SmartGlobe Adventure AR Video Demonstration & Review - we could not get the app to work, but still loved it anyway

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Heidi and Jack were kindly sent a SmartGlobe Adventure AR to review this week. This educational globe is aimed at children aged 5+ and features 25 games to play, 220+ countries to explore and 4000+ pieces of information to learn. Jack already owns a regular globe and it's one of his prized possessions. He could spend hours just asking us to name him a country and he'll find it for you. As keen travellers and with Jack's special interest in learning about countries, I had a feeling the SmartGlobe Adventure AR was going to be a hit. 

First of all, the globe is super easy to set up. There is just one cable to cut and then it simply slides out of the box. Batteries are already included and in place and you are good to go in less than 1 minute. This is a HUGE selling point for me as I hate having to buy separate batteries or spend ages trying to remove a toy from it's box.

The globe spins on an axis and comes with a special electronic pen (which is connected to the globe so no worries about losing it). The SmartGlobe is super easy to use, you simply use the pen to point to one of the 25 games to play on the stand and then touch a country with the pen to discover your chosen facts.

Heidi and Jack took to the globe like a duck to water and really enjoyed learning new facts about the world. This video below was taken during the first 5 minutes of them opening the SmartGlobe:

The maps are super detailed and there is such a wide range of topics to learn as well as fun challenges and games. I love that the kids actually learn whilst using the SmartGlobe but they just see it as fun. You can select to learn about languages, currencies, population, history, geography, amazing facts and more. Jack and Heidi created their own games where they'd try and find the biggest country and then use the pen to check if they were right.

The globe is pretty easy to set up and the kids managed it with ease (it's pretty hard to go wrong) however I do not like that there are no instructions included (at least there weren't in our box). I think the idea is that you're supposed to scan the QR code on the back of the globe or the box with your phone or tablet to access the Augmented Reality features. I may be wrong here but I'm pretty sure a good percentage of the population have no idea what a QR code and this feature would be lost on them with no instructions. We tried scanning the QR code with both Android and Apple devices and unfortunately, this feature just would not work for us. When we scanned the code, random letters and numbers appeared - nothing to do with SmartGlobe. I tried searching the app store too but could only find standalone games that did not seem to tie in with the globe. We'll keep trying though and hopefully we'll find a solution - I'll update this post if we do.

In all honesty though, despite the lack of AR, Jack and Heidi love the SmartGlobe Adventure and have spent a full afternoon playing with it today and with 220 countries to explore and 25 games to play (that's without the AR), they won't be getting bored any time soon. They keep running downstairs and reciting facts about various countries to me. I know it's going to come in handy during various school projects across the year and it's going to be a fun way for them to prepare for the next country we visit too. They both give the SmartGlobe Adventure AR 10/10. I would probably give it a solid 8/10 and if they manage to resolve the app issues this would definitely move up to 10/10.

SmartGlobe makes a range of globes for all ages with various features. Check them out below: 


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  1. This looks like lots of fun, a great way to learn new things too, shame the app wouldn't work though xx


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