Finding Love That Lasts

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Finding love can be an arduous task. So many of us are dreaming of the day we find ‘The One’ and get our happily ever after – but it can be so difficult to find that love in the first place. Some people find the art of conversation hard and it is little wonder that people are now turning to the top dating websites to help them in their search for the one. Whilst single before I met my partner, I was definitely utilizing the new technology I had at my disposal to help me find ‘the one’. 

When committing your life to someone, it is important to know exactly what you are getting into and exactly who the other person is – every marriage has its ups and downs but finding out that one partner has had an affair because they aren’t happy at home for whatever reason or you realize you are struggling to reconnect with each other can have a devastating effect. 

Finding that one special person to be by your side in all future decisions you take in life is a massive step and it is no wonder that people want to ensure that the person is who they think they are. And it doesn’t matter where you met each other, whether on top dating websites or in small bar outdoors. The question is how good you match together, because in future, partners will have different perspectives and that’s okay, you’re a team not one singular person – decisions should be made together but each person should speak up if they feel the other is being unfair. 
This works well for us because we know each other's strengths and weaknesses and know who is best at what – decisions are still made together but the one who is better suited will take the lead. 

The course of true love and of course, marriage never does run smooth – there will always be bumps in the road but it is important to weather them together. Showing each other that you still care even after many years is so important for keeping the magic alive and giving you a fresh approach to your relationship. After eight years together, you’d be forgiven for thinking my relationship was a little tired and exhausted but we make time to show each other how much we appreciate other, even with the smallest of things. 

Simple things like doing a chore that is usually the other person's, treating them to their favorite meal or a bunch of flowers when they least expect it – these are the key ways in helping a relationship to stay fresh and magical. It doesn’t even have to be all that often, just surprising enough when it does happen to make that person think ‘I’ve got a good one here’. I recently said I could not think of anything I wanted for Christmas except for perhaps one thing I needed for my work – guess what I received? He knew I needed it, I wasn’t expecting it and it made my day unwrapping the present on Christmas Day as it showed he had listened to me and taken what I needed into account. 

With the world constantly evolving and technology constantly improving, it can be easy to see why some relationships can fail and falter. It can be far too easy to pretend to be someone you are not so it is important to always be honest about who you are, what you believe in and what type of person you are. 

Whilst the use of technology and the internet can be greatly beneficial to our love lives in assisting us to find ‘the one’, it is also important to remember to stay true to ourselves and not completely compromise – different perspectives can work in line with each other as well as similar ones – taking a stand against something you don’t believe in and supporting your spouse in big decisions can be just as important as each other. These decisions even come into effect when parenting – it is important to strike the right balance as a parent and it is important to have the support of your spouse on big parental decisions too. Committing your life to someone can be a scary prospect but it can also be totally rewarding too – just keep working on it and it will continue to work for you. 


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