Celebrating Everyday Superpowers at intu Metrocentre with npower

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If TV talent shows are anything to go by, it seems that we are nation of dad dancers, jugglers and lipsyncers. To celebrate these talents, npower has commissioned a special survery and enlisted the help of none other than Peter Andre to find and share Britain’s everyday superpowers.

The survey results are pretty surprising:-
  • 29% of kids enjoy seeing their dads embarrass themselves on the dance floor at weddings
  • 37% of dads think that they have 'the moves'
  • 14% of mums admit to attempting the Beyonce Booty Shake at home
  • 19% of kids can do the splits & 32% of kids can hula hoop for over 10 minutes.

Celebrating Everyday Superpowers at intu Metrocentre with npower. Visit the npower roadshow between 18th - 20th November

Families in the North East will be able to head down to the npower superpower roadshow at intu Metrocentre from Friday 18th to Sunday 20th November to share their everyday superpowers and if you visit www.npower.com/superpowers you can upload a video of your family superpowers and be in with a chance of winning a whopping prize package filled with the latest tech and gadgets worth £25,000 (terms and conditions apply). 

Celebrating Everyday Superpowers at intu Metrocentre with npower. Visit the npower roadshow between 18th - 20th November

Your superpower doesn't have to be anything spectacular, it's everyday or quirky skills that are being celebrated. Perhaps your kids can complete their homework doing the splits or maybe dad can walk on his hands? Can you perform a fantastic puppet show like Peter Andre below or can mum juggle her favourite coffee mugs? It's all about getting the family together and having fun.

The Top 5 Superpowers Brits wish they had:

  1. Photographic memory 
  2. Back flipping
  3. Doing the splits
  4. Hula hooping 
  5. Moonwalking

Check out Peter Andre's Superpowers in this video:

We put our heads together and tried to think of North East Family Fun's best Superpower. Heidi is pretty good on her skates and can rollerskate backwards, Jack can identify ANY type of dinosaur and Harry can design his own computer games - we think they're all pretty cool superpowers to be proud of! In the end though we decided that our favourite family superpower was to make each other laugh with our impressions . Check out our video below and let me know what you think:-

Don't forget to head to intu Metrocentre between 18th & 20th November to perform your family superpower and catch other families doing the same. Then visit here to enter the £25,000 Super Power Your Home Prize Draw. Good Luck!

Let me know in comments if your family has a special superpower. 

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with npower.



  1. This is pretty awesome and fun!! I love those stats at the top!! haha!

  2. Wow what a fab price. I would love to win that.


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