How to make sure that this person is truly your soulmate

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Love matters are on everybody’s mind at any stage of society and science development. Nowadays like several centuries ago men and women want to find the significant ones to live happy life together. The difference is, advanced technologies that infiltrated into all parts of our lives, have simplified the searching process and gave us one more place, that is dating websites accumulating a lot of potential partners.

How to make sure that this person is truly your soulmate

Now people are free to choose where to meet the right person, in the public park, at a party, on a dating site, in the office, or a dance class. To find the attractive person is half a battle, the other half is not less important. That is to make sure that this person is truly your soul mate, future husband to get through the entire life together. Certainly, nobody excepts you will be able to understand that, and there are no instructions on use or guarantees in the matters of love. When  shades of a doubt fell upon me, the below tips helped me to allay them and I had no regrets about that, not even for a second:

  • Time is the best test
On the rose and candy stage under the influence of passions and hormones running high couples rush to marry after two or three months. When a ship of marriage meets the rock of the first problems, in most cases it wrecks it because both of them together as a couple did not experience hard times. Because of that they expect too much from each other, or did not expect to face character flaws becoming evident only in difficult and stressful situations. That’s why time is so important, it is the best test of your feelings, and if your partner passed it with honour, you can be sure that he will be a shoulder to lean upon.

  • You have an opportunity to be yourself
It is quite natural for men and women to demonstrate only best traits early in a relationship. We want to be the best versions of our personalities. Though, that can’t go on forever. With time people are tired of being ideal, and surely become who they really are with all their rats in the attic, shortcomings and human weaknesses. And the right person will accept you with all that baggage and let you be yourself, in case the person only seemed right there would misunderstanding and pretensions. If you feel yourself with a man it is good sign.

  • You see eye to eye with mutual future

I think it is really vital to have a common future goal. If you dream of marriage, three children and family picnics in the nearest future, but your partner wants to take a trip around the world and share his experience on his blog, it means that you definitely don’t see eye to eye with the common future life. That’s also means that one of you will have to sacrifice the dream what make that person less happy. One vision will unite both of you and won’t throw into a dilemma.

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