10 Christmas Present Ideas for Children Aged 7-10

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I must admit that I find this age group to be the easiest to buy for. I could honestly spend a fortune on Heidi and need to stop myself from buying everything I see to keep it fair for the boys. It's also Jack's 7th birthday in December so I have the challenge of finding double the amount of presents for him! Here are some ideas I've come up with so far. 

1 - Detective Dot

This book is aimed at ages 8+ and features diverse role models doing cool stuff. I love that it supplements the national curriculum in computer science and it is ethically made in Britain. Detective Dot features a brand new mission from the children's detective agency and I know it's a book Heidi will enjoy. Buy online here.

2 - Mini Hornet

Regular readers of my blog will remember the struggle we had (and sometimes still have) in encouraging Jack to ride his bike. It's still not his favourite thing to do which is why I'm hoping this mini Hornet will encourage him to ride more often. Featuring 25 lights and sound effects ranging from racing cars to UFOs and a bright safety light which is ideal for those winter rides home from school, I know Jack's going to love this present and I bet Heidi and Harry are going to ask for one too. Buy online here. 

3 - A £5 Craft Tin from Wilko

I really love Wilko for their value toys at Christmas time and will be selecting a £5 craft tin from this range for both Heidi and Jack this year. I haven't bought them yet but I think I'll be going with hair chalks for Heidi and Pranks and Jokes for Jack.

4 - My Golden Ticket Book

Jack absolutely loves a personalised book and he has read the ones he has already over and over again. I love the idea of a personalised Willy Wonka book which features a unique adventure in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory with a picture of a Wonka Bar that has been designed around their name at the end. This book is hardback and of excellent quality and I already know it's going to be Jack's new favourite story. Buy online here. 

5 - Letterbox Lab Explore Box

The Letterbox Lab Explore Kit is suitable for ages 6+ and is available to purchase as a gift subscription for anything from 2 - 12 months. The Letterbox Lab fits through a letterbox and is posted monthly. Inside you'll find everything your child needs to partake in fantastic experiments and there's one hour of fun in every box.  Leterbox Lab is the gift that will keep on giving throughout the year. You can buy a gift subscription online here. 

6 - Hatchimals

I thought the Hatchimals craze would be over by now but no, it's still here! Jack and Heidi have been begging for their very own Hatchimal this year and I'm hoping that Santa will grant their wish! Hatchimals 'hatch' from their egg and then you raise it through 3 different stages from baby to toddler to child. Buy online here. 

7 - Poo Emoji

Don't ask me why buy Heidi is obsessed with the poo emoji! I know she's going to love this LED light which is available from Amazon for just £6. The light changes colour from purple to pink to red, blue and green and is the perfect nightlight for emoji lovers! Buy online here. 

8 - LEGO Friends Set

Heidi had so much fun building the LEGO Friends Heartlake Hospital earlier this year and has been begging us for another set. This LEGO Friends Catamaran from a selection at Tesco has really caught our eye and I know Heidi's going to enjoy both building and playing with it this year. Buy online here. 

9 - Cranium Sculpt-it

This week I shared how I'm going to ensure that this Christmas is the most fun it can be for the kids and have decided that Cranium Sculpt-it is going to help provide that fun. Available from a selection of toys at Tesco and suitable for ages 5+, this game can be played by groups of up to 8 so is perfect for Christmas day. Players take it in turns to select a card and then sculpt the object shown using Cranium Clay. Other players must guess their creation against the clock. I'm sure this is going to provide countless laughs and think this might be one board game that I don't actually stand a chance of winning! Buy online here. 

10 - SmartGlobe

Heidi and Jack have thoroughly enjoyed playing with their SmartGlobe after reviewing it last month and I love that it's a toy that's both fun and educational. There are various SmartGlobes on the market (make sure you buy an official Oregon Scientific one) for all budgets and they make a fabulous present and talking point for Christmas day and beyond. Buy online here. 

That's quite a list! I still need a few ideas for Jack so if you have any suggestions for a 7 year old boy, please let me know! 


  1. Love the detective dot book!

    Our 7yr old is getting star wars and more star wars, mine craft, and a retro ds (2.59 in the charity shop)

  2. I like the look of this for my daughter, pricey though and with shipping costs too, trying to find a UK alternative. but great concept. https://biglifejournal.com/. loving the smart globe. I am @Tiamaria on twitter x


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