I know it's going to bring new life to one of our favourite games this Christmas. View the full Retro range and buy online here.

9 - Hamswan 3D VR Headset

Virtual Reality is where it's at. Harry hosted a VR party for his 11th birthday and riding a VR rollercoaster in Florida this year is all he talked about for ages. I always think of VR tech as being fairly expensive but this headset comes in at a cool £12.99. It's very well made and feels of high quality. The device is compatible with all smartphones between 4-6 inches, is super comfortable and has received lots of praise over on Amazon. Buy online here.

10 - LEGO Star Wars BB8

Another bargain from Tesco Toys - this LEGO Star Wars BB8 is aimed at ages 10-16 so is perfect for challenging older kids. I for one can't wait to see how it's going to be put together! This set features moving parts and comes with it's own display case too. You can browse the full range of LEGO products available from Tesco here.  

What has your tween asked for this Christmas? I'd love to hear your ideas too. 


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