5 reasons you should take your kids to watch a Newcastle Eagles home game at Sports Central this season

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We've watched Newcastle Eagles play at home a few times over the years and have to say, it's one of our favourite things to do with the kids on a Friday night. It's always a good atmosphere, we usually win, the kids love it and Steve and I can enjoy a beer or too. Our latest trip was to watch Newcastle Eagles play London Lions - it was a tense match and we were behind at halftime, but the crowd really got behind the team and once again, we won. If you've never been to watch a Basketball game before, you don't need to worry too much about the rules. They are easy to pick up and follow and the emphasis is definitely more on fun than the technicalities of the game. Everyone in our family loves a night at the Basketball, it's always a hit with both us grown-ups and the kids. If it's been a while since you last watched a game or you're not sure what to expect from a match, here's why I think you should book tickets to a match this season.......

1 - It's a Friday night out

When you're a parent, Friday nights certainly change and nights out are definitely few and far between. A trip to Sports Central to watch Newcastle Eagles play provides you with the opportunity to head out for the night. It may not be the bright lights of the diamond strip but they serve beer and you can feast on nachos and hot dogs with a fantastic, vibrant atmosphere with lots of fun and noise - not really that different to nights out from your pre-children days right?  Games are always fast paced and never boring. You can't help but get involved and jump from your seat when we score.

2 - The team are fantastic role models

Our children are growing up in a celebrity culture where the role models they choose might not necessarily be the ones we had hoped for. I love that the Newcastle Eagles team are proper role models. They are fantastic to watch, at the top of their game and always display impeccable team spirit and never behave badly (well not from what I've seen anyway). Did you know that Newcastle Eagles are the most successful British Basketball team of all time? How amazing is it that we have this level of skill right on our doorstep. The players always have time for their fans too and will happily pose for photographs after the game.

3 - There's a fun, family-friendly atmosphere

It's really difficult to explain the atmosphere at an Eagle's home game but I'm going to try and give it a go! Basketball is fast-paced and pretty much end to end. There are no slow parts - it's always super quick. Fans show their support for the home team with chants around the court of 'Let's Go Eagles, Let's Go' and 'De-fence, De-fence'. You are prompted to join in with the sound system, visual clues on the scoreboard and some of the fans bring drums to really get the crowd going. The court host will encourage you all to stamp your feet and wave your arms and try to distract the opposition, there are horns, foam hands, buzzers and music. Swoop (the Eagles' mascot) will join in with the cheerleading squad and hi-five the crowd, the scoreboard seems to continuously change......but for me, the last 2 minutes are really electric. The crowd are all encouraged to stand and the cheers and support from the crowd as everyone really gets behind the eagles really is something else. I have not seen Harry and Heidi so swept up in the excitement like this in a long time. Whether they win or lose (but they'll probably win), you'll all leave the court on an absolute high.

4 - There's lots of ways to get involved 

When you spend an evening at Sports Central, you'll experience so much more than just a Basketball game. There are raffles, opportunities for kids to play on court during breaks, shoot-outs, the Zapatista Mexican Hat Challenge, 'Chuck a duck' where kids all throw a red duck onto the court and try and get the closest to the target to win a prize, there's cheerleaders, commentary, food and drinks, merchandise, fun with the mascot......so much going on! Host Dan Black will also encourage the crowd to Tweet along and Harry was so excited when his Tweet was read out during a break. Newcastle Eagles also run a fantastic community programme and are often found out and about it schools so your children may recognise a few of the famous faces.

5 - Central location & discounted tickets are available

Newcastle Eagles home games are held at Sports Central at Northumbria University which is right in the heart of Newcastle. We usually catch the bus into Newcastle but you can also drive or get the Metro too - lots of options! You can pre-book tickets online and if you sign up to receive the Newcastle Eagles newsletter here, you'll gain access to exclusive discounts so this is definitely worth doing.



  1. Goooo eagles!!! I think you have summed up why we love the matches so much! It’s a brill night out for all the family and a glass of vino always goes down a treat too!!

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