7 Perfect Gifts for People who Work from Home

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Christmas is creeping up on us and I have yet to start my Christmas shopping! Eeek! Steve and I are heading out to do it all in one go over the last weekend in November (wish us luck) and I will also be spending quite a bit of time ordering online in the next week or so.

7 Perfect Gifts for People who Work from Home

There are always people in your family or friendship groups who are difficult to buy for and I think those who work from home can fall into this category. So as someone who falls into that category myself, I have put together a couple of ideas.

1 - Unique Planner

I am head over heels in love with my Unique Life Planner. They can be fully customised for those who work from home to include a diary, business planning pages, target setting pages, goal trackers, note pages, a budget planner, an invoice spreadsheet & payment tracker plus more. If you're a blogger there are a selection of pages you can add specifically for blogging too. I like a desk diary so designed an A4 diary that I now use to plan my work day and schedule. You can either design a planner online or buy a gift card and allow the recipient to design their perfect planner for themselves. I have been provided with a discount code that will give you 15% off your order too (excludes gift cards). Just enter 'NEFF15' at check out. 

7 Perfect Gifts for People who Work from Home

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2 - Personalised Mugs & Coasters

Who doesn't love a personalised mug or coaster? I've created a fair few of these over the years ranging from thank you gifts after our wedding to mugs featuring photographs of the children for grandparents. If you know somebody who works from home and also runs their own small business or blog, I bet they will really appreciate a mug featuring their blog or business branding. I designed these mugs from Snapfish for Steve and I and we LOVE them. 

7 Perfect Gifts for People who Work from Home

Another idea for a low-cost gift or stocking filler that will mean a lot is to create a coaster featuring a meaningful quote or personal saying that will always bring a smile to the recipient's face. Personalised photo coasters are just £12.99 for 6 from Snapfish so if you have a group of friends who all work from home, this is a good way to save some pennies. I designed these coasters for some of my blogging friends. They are so cute. 

7 Perfect Gifts for People who Work from Home
Photo Credit | New Girl in Toon Instagram

3 - A Coffee Machine

We LOVE our coffee here at North East Family Fun HQ and poor Steve has been making us fresh coffee on the stove for months. Enough was enough and we decided to splash out on this Andrew James Coffee Machine from Amazon. It has honestly been life changing. We now enjoy hassle free fresh coffee every single day and it's one of life's real little luxuries. We like this particular machine as it can make 2 espressos at once, comes with a milk frother and accepts both ground coffee and capsules.

7 Perfect Gifts for People who Work from Home

4 - A Tea or Coffee Subscription

If your budget doesn't quite stretch to a coffee machine, how about a subscription instead? Here in the North East we have some fab options such as an Ouseburn Coffee Subscription or how about a festive Ringtons Hamper which is a steal at £9.99.

5 - A Healthy snack subscription 

If you don't think a box of biscuits would be well received, there are healthier alternatives such as graze. You can buy a gift card for a certain number of deliveries so won't be tied into any contract.

6 - A bit of tech

Who doesn't love a bit of tech to add to their home office? We think the Alexa Echo Dot fits the bill. This hands free, voice-controlled device can do all sorts from playing your favourite music, voice controlling your home, read you the newspaper, your calendar or to-do list, request a ride from uber, order your favourite takeaway from Just Eat......and as Alexa Echo Dot is continuously updating, the options are endless. Think of Alexa Echo Dot as your very own PA. The price is pretty decent too. 

7 - Retro Radio

I have a Retro Radio in my home office and I just adore it. I don't listen to the radio when I'm working but it's fab to pop on when I'm putting the kettle on or taking a break. Plus a retro radio is perfect for Instagram snaps! 

7 Perfect Gifts for People who Work from Home

Let me know if you have any other ideas for those who work from home or if I've inspired you to make a purchase.



  1. As you saw in our vlog, we have the big Alexa and she is handy! We have lots of these! I'm all set up to work from home, can I go pro yet?! Hehe

  2. Some fantastic gift ideas, I'm struggling this year with what to put on my Christmas list but loving these ideas.

  3. I am maybe going to be asking for some light boxes for Christmas so I can take better pictures at home!!!

    JH | hellojenniferhelen.com

  4. The only thing a customer had to keep in mind is that they ought to enquire about the company profile before they hand over their home decoration job in their hands. Interior design photos

  5. Just ordered myself a planner for this year (nearly said next year!!) so thanks for the discount code. Lots of great inspiration too.


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