A Step by Step Guide to Cooking the Perfect Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner to me is just like any other Sunday lunch so why so much stress? I guess it is because it only happens once a year and there is so much pressure for it to be just right. Nobody wants to be remembered as the host who served up dry turkey and soggy sprouts. We're dining at a local restaurant on Christmas day this year but next year we're hosting Christmas Day lunch for 16 people. Yikes! I am one of life's planners so of course I've already created a Pinterest board dedicated to next year's feast and it includes this handy step by step guide to cooking a perfect Christmas Day lunch from Ao.com.  Let me know if you're cooking Christmas Day lunch this year and if you have any tips. I hope you find this guide useful.

The Step-By-Step Christmas Dinner Cooking Guide
Provided by AO.com

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  1. Ahhh! I always cook the meat on Christmas eve or else I would have room in the oven for roast potatoes, parsnips, pigs in blankets and 5 different variations of stuffing on Christmas day. hehehe I go all out on Christmas day. What I cook lasts us a good couple of days after :D x


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