11 essentials to get you through the summer holidays that can be delivered within 2 hours thanks to Amazon Prime Now

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Remember #Frugal2017 ? I was supposed to give up my Amazon Prime Now habit in a bid to save money. Back then I was paying for the service on a monthly basis and it was fairly easy for me to cancel. I managed a couple of weeks without it but then Heidi accidentally bought a year's subscription in one go as she was trying to watch a TV show on my iPad. Now I know I probably could have obtained a refund but once the money had been taken, it was too easy not to so we now have a year's subscription. 

I am addicted to Amazon Prime Now

There I said it. Steve works long hours and I work from home. I have to try and fit a full day's work into school hours which can be tough at the best of times. The last thing I need is to have to walk 20 minutes to the shops to buy any essentials (bread, loo roll and yoghurts are the things we seem to run out of the most) and back again. It easily takes an hour out of my day which is an hour I don't have. With Amazon Prime I can easily order my regular groceries (minimum spend is £20) to be delivered for free within a 2 hour time slot. I normally order when I return from the school run at 9:15am and my delivery usually arrives at 10:30am ish. You can track your order and driver so you know exactly how long it's going to take too. My essentials seem to be loo roll, cleaning products, ham, chicken, cereal, bread, yoghurts, bananas, fajita kits, peppers, chocolate, wine, beer, pasta and juice. Most of the items are originally sourced from Morrisons and held in warehouses across the country (ours is in Gateshead). There is a £20 minimum spend and the prices are very competitive (cheaper than the corner shop).

Why join Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime costs £79 per year (or £7.99 per month). This may seem like a lot but for me, it is 100% worth it. The benefits include (but are not restricted to):

  • Prime Now | Order everyday essentials and groceries to be delivered to your door within a few hours at no additional charge
  • Prime Now FREE bonus offers | Prime Now often run free offers where you can add something to your basket for free. So far we've enjoyed Kit Kats, Coca-cola and Capri sun
  • Next day delivery on millions of Amazon products - perfect when you need something in a hurry
  • Unlimited same day delivery on thousands of eligible Amazon items
  • Prime Music | Stream over 2 million songs ad-free
  • Prime Video | Stream thousands of TV episodes and movies
  • £2 discount on Video Games
  • Prime Early Access - 30-minute priority access to lightning deals
  • Access to Kindle lending library (one book per month), Kindle First and Prime Reading
  • Amazon Family | 20% discount on nappy subscriptions
  • Share some Amazon Prime benefits with other adults in your household
  • and so much more........

11 products that can be delivered within a 2 hour same-day delivery slot with Amazon Prime

So.....back to the whole reason behind this article. Here are 11 life-saving items you can order to be delivered within a 2 hour slot with Amazon Prime. Please note these items change often and may depend on your location but hopefully, it will give you some idea of what to expect. Prices correct for NE postcodes on 30/6/17. Once you have signed up, there is no delivery charge and the minimum spend is £20.

1 - Barbeque Supplies

Is the sun shining and crying out for a BBQ but you don't have supplies in/fancy carrying big bags of charcoal back from the shop? Amazon Prime have you covered and can deliver the following within 2 hours.......

BBQ Tool Kit - £15, BBQ bucket £10, Charcoal £5, BBQ Skewers £1.49, Harrogate sausages £3, Sirloin Steak £5.13, Chicken £3.72. 

2 - Chilled Beer

Sun shining and you fancy a beer after work? Or you've already had a couple so can't drive but fancy a couple more? Amazon Prime to the rescue. Some beers are even delivered perfectly chilled (ID may be required). There is a huge selection to choose from, here is just a taster...

12 bottles of chilled Bud £7.45, 10 cans of chilled Stella £8, Brew Dog £1.80, 4 bottles of Sol £4.75, 8 cans of Guinness £7.20 

3 - Sun Cream

Kids want to play outside and you've ran out of sun cream? Amazon Prime to the rescue! There are lots of varieties available but here are a few that have caught my eye:

Ambre Solaire Sensitive Kids Factor 50 £6.38, Sunsense Factor 50 Broad Spectrum Cream £10.66, Ambre Solaire Baby Suncream £3

4 - Sun hats

If your kids are anything like mine, they are ALWAYS losing their sunhat. You can guarantee the night before a day trip when I'm packing up our bag, there'll be at least one missing. Again, Amazon Prime can help with this and deliver same day within a 2 hour slot. Here are a few examples:

Kids NY Yankees Cap £33, Paw Patrol Headphone Hat £19.99

5 - Board Games

We all dread those days in the holidays when the kids are rolling around the floor maoning their bored (or is that just mine). Of course they can play with the no-doubt millions of toys they have already or invent their own fun but if you really can't take anymore, you can order board games from Amazon Prime Now. Here are a few of my favourites:

Charades for kids £8.99, Pie Face £14.99, Dinosaur Dominoes £4.99, Cluedo £14.49 

6 - Picnic supplies

Picnic blanket £12.22, Cool Bag £10.11, Picnic plates £10.11, Flask £9.89, Bread Rolls £1.50, Cheddar Cheese £2.50, Water £1.60, Bananas £1

7 - Wine and Chocolate

Wine and chocolate need no explanation. Sometimes you just need it!

Rose Wine £5.25, White Wine £6.49, Prosecco £7.50, Handmade chocolate truffles £8, Salted Caramels £14.99, Brownie Mix £2.49 

8 -Paddling Pools

This has happened to me so many times - the sun makes an appearance and the kids ask for the paddling pool out and you find it completely ruined from last summer in the garage or you can't find it at all. Amazon Prime to the rescue!

Spaceship Paddling Pool £14.93, Small inflatable pool £3.97

9 - Ice Cream

For a while I was SO addicted to Haagen Dazs Salted Caramel Ice Cream. It was on offer for age through Amazon Prime for just £2.50 for a full sized tub. It was oh so easy to add a tub to my daily delivery which was not good for my waist line! Thankfully, this offer has ended now but you can still buy a range fo Haggen Dazs, Magnum, Ben and Jerrys and Ice Lollies through Prime Now. Handy, if like us, the ice cream van only seems to turn up when it's raining and not when it's actually sunny!

10 - Outdoor toys

Never worry about the kids being bored again or having to pop to the shop for beach toys before a trip out. You can buy everything from beach balls to giant jenga, garden snakes and ladders, boomerangs and even bubbles from Amazon Prime Now.

11 - Party Supplies

If you're hosting an impromptu summer party, Amazon Prime Now can really help your party be one to remember with everything from beer, food, ice, party platters, cleaning supplies, novelty drinks coolers, balloons, decorations, confetti & paper plates all being able to be ordered and delivered on the same day within a 2 hour time slot. Genius!

Let me know if you've tried Amazon Prime Now before and if it's save you from any pickles recently. Remember you can try a free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime Now yourself here (read t&c's before signing up). 



  1. I also have a prime account that I keep "forgetting" to cancel! Some of these are really handy to know! Particularly the beers, I mean kids games!

  2. I too am addicted to prime now it's awesome!!!

  3. I'm addicted! I didn't know about Prime Now until I read this post. Now I love it. The £7.99 is well worth it!


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